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Tenet 08-17-2010 04:05 PM

Field Review: Paintball Sports Inc. (Plattekill, NY) formerly "Survival NY"

I've been to this field several times and think it's the best field and paint deal in the area - They deserve to be more popular!
Formerly known as Survival New York, this field is now under new management - and they are doing a lot of things right.


$70 gets you admission/air and 2000rds (fresh Valken paint, well stored, no dimples)
$55 is adm/air + 1000rds, BYOP is $40 and just the admission/air is $25 if you come back with their paint.
Playing pump you could split a case 4-ways paying $70+25x3 = $145, or ~$36 per person.


The referees are very professional and enthusiastic. Even though the team I was with were veterans - safety instructions were announced and rules were strictly maintained, with additional comments specific to each field. The referee also made sure to be present at the chrono station with every gun. During the games there was always a ref in sight for paint checks - they paid close attention to the game.

Update - A recent moment comes to mind - a friend was in a low bunker midfield on hyperball, calling a paint check - the ref ran up and dove headfirst into cover, without interrupting the plays, to give him a closer inspection. I haven't seen such dedication outside of tournament replays.

What was best is that the referees accommodated our preferences as much as possible. We played multiple rounds on each field and even when another group was going to rotate in, we could play at least two rounds, and return to that field as soon as it was open again.

Shop and Staging Area:

The air conditioned shop is spartan but takes care of all the essentials. Water/Gatorade, batteries, a small selection of accessories and equipment, and quality rentals that cover anything else. They were happy to assist with gun problems and a med kit was quickly provided when I had to treat a minor cut. Food delivery can be ordered (decent Pizza place nearby).
They rent out SP Vibes with HPA - a great upgrade over the typical 98custom.

The staging area has multiple tables, some in the shade of trees and some under roof cover. There's a separate building for air fills. They are also building a storage area with lockers for scenario teams.

The Fields:

There are multiple great woods fields that can be expanded to accommodate different groups sizes and scenarios. We mostly played on the closer woods, the town and hyper-ball - to avoid longer walks in the sun. Survival NY was huge - they have plenty of fields to explore if you can manage the walks - just stock up on ammo and water.

Photos courtesy of Team Prozac:
The town:

Hyper ball:

Photos selected from the PSI website:
Woods - old growth with minimal brush and a good variety of bunkers. Trees thick enough to hide behind or line up for cover.

There aren't may cons to this field if you just want to play some woodsball shooting premium paint on a budget.
I want to advertise the field because it's one of the few in the area that provides a great paintball experience at a reasonable price - and not enough people are aware of it's existence. Hope this helps!

Website link:
PSI Outdoor paintball field in upstate NY area, offering the best speedball, woodsball, and scenario fields.

Updated: 6/27/2011

D G 08-31-2010 08:14 AM

yep, great field. i used to go there when it was "survival new york". stopped when cousin's took it over (no scenarios and high prices). have been back twice now that it's under new, player-oriented, management. have to agree with the above poster. it's a great place and recommend that more players check it out. they're also running scenarios again. haven't been, so i can't comment, but other players i spoke to who've been rave about them.

Tenet 10-01-2010 09:38 PM

I might be able to make it to the upcoming scenario game and add to the review.

Some people from Team Prozac are going there this Sunday - a good day to check out the field - guaranteed some good games!

Dono 10-31-2010 04:10 PM

I was just there for the first time for the Heartbreak ridge game. Everything said was right.
Just wanted to emphasize the staff was extremely kind and helpful.
I know my group will deffinately go back when i finish deployment.

Tenet 06-27-2011 08:27 PM

Just played there again yesterday - got to talk with Jerry Brown at the counter!
It happened to be the weekend of the 30 year anniversary of Paintball - woodsball with friends was an awesome way to celebrate it.

The paint - Valken Infinity - was alright for most of the day, shot fairly consistent, but was definitely more bouncy. There were also some minor jams due to warping - a hot and extremely humid day. Past few visits they had Graffity and Crusade by Valken, which was somewhat better. I hope they keep working on that and bring back the option of a higher quality / tournament paint.

We had two new players, using rentals (which they apparently already outgrew - I should have brought spare powered loaders, and stressed the importance of frequent air refills with those guns/tanks). Still - they all had a blast and got really into it. They will be coming back, quite possibly with their own equipment!

The fields seems a lot more active - there were at least two other groups besides us during that day. It was a similar case in previous visits.
There were teams and walk-on's in our group, but everyone played nice and kept the games friendly, even when bunkering. I think it's the dedication of the staff that creates this positive attitude where everyone playing values their ability to enjoy such fields.

For me the field's current condition is a standard for comparison - having had such a great time it will be hard to accept anything less!

freebird 06-29-2011 09:35 AM

I go there quite often, And played in the woodsball world cup there last year. For the scenarios he usually has 2 grades of paint. Amazing fields and staff, jerry and chris do it right! Ill see you all at the black market war.

D3adpool 06-29-2011 09:52 AM

Do they allow first strikes?

freebird 06-29-2011 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by D3adpool (Post 1896105)
Do they allow first strikes?

Yes it is a first strike friendly field with the BYOP option.

Tenet 10-26-2011 03:39 PM

Just played there this Sunday with friends and a walk-ons. Everyone agreed to Hopperball and that's how we played the entire day. Fun!

JMC 10-26-2011 06:22 PM

Great day at the Field! Those pics are amazing. Nice!!!

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