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Walther PPQ T4E issues

Just wondering if anyone has had the PPQ to bits or has had one for a long time and has had the same issue as me. Over time, the "wings" that catch after the last shot sometimes catch too early halfway through the mag, or not at all. I know the tightness of the pos screw can be messed with to tinker with the tightness, but when I found a sweet spot between not catching too early but catching when needed, the right hand wing (the side with the screw through it) wobbles quite alot and can be removed easily using even fingernails. Any tighter causes them to engage when they're not needed. Has anyone found a fix for this? Could it be to do with the spring that pushes the wings up?
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The wings you mention are the slide catch, it stops the slide from coming forward when pushed up by the follower in the mag. If they are being pushed up early, then they are under some sort of pressure. I'm not sure what the cause would be. The tap underneath should not be getting pushed on by anything except the mag follower.

I would tear you marker down, seperate the two halves, and take a closer look at what might be pushing on them or why they are rubbing on something they shouldnt be.
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