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Droid and Clone differences

Ive been looking to pick up a macdev spool valve gun and was wondering what the primary differences between the droid and the clone.

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Location of the On switch....

I prefer the droid because it's got an on/off switch that I would describe as "adult". It's located in a pocket on the back of the frame, just above where your hand sits.

The Clone has a membrane pad like everything else.
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...still not sure why the on/off vs. membrane distinction really matters, but it is a difference.

The Clone has a different (thinner) trigger frame, that is like the one that comes on the Cyborg RX, and has a different stock trigger and grips. Both markers can use the same triggers, but the grips are different. The Clone comes from the factory with an OLED screen, while the Droid is an LED that can be upgraded to an OLED.

The Clone is smaller, something like 12% slimmer than the Droid. The drivetrain is also removable without tools of any kind (provided it's not aired up). The feedneck is different, though both can be adjusted. Both are very efficient, but the Clone drivetrain is both simpler and more efficient than the Droid.

The Droid comes stock with the Matchstik barrel, and the Clone comes with the Shift barrel. Both are terrific barrels, so it's probably just a preference.

The Clone comes with the RX2 regulator, which is an upgraded version of the reg. that's on the Droid. Obviously regs. are interchangeable and are a personal preference, but the reg. on the Clone is built to be simpler/more efficient than the one on the Droid.

Both markers are smooth and efficient, and are relatively easy to take care of provided you do basic maintenance stuff. If you have a chance, I would try to shoot both of them and see which one you like best. Clones will be more expensive, especially if you get one with a VX drivetrain, but both are terrific markers.

Let me know if you have any questions, I've owned and shot both markers for multiple seasons.
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Thanks for the info!

Just curious, what is the VX stuff all about?
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Vx is the latest version of the drivetrain and the reg. There's some efficiency increases, thats about it.
Best thing about the clone is it's almost idiot proof...almost :-D
Between the droid and clone, there is a marked weight and efficiency difference in the clone's favour.
Personally, I could give a rat's about the type of switch, as long as it turns on and off when you want, and doesn't when you don't
Either barrel system is great, one of the best out of the box, I prefer my deathstix, but it's only a marginal improvement if any.
Its been a few years since i shot a droid, but I think the clone is smoother (that might just be my imagination)
Either way, if you want an electro, you can't loose with a mac dev
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I picked up a Droid in a trade deal the other day and I'm pretty impressed with it...threw a tank on it and a Rotor full of the cheapest crap paint you can find at WalMart and shot it some in the back yard....It was about 30 degrees outside and the gun shot awesome even with the cold weather and the junk paint...I had my Freak barrel on it with a 16" All American tip and the gun is super quiet and virtually no kick...It's my first MacDev gun and I was really impressed with how well it shot and feels.
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