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EYE 2 EYE Jersey review

My Review on EYE 2 EYE Jersey company.

Very nice and I didn't get the run around. Both Kevin and Mark are very friendly to talk with. Helpful with any information you need about your order.Kevin was nice enough to explain the process of how everything would happen and when the shirt would be ready.

Thanks for explaining the sizing process to me.


It took two days for my originol first email to be answered. That is normal for me. They are a business and probably checked to see if things could be changed around on the shirt. I asked for certain design changes to be made. I the received an email to send what I wanted to have done to their Art Dept.

It took time for a response and to be honest I forgot about the Jersey. Normally if I don't get a response with in 48 hrs,I just move on. It's the military in me .
In reality what I should have done was look at the calender counted in my Weekends,before being so judgemental.

8 days later,I received a call, Proofs were sent to me and then paypal was sent. Now that may seem long,but as I started thinking this wasn't really a long process to have items eliminated and items added.

There was one problem. I hadn't heard from EYE 2 EYE for a few days,so I decided to call and see what was going on with the shirt. It had been a week and wanted to see if the shirt had been sent off.

They were printing up a whole batch of other team Jerseys when I called to ask. Mark couldn't even remember what shirt I was talking about . I don't blame him,I think he's running the whole printing line himself,which can get frustrating.

So we spoke and said he would get back with me.The problem was resolved in a few hrs and I received my FED-X tracking number.

So overall from time of originol email, phone contact,and sending it to me,it was a total of 23 days. But take away 6 weekend days and the total business days to my door step was 18 days. That includes the 5 day shipping. Not bad. If I would have order what was already available,I'm sure it would have gotten here much faster. Even with art time included,it's still great timing.

So no pissed off customer here.

I am happy that I ordered the shirts in 3XXX. Thanks to who ever told me about that.They fit me just like a 2X. Which is a great fit. The fit I have noticed in other Jerseys I own depends on how much Athletic Jersey is added to the sides. Personally I cannot complain about the fit.

Design I chose:

I chose a pre made semi custom that they had in their inventory. They had a great feature that let you see the colors that you wanted. I really liked that they had bright colors. I like alot of color.

We chose this premade:

Yes the Pit Crew had a say in the design

Had it changed to this:

I asked for a few items to be removed off the shirt and for the name
"SICK CUSTOMS" to be changed to "TEAM BLACK RAIN".

They did a nice job on the names. They had free will for the fonts to be used.

Real World Pics:

So here we have the Jerseys live and in my hands. They match the proofs that were sent. Actually they look better in person. My Wife really liked the vibrant colors and so do I. So I guess that makes me an even better target in the woods. I searched both shirts for print flaws and could not find one. That says a lot to me,they just aren't kicking jerseys out and not caring.


The fronts:

They are both the same in color combinations and shade. I liked how they were able to put in the "Team Blackrain" wording.

The backs:

Word to the wise,If your going to have your Wife or Girl Friend/Husband,Boy Friend as your Pit Crew, atleast buy them a Jersey. Even if they don't play. It's telling them you're allowing them into your mindless little world It's like your willing to share.
Plus you look organized not matter how big or small your team is. Nothing says TEAM like a jersey.

Just for the record,there is an "I" in TEAM. "I" am the only active team member. Well here's our Jerseys.





My favorite part. Iam a "STICKLER for sewing" I always check that first. It was quality sewing. It's sewn then surged along the seams to prevent fraying of the fabric. I have a feeling this stiching will be in for a long time.

Standard "V" Neck:

Note the sewn seams. It is very comfortable. Wish I could find out where they buy the cuffs and collars. Need that when I make my own playing Jersey from time to time.

Arms and Athletic mesh:

Nice even stiching. No loose threads.

Sleeve cuffs:

So far they are very durable and snap right back into place.

Athletic Webbing:

Picture soon

It's one continuious piece. Starts at the bottom of the shirt and works it's way to the end of the sleeve. The purpose for this is:

"Incase your shirt is to big you can sew a 1/4 seam down the side of the shirt till it fits just right"

I'll explain more when I do my Jersey comparison and types from all the companies I have bought from. It's important to know the style cut that you get and why there is more mesh on one and not the other.

Company order instructions and laundry instructions:

I thought this was originol "Made in Canada eh" Wonder if I'm the only one to catch that?

Customer service:

I personally am happy with my order. I'll order from EYE 2 EYE again.

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Good review, I still have my Spec Ops Pump Crew jersey from them. It's quite stained and has taken a beating, but I've never seen a loose thread (so far, knock on wood) on it.
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Yeah I know a few of us mentioned they run small, I like my BEO jersey, its just a bit smaller than id like, but it takes a hell of a beating

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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post

I thought this was originol "Made in Canada eh" Wonder if I'm the only one to catch that?

Actually I was the One to catch that...I posted a Picture of My Jersey in your Team News Thread

Thanks for the Credit.
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How is the Kill Kenny fabric as compared to the Adrenaline fabric? Is it viable to get Kill Kenny on the sleeves and Adrenaline everywhere else?

Edit: That is, if you've tried them both.
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A friend of mine got a jersey made of the Kill Kenny material and it is some heavy duty fabric for a jersey. Adrenaline is more like the material you will find on off the shelf jerseys
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No one likes a dirty slot lol.
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I've played pump against the worst of the paintball scum bags, do I hang it up? Nah.... I play angrier.
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I love my Jersey from Eye2Eye, they do great work from what I've seen.
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I have a VERY old jersey from them, it was part of one of their very first paintball runs. Got it in 05/06, the stitching is still 100% and I've gotten bigger since then and worn the hell out of it. Only fraying and discolouration is where my pack rubs up against it, and around the bottom edge. They do run small. My XXL fits like an L, used to fit like an XL.

Glad to see they're doing so well.
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Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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We have had two runs of jerseys from Eye 2 Eye and they both turned out really well. The only issue I have had with them is from woodsball. Thorns or sticky bush burrs seem to snag the material a little. They ARE nice jerseys and clean up well.
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We are now and in our new home... still making people happy
Our latest happy customer, Shadow Squad keeps coming back. Thanks for posting BTW to our page!
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