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Living Legends 6 Fiction

I've decided once again to add a little to the excitement surrounding this game! So I whipped up a little story to fill between Dark Age battle one and the coming game this may. Viper is fact checking for me to keep it all cannon. It will come in four parts, and without further ado...


Maximus was dead, the New Empire's armies having failed to hold the line. Scourge's men cheered and roared with violent fury. To the victors go the spoils. Scourge did not join with them in their celebration. The battle may have been won, but they were too few to hold the town now.

He raised his voice. "Gather our wounded! Loot the fields! We make our way back to camp to regroup."

A hordesman at his side called out. "But sir, we've crushed them! The town walls are right before us and undefended now!"

"Their army, but not their spirit. No, the people beyond that wall are not ready to be free; they will fight us until we've killed them all. Let us leave them, defenseless and alone, without the leaders they clung to. When we return they will open the gates and welcome us in." Scourge hoped he could rein in his men before all hope of control broke down.

Weary and drained, the horde withdrew back to the train yard where they had made camp. The march was long. Many of the wounded did not live long enough to return. The sun had long since set before Scourge reached the shipping container he had made his home. Two hordesmen stood guard silently at either side of the entrance. Pushing aside the thick curtain, Scourge stepped into the dimly lit space. A single lantern hung over a large table in the container’s center. The table was covered in scraps of paper and maps, notes for an easy victory that never came to pass. It was surrounded with empty chairs, empty save one. The occupied chair across the table held Murph, his number two man.

"Are you here to argue with my call?" Scourge asked flatly. "We flat out didn't have the man power left for an occupation."

Murph said nothing.

"Your call on using the train tunnel to get past their outposts worked, but it wasn't enough. They were ready too quickly for us to overrun them."

Still, Murph said nothing, looking across the table toward the chair Scourge stood over.

Scourge’s temper broke. "If you're going to debate my call, then do so!"

It was then that Murph finally stirred. He shifted forward slowly, before tipping out of the chair to the floor. He hit the ground with a thump and made no effort to rise. Murph was dead. Behind him, partially obscured by shadows, was a hooded figure.

"You. I should have known it would be you.” Scourge chuckled, slowly reaching for the Colt at his back. “Come to repay me for Kansas, have you?" The figure stepped forward into the light, his face still shaded by his hood.

"No, nothing personal. Just business," the man said with a cold tone. Scourge snapped up his pistol, as the assassin placed two shots in Scourge’s head, one above each eye. Re-holstering his matching pistols the Midnight Angel walked past Scourge’s body and out the door. It would likely be daylight before anyone noticed the dead guards lashed to the opened container doors like macabre scarecrows. A reminder that no one was safe.

Stay tuned for the next installment!
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reserved chapter 3
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reserved chapter 4
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sooo why have you not written a book yet?
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