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CLOSED Ya'all  
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Submitted by noelydeeznutz Find all entries from this user
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Arizona Paintball
Forum dedicated to all things paintball in the state of Arizona, U.S.A.  
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Submitted by SuperHiQuality87 Find all entries from this user
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THE forum for enthusiasts of Air Gun Designs markers. The forum is very active and a great place to look for AGD parts and markers. Tom Kaye, the man behind the automag, is a frequently poster there. Also, the members of AO have fairly frequent events for enthusiasts of automags. The amount of technical knowledge about AGD markers and about paintball in general rivals anywhere else on the web, and the responses to your questions or comments will be fast and friendly.  
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Submitted by sdawg Find all entries from this user
Hits 34 Paintball Forum is the largest community on the Internet for West Coast Paintball. They have all types of members from novices to seasoned professionals in this community, and discuss everything from gun reviews and modifications, tournaments, paintball strategies, and paintball equipment from air systems to masks with lots of other fun things in-between.

They have added a weekly Rich Telford Blog!
Rich Telford has a certain style of writing, he likes to call it brutally honest and straight to the point...

BallersCafe is a must-visit site for all paintball players and enthusiasts.

See also Arizona  California  Oregon  Washington 
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Submitted by Junior Brown Find all entries from this user
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Christian Paintball Players Association (CPPA)

What is the Christian Paintball Player's Association (CPPA)?

The CPPA is a group of Christian paintball players that desire to advance the Kingdom of God by taking the Gospel to the paintball community by being a living example of God's word and sharing Jesus with others as they are presented with opportunities to do so. CPPA players also strive to help paintball return to being a wholesome atmosphere. CPPA members believe that the industry driven mindset that you have to be offensive to be extreme is incorrect. CPPA members do not approve of cursing or vulgar gestures in paintball media. CPPA members believe paintball products should not be named after dark religions or the devil. CPPA members also desire to reach the paintball community.

About the Christian Paintball Players Association

CPPA is a Jesus-focused ministry that crosses all racial, denominational, age, and gender barriers. We believe paintball players can come together as members of the body of Christ to celebrate the greatness of God through righteous (clean, pure and honest...NOT self-righteous) behavior on and off the field. How is this possible? Simple, We believe God is the omnipotent creator. We believe the Bible was written by men through the direction of the Holy Spirit. We believe that every word in the Bible is as true today as the day it was written and shall remain so forever. The Bible teaches us that believing Jesus is the only Son of the living God, he was born of a virgin, he died on the cross to pay for our sin, he defeated death and the grave and was resurrected three days after his death. Jesus is the ONLY way to have a correctly restored relationship with God . We believe that Jesus Christ returned to heaven and at this very moment is preparing a place for the servants of God. We believe Jesus shall return again and we look forward to the glory of spending eternity in the presence of God. CPPA believes these basic tenants are the foundation for all of Christianity. If you share these beliefs, you will find CPPA will easily become an integral part of your paintball experience here on Earth.

CPPA Mission Statement

The CPPA is a Christian sports association, and our chief purpose is to honor and glorify God through our words and actions. This is, and always will be, our #1 priority. We will display this by our lifestyles: by regularly reading the Word, by observably striving to keep the commandments of God, and by constantly seeking a deeper relationship with Christ. This purpose is to be the driving force behind everything CPPA is involved in and it will at all times take precedent over every other priority. We must be Godly spouses, children, employees, students, and friends first, or we accomplish nothing. In fulfilling this first purpose, we will naturally fulfill our second purpose- that of being positive, Godly role models to all who come in contact with us whether young or old. We will consciously strive to be known for our good sportsmanship, fair play, and our integrity. Our deeds must match our words. We will also commit to putting the needs of others before our own. Even if that means getting our egos bruised. We will also actively look for opportunities to overtly share God?s love and plan for salvation to anyone who may be seeking. We must realize that we are carefully observed and critiqued, and that one act of selfishness or poor judgment may tear down all that we are trying to do. Our third purpose is to be skilled and successful players. We will work constantly to improve our skills. We will continually look for opportunities to gain experience, add to our success, and advance our sport. We must recognize that sometimes being a CPPA member means acting unselfishly for the good of the association. Being a successful and well renowned association will give us a better platform to accomplish our above goals. The above purposes will be our sole gauge of success or failure. Each of us will individually and collectively be held accountable for doing our best to uphold the above priorities in the order that they were presented. Every decision CPPA makes will be made in light of these priorities. The Lord has given us this association, and we must thank him for it with our very lives.

What are the benefits of joining the CPPA?

As CPPA grows, its members will begin to see more Christian influence in the paintball community. When manufacturers, retailers, the paintball media, and field owners become aware of the Christian presence in paintball, you can expect to see more Christian sponsored paintball events, scenario games based on Christian books and films, and a more wholesome paintball community.

How much does it cost to join CPPA?

It cost the exact same price Jesus Christ charged to give his life so that we might have eternal life. NOTHING! It is absolutely free.

How do I join CPPA?

Joining CPPA is easy. All you have to do is click on the e-mail button at the bottom of this page and send us your first and last name, e-mail address, city and state of residence as well as any team affiliation. You should get a response within 21 days.

Who joins CPPA?

Christian paintball players that want to strengthen their relationship with God, witness to paintball players, exchange ideas, swap stories, form Christian paintball teams and promote a wholesome environment on the field, in the staging area and throughout paintball media.
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Custom Cockers
Gallery and history site with an active forum dedicated to cockers (wgp, everything else, E and mech), snipers and even a sovereign forum.

See also Owners Groups 
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Submitted by wolf13 Find all entries from this user
Hits 113
Dangerous Power Owners Group 0 *
Home for Fusion and Threshold owners  
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Submitted by Chaos Find all entries from this user
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This forum is essentially PBNation for the state of Texas. Lots of smack talk and gear trading. But, if you want to be competitive at the local level or find out about other local events, such as scenarios and big games, this board is for you. Be prepared to endure a lot of junvenile comments, however.  
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Submitted by sdawg Find all entries from this user
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Lapco paintball forums
Lapco Paintball forums  
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Submitted by Brewtt Find all entries from this user
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Keywords: lapco bigshot ghost aka MCB is the site you are currently on, but please feel free to click and come back often!  
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Submitted by Painthappy Find all entries from this user
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Keywords: mcb

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