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Paintball fields located in Illinois

Xtreme Paintball Park
Xtreme Paintball Park is located just 20 minutes from St. Louis, Missouri in Millstadt, Illinois.

It boasts several types of playing fields for a full variety of playing styles and player types. From deep woodsball fields to X-Ball inflated speedball bunker fields and everything in between, you are sure to have an amazing day of paintball at this field. Most fields are easily accessible on marked gravel or grassy paths. Most of the fields and paths are in the shade for a cooler game during hot days.

Their is huge gravel parking lot, although it can fill up quickly on busy days. Arriving early and carpooling helps make finding parking easier. The park is open for walk-on play on Saturdays and Sundays at 9am and closes at 4 pm in winter/5pm in summer. Private groups may be scheduled during the week or on weekends.

The staging area has plenty of room under shaded canopies and a large wooden parklike pavilion located next to a scenic lake front. Some parents, wives, and girlfriends choose to remain at the staging area relaxing while their children, husbands, and boyfriends play on the fields. Two port-a-johns are the available facilities, but actual restrooms are a short 5 minute drive into the nearby town. Bottled water and soft drinks are available for purchase. Many players will pack a lunch, but their are several good restaurants in town and at least one pizza place delivers to the field.

Xtreme Paintball is great for walk-on play or scheduled private groups. It is also very pump player friendly, with a field entry fee of only $5 for pump players (half off). The field fee of $10 is for players with their own gear with a $5 charge for all day compressed air or CO2 fills. On certain days, girls and women can skip the field fee for open play, too.

For players who need to rent equipment. This includes full face mask, semi-automatic paintball gun, compressed air tank, pouch with two 100 round loaders (to reload mid-game), and free air fills. The rental markers use compressed air.

The field currently sells PMI Premium Paintballs at the following very competitive prices:
500 Paintballs $15.00
1000 Paintballs $30.00
2000 Paintballs $60.00

If speedball is your thing, there are 3 inflatable bunker fields. Two are netted and located in the front near the parking lot and staging area. The other is located in the rear of the property down a gravel path. There is a fourth speedball field named The Gauntlet that is small and includes hard plastic square and triangle bunkers. It sports an indescribable long and low center section that makes the field play with very fast and very exciting games. A combo woods ball and building field called the Village Field rounds out the speedball choices with a field full of triangle shaped wood bunkers, a large pipe and several one room "buildings" with windows cut into the sides of them.

If you are more into woods ball games, there are several choices: The first is a densely packed, square-shaped Small Wooded Field with a steep fortified hill on one corner. The second choice is a rectangular shaped Large Wooded Field. Located between two lakes, with rolling ridges about 10" high throughout, this field is densely packed with trees and brush with an newly overgrown path cut into it a couple of years ago. A third smaller and less wooded Castle Field covers a steep hill with a 2-story castle type structure sitting on top of it and makeshift bunkers and foxholes between trees and bushes throughout the hillside. A fourth wooded area is the Bunker Field and it covers a large rectangular unleveled area of mixed sparsely wooded and open field terrain with stacked up corded wood for bunkers. The previously mentioned Village Field also falls into the woods game category since half of the field occupies a wooded hill that overlooks the single room building and triangular shaped bunkers on the other half. Rolling ridge lines separate the two halves making for very competitive games.

This provides so much variety that any paintball player can enjoy a full day without playing the same game twice.

Events such as big games, special events, and tournaments fill up the calendar on most weekends. There is a Fall Pump Weekend game held there with all players using pump paintball markers. there are special events such as the Annual Chili Bowl, Christmas in August, the Halloween Big Game, ICD Owner's Group, several Beginner's Tournaments, the Pump X-Ball Tourney, the St. Louis Area series, and in 2007 the Xtreme Paintball is proud to be hosting the Old School Challenge Pump Tournaments in September. In December there is a customer appreciation event where the field and air fees are waived for everyone, you only have to pay for paintballs!

In my opinion, this is the best place to play paintball in the greater St. Louis Missouri and Southern Illinois Metro Area. The reffing is top notch and the owner will go out of his way to make sure you and your friends are having a enjoyable day. Safety rules are strictly enforced by employees and players alike, as is a complete ban on alcoholic beverages of any type on the premises. Cursing is highly frowned upon, especially around the younger children. The front fields are well netted and the grass is kept cut on a regular basis. After serious rains, parts of the field can get very muddy, but it usually dries out quickly. Many regular players will play with a pump marker or even a stock class marker and 12 gram CO2 in open play or play "hopper ball" to keep the game enjoyable for everyone. However, they can step up their game if the level of play warrants the challenge.

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