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My Magfed Emek **Not the MG100**

Alright, well I'm sure most the people here spend more time on Facebook now-a-days and I've openly showed off this project for the last couple months and kept saying I would do a write up.... Well I guess I finally got the inspiration to go and do it...

So I the original project I started was a magfed Etha2, I got nearly done with it and decided I hated the setup... I had a custom body 3d printed, and machined a frame out of an 80% lower to mount everything I need. In the end I wasn't very happy with how I built that so the project stalled out.... That is, until Planet Eclipse released the EMEK.

Upon seeing the EMEK and the vacated front grip space I saw opportunity so before I even got my hands on one, I took a blind leap. After talking with Scougar and seeing his build thread about all the issues with trying to fit a breach in the stock location and seeing all the hoops people jump through for the Magfed Automag trying to use stock bolt and location I KNEW that was not the route I wanted to go... sure it would take a little extra work.. but in my eyes, much worth it.

So the first thing to do was figure out how much I needed to extend the breach.... Well without significant modelling in cad programs it would basically be guessing. So I decided to make a breach blank... but how would I attach it? Originally I was going to turn a blank on the lathe, and then mill out one end to slip fit over the square breach of the Etha2/Emek.... but that would require multiple setups over several machines and a lot of hoping and praying so instead I decided to cut off the breach section as much as possible, turn down the square section and thread what was left. This would allow the new breach to screw on, and once anodized either be attached by a very strong threadlock or be allowed to unscrew and readapted to hopper fed at my whim

After mating the body and the new breech blank together, now it was time to start layout for the new magwell. This process lends itself very well to just about any magwell adaption as I can adjust the thickness of the mounting body and the length as necessary.

Thankfully I had purchased the "Bolt" magfed kit from Modern Combat sports about a year ago. I had done a custom build for a friend and really liked the look and the quality of the magwell. Originally I was going to modify a 468 magwell that I had left over after upgrading mine

I took a fair amount of measurements straight off the body kit prior to modifying my new breech blank, the body radius was just right and extended out enough to match the aesthetic features of the existing body.

I used a 30* tapered end mill that my company has custom made for us for production work. This allowed me to put an amazing chamfer on the walls that would help center the round naturally without providing any resistance (a trick I first ready about thanks to someone here... Yoda iirc)

and then the mounting block for the front of the magwell, and a block that sandwhiches between the frame and body provided the rear of the magwell mount.

Once the final placement of the magwell location was done, I cut the end of the breech down, and threaded for the barrel (changed to A5 barrel thread since all my First Strike barrels and magfed specific barrel are A5) and added a thread to the face in case I ever decide I want to throw a handguard on there.

after that the all the major work was done all that was left was the detents and any other aesthetic machining I wanted to do (still incomplete). so instead of guessing on placement I took one of my autococker bodies and carried over the same spacing and placement relationship between their breech to barrel opening, and detent to barrel opening.... originally I did all the math and planning/tooling to use planet eclipse detents but ultimately didn't want to make another set of eye covers and started over

Now to make it functional....... I copied the same tactic as the breech and made a "Blank" bolt... I carried over all the dimensions of the rear of the emek bolt but made it obscenely long and .001" undersized in OD .001 oversized in ID (to account for added material of type 3 hard ano)... Then I installed it, marked it at the rear most position then cut off excess, tapered the face and added the o-ring groove... all in all the bolt is about 1.25" longer than stock.

I was planning on keeping the entire build to myself until it was done and anodized butI figured out there was an impending release that would steal my thunder so I showed it off on facebook in this video

Funny after everything I did, the most stressful was adding the detents lol

and heres some pics after a big weekend of play and several hundred dollars of First Strikes shot. The best part is always the torture testing

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That's pretty sweet!! When are you going to start selling them?? LOL
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Makes my original magfed Etha look like childs play lol.

Also.. I want a pistol based on that. Get it working with CO2
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When I came back to that right side pic, it looked like the bolt cover was open.
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
When I came back to that right side pic, it looked like the bolt cover was open.
That was the inspiration.. I still may mill a channel straight into the breech section so I can physically see if a round is loaded. But it really proved to be unnecessary after performing so well. However after playing with planet Eclipses MG100 I kind of want to give this thing a little diet.
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That's really wicked. I especially like your solution to the ball detent question.
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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
That's really wicked. I especially like your solution to the ball detent question.
Much appreciated..
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Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
make it take T15 mags and I'd buy it for sure!
I actually have one of those almost done
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