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Paintball fields located in Texas

Maximum Paintball (formerly the Realm)
Pro-team X-Factor bought this team last year. They still run rec-ball on a hyperball field, but are redesigning the rest of the land to be their training facility. It's going to be all airball with both PSP and NPPL style fields. However, the teams that play here seem to be PSP-style 5 man with a lot of sideline coaching and ramping (what we all either love or hate).

This field breaks the stereotypes of "tourney fields." The X-factor guys are very friendly and down to earth. Some other teams practice here, but there are a lot of people that just show up to play. The one or two referees out there will throw together teams from the walk ons. The bunkers are very new and in great shape, and they always have a recent PSP field configuration set up, if that's something you're interested in. Games are very frequent and the players go out to a field with about 5-7 pods and a hopper and a 68/45 on their $1K machine gun and play until their out of paint and air. Chrono limit is a 300FPS honor system.

They don't have a proshop or any facilities to speak of, although they are supposedly moving their well-stocked store from San Antonio to this field. Paint selection is not great but is fairly priced. If your stuff breaks and its not an Ego (in which case, how did you break it?), you probably won't find anyone in the shop with parts or skills to help you out.

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