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Sh*t, I'm a mod?
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... where is that sausage party gif?

(tip: Do not look that up on google without safe search filters on... eww)
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It took me quite a bit of time before I even noticed the ad... I think I mentally just screen them out.

Besides internal ads, you could approach companies whos ideals are inline with MCB and see if they want to support it... CCI, PPS, CCM, Carter Machine, etc.
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Ok How can I toss one up?
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I'm really digging the idea here. I like the small yet to the point type ad.I think It has a good position on the page to get noticed but not be in your way. I think this could work out quite well.I'f it goes over well I can quit my job and take over as full time ad sales for MCB hahaha...
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