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Juit STFU bolt for macdev RX + some sick mods

first of all this are my prototypes some of them are not even finished they all are hand made

This bolt has:

reinforced back
3 Oring bolt
venturi mesh on the back with open bolt face
bigger internal diameter transfer hole
longer bolt with a juit gentil pball face so no roll back a big +

Juit EGO valve MOD

you will need a EGO valve and a intimidator gen 2 or 3 spring

I cut the ego valve shaft with a dremel same lenght as stock valve

then reversed the timmy spring

The gasket MOD
I made a groove on the valve pin
5 mm away from the tip
used a timmy gasket
then shave it untill it fits tight in the valve
then add some grease
this will eliminate 50% of air blown from the back of the gun

Super Bumper MOD
I found this Oring in my box
first clean the surface & the oring with acetone
then crazy glue the Oring on the back of the ram
this will cancel a lot of the kick on the marker

no air on marker

aired up

either way the bolt can be installed or removed without any problem

Results IN MY CASE:

8 dwell 160 HPR and flushed LPR 292 FPS


sound was cut down to 25 DB on my digital DB meter

minimal kick

Eliminated all the blowback air by 95%

on my tests:
I use reballs on a SS bigshot and a 682 lapco bore sizer, red field Chrono

Im not responsible for any damage or if you null your warranty
in this case I made this mods because I dont give %$&* what happens to my markers, if this is your main gun prolly need a back up marker

I didnt invent the bolt or the cuts I made on it, this is a combination of all the good ideas I've collected over my years of playing paintball

I've contacted Macdev and let them know they can still improve this marker

future MODs:
solenoid subplate
LPR tester
planing to add a frontal valve bumper with an extra longer valve to compensate the mechanical dwell
make an aluminum ram with a lurker timmy spring
polish the ram and ramsleeve
put a gasket on a stock valve
use an autococker valve with gasket
modiffy the front ram sleeve
make my own poppit valve
a new manif

Now Im happy with my RX

:evilgrin: give me any marker and I'll make it shoot better:evilgrin:
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Just picked up an rx... willing to sell some of ur mods?
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I want to buy your mods juit
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you need to send the borg to me bro
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THe sound signature sounds so smooth
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