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My Thoughts on the Tiberius 8

Tiberius 8 Review

Alvin Ray

First thoughts.

The very first thing I noticed about the Tiberius 8 was how big it is. For some reason all the pictures make it look smaller in size. The second thing I noticed was the HUGE grip. At first the grip feels awkward, but after holding it for a bit its not as big of a problem as I thought it would be. Actually I noticed that the angle of the grip is perfect, it puts the barrel parallel with my forearm, which is nice for snap shots.

Initial testing

The first time I shot the gun I was less than impressed. Accuracy was poor. Having not read the manual yet ( I know) I decide to run some larger paint through it, problem solved. It was at this point that I read the manual, and there is a small section on paint to barrel match. I should note that the Tib 8’s barrel is .691 bore. The overall performance of the gun is great with one major drawback, gas consumption. I remember reading somewhere that the gun got around 24 shots to a 12 gram. This number is greatly exaggerated. I can see it getting 24 shots if the magazine held 24 rounds and the 12 gram changer was not an allen screw. In reality it gets around 16 usable shots ( or one change/reload of the clip). The trigger feels cheap as well but upon closer examination, it is in fact not.

Final thoughts

Because of the Tib 8’s gas consumption this gun will never be more than a sidearm unfortunately. Now as a sidearm I feel it’s the best out there. The guns compact valve holds great potential for other types of markers and I expect to se some pretty wild designs from custom smiths using the guns upper half. If I were an aftermarket parts company I would look into a new grip frame that was placed further back with a clip, not containing c02, just in front of that grip.

Price, its reasonable, I do suggest ordering an extra clip as even as a side arm not having one extra will severely effect the usability of the gun. Again I feel that for a sidearm, they don’t get better than the tib 8. As for pistols, a nice palmer, nelspot, PGP, or Boxgun is better hands down.
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I hear 25-30 is common for these guns, at least thats what I saw in the prototypes at IAO and in multiple reviews. You should be able to get 3 magazines or a bit better at 28fps. Do remember that not all 12grams are teh same these days.

Im with you on the custom options, would like to see someon come up with a top portion that looks like a full closed-in semi pistol, and not just a bunch of rails.
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I've had a bit better luck with shot count, averaging on just about 25 per 12 gram. I have found that it is really dependant upon how quickly you fire and, at least in my case, how much gas you lose locking in the 12 gram along with weather conditions. Large bore paint is a huge help in the accuracy department as most field paint is so small anymore. The Tib pistol has really hooked me on pistol play again and I seem to be looking at PPS stuff, squalls in particular, more and more because of it.
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Do remember that not all 12grams are teh same these days.
Definitly. I get 2 1/2 usable clips out of a crossmann 12 gram (labled for use in bb guns) and about 18 usable shots out of a BE 12 gram.

One thing that Im considering is making an addapter that extend the magizine capacity to 12 or 15 rounds, that way I can take full use of the gun.

Again as the gun sits stock, sadly I only see it as a sidarm. Nevertheless I love the thing.

Another possibility would be to machine a new upper reciver that is shorter by 2 inchs that way the barrel could be shorter.
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The barrels's probably as short as it's going to get. You can't go much shorter without comprimising accuracy, as the ball will not be finished accelerating before it has left the marker. It's the same dilemma as the A5s with the milsim 4 or 5 inch barrels. You really need 7 or 8 minimum. Then again, if it was freaked, you could comprimise in the length department due to the reduced time the ball takes to get up to speed due too the paint/barrel match being so tight.

12 rounds would be beautiful, but 15 might be too much for the spring. If you can figure it out though I would gladly buy 3.

I would appreciate an ambi clip release too. I'd rather have it on the right side when I'm shooting right handed, or make it longer and use a different spring so it can work both ways.

I'm taking mine to Blanding. 3 "kills" so far in a speedball game. (My girlfriend wouldnt let me have it back for the rest of the day. )
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Well got the chance to use the tib 8 in a 40 minute mini scenerio the past weekend. It was a downed pilot scenerio, so naturaly I wanted to take in a pistol. Seeing as how the other"pilot" was caring his phantom I figured we would be able to have a pretty good feild of fire.

Breif background on me, On most days I play LPPC.

Fired two shots durring the game, both at about 40 feet, both would have meet there target if it were not for the brush. I realy like the gun and still maintain that if the barrel were shorter and not so huge that I would get more shots per 12 gram (got 21 usable shots this time around). Thinking that since reloading the clips in the feild is a pain that any extended clips be only 10 rounds as I could just dump a tube.

IMHO the gun still lacks the overal performance to be a primary on a dialy basis, but its not far off.

The game itself was funny, so I'll Share. To make a long story short, after being "rescued "the rescue party (3 total) leader decided that it would be a good idea to hold our possition and try to reduce the oppositions players. Well I wasnt for it but we did it for a while until it became evident that we had to move or be eliminated. Becuase of our location and the location of the safe zone and the fact that the other team was about 25 yards south of it(we were south of them) we could only move back up the hill where we(pilots) had been rescued from. The plan was that the leader, my brother, would stay back and draw fire/attention until we made it halfway up the hill at witch point we woul intentionaly expose our possition so that the other team would turn towards us and the two remaining rescuers could keep them hunkered down long enough for my brother to flank them. Well Us pilots wanted to go about 10 more feet up the hill but the rescue party did not, so we stayed with them. Now the pilots are not allowed to know the safe zone untill we are rescued so we asked and got the following: "Its the big rocks near blue base". at witch point both the rescuers were shot out. Great, which big rocks. My brother yells at us to head back down to him, but it is appearent that he doesnt have a clue were the other team is as they were faned out about 25 feet downhill from us. We(the pilots) had the advantage of good cover, but no clear range of fire. So we decided to run the ridge ( the border of our playing area) up onto the other hill, then attemp to run down the hill and back up the ravine to the safe area. Well we got down the hill and two the ravine but them we found out were the rest of the opositon was (they had been stuck behind becuase of a firefight which the had won unbeknowence to us) right samck dab on the edge of the ravine. Trent and I quickly ducked behind this rock on the edge into a small depression on the edge of the ravine. They see us run but dont know to where. I here heavy breathing, sounding like its on the other side of the rock we are behind. So I turn to fire and the accustics(sp) of the ravine had played a trick on me. Waylin was in fact just on the other side of the ravine 10 feet from me. He shot me in the leg, becuase it was not a "fatal" shot he had the option of taking me prisner, which he did, not relising that trent was right behind me. So I put on my safety and was surprised that he did not take my gun (a normal part of the scenerio) He (waylin) yells at his teamate to head down the ravine to find the other pilot. His teamate does so but passed right by trent and into some brush. Trent then pops out of the rock/depreesion and fires at Waylin. I fire at the other guy and hit the brush. Waylin looks at me, and then shoots me. as this happens the other guy eliminates Trent. Turns out that Trent missed Waylin. Waylin and I laugh over the fact that he forgot to dissarm me. Fun game
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The regulator on the gun takes awhile to break. You should find that your gas consumption gets better the more rounds you put through. My buddy managed to get about 16 usable shots out of his at first, but now that he's had it for 3 months and been using it almost every weekend he's up to 28 - 30 usable shots.
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Wow, I must have been lucky or had swelled paintballs. I am getting excellent efficiency out of mine.

What is your serial number? Who knows maybe they changed something internally after #xxxxx.
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