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Thanks Carter for sharing! I have also recently developed an Android app for paintball players to plan your next game easily by higlighting starting positions of players and known terrian information
It is free to download and I hope most of you guys will like it! Here is the download link

With any questions or suggestions feel free to PM me or post a reply!
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That looks awesome. Trying it out at my local field this weekend.
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What the difference between tap talk and just simply adding MCB's homepage to your home screen? It leaves an app like icon with direct access to the site.

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Originally Posted by russc View Post

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Not sure about tapatalk, but the app is more streamlined for foruming.
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Barely saw this, might have to try it later tonight.
Anybody with an ipad feel its better than safari for MCB?
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Since I've started with my iPhone, I have to say that even the standard features are plenty enough for me.
Yea, I have experienced an occasional drop in signal, but I suspect that to be inevitable regardless.
I suppose that if I attended other forums, I might need it, but here is pretty much the only forum I belong to. I even canceled my FB page.
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Just realized there are two for the iPad, is the HD one worth it?
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The app doesn't really work on my ASUS Transformer Prime tablet...I get an error when I try to log in.
I know my user name and password are correct.
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The app is dead, Tappatalk is the recommend app for forum viewing or use it's browser.
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
In short, I decided to give up on the current MCB App. The vbulletin version I paid good money for, to give everyone for free just isn't working. I'm being given the run around right now. Not sure if it's because we have the newest version of php and all the software that it just isn't compatible or what...

So instead, i've uploaded "Tapatalk" to MCB. It's comon software that is available to download in all the stores. Yes, it costs money... Regretfully I have no say in that, nor do I see a dime of it. They're capitalizing on the crappy software that is currently out there. I guess I can't blame them.

Download for:


Yes, even blackberry.

I've been playing around with it today, and so far... I like it. Also there are hundreds of other sites that use it. So instead of having one app for each site, you have one app for all of the sites. Well worth any cost in my mind.

So that's the option for now. I'll put the MCB specific app on the back burner for now.

Sorry about the trouble, but at the time, this seems to be the only way.

The code that they did make , is it possible to post on github so if anyone was interested in possibly continuing to reshape it ? I'm interested in contributing towards the objective C / iOS branch .
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