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Last Place
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I went there last april for a pump night. They did have refs but it was one of the most lax fields I have ever been to. The floors were slick and the areas outside the store front were pretty dirty. The owner seemed nice but couldn't fill a 3.5 oz tank. Was it a place I would frequent on a regular basis? sadly no (as its on my way home from work) would I go there for a league? Sure if the cleaned it up a bit and had some good reffing.

So I agree with the review.
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D&D Paintball
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This is Dennis, the owner of D&D Paintball. This whole situation is very unfortunate and disturbing. Some of these photos were taken in an area where we are remodeling for a NEW field. Our current field was used very very heavily the day of this users visit and we were short staffed. Our field is cleaned once a week and has to be done by hand. Since we are an indoor field we cant just let the rain do the work for us. In a month or so we will have a new proshop, new field, new staging area, and many other amenedities. The night of these incidences and when they occured we only had myself and one other employee staffed due to other personal events. At the time of the incident we had a large group come in and we were both tied up. The argument that occured was really no one's fault. The "girlfriend" of the player has been around many fields and knows the rules. She knew we were busy and helped by asking a customer to put on a barrel cover. The customer did not hear her and continued to do it. She then said it louder and the gaurdian of the customer took it as the "girlfriend" "yelling" at the customer. Both parties in that argument were correct in their own way. Yes, they did get out of hand for a brief second before they were calmed down. Minutes later both parties appoligized to each other and the gaurdian walked out with a smile saying they would be back. With two people working one day with over 60 paintballers coming through that day cleaning a bathroom was less of a priority than watching safety on field. Yes, the floors in our staging area are concrete and do get slippery. Yes, we put backing soda down to control this and that was done multiple that day. Our paint is usually Bronze or adrenaline. We do have a less expensive paint for people renting to keep the rental cost down. Where we get our paint should not matter as long as it is intact and at a reasonable price. The day this occured we had run out of bronze and had to supplement with this paint. I also had drop the price to make up for this.
This issue has nothing to do with any other fields or anyone else but D&D Paintball and the unsatisfied customer. I do thank the ones in this forum for sticking up for us, but D&D has nothing to hide or is ashamed of anything. To the person who wrote the post, thank you for bringing some things to our attention, since that night all has been corrected.
Thank you
D&D Paintball
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D&D Paintball
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And as far as Kit goes. We do appoligize for his post. Not all was correct and he was not supplied with all the correct info. Info was pieced together through some patrons and posts in other places. Again, please disregard kits posts and please dont let it turnish his great rep. Thank you again.
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Now that I was able to see the photos, holy crap, wicked dirty and unsafe. Do you sweep everyday in the rec area by the tables? What about that trash? The paint on the ceiling I can understand but attention to details will go a long way. This thread I hope was an eye opener to you as it's turned quite a few players away from your business. Many of us over in RI are looking for an in door place to go, Ellingtons somewhat of a hike for us so we want it to be worth it. If the place simply can't be staffed to provide simple amenities like proper safety, reffing, or sweeping so I don't slip, break my neck the sue you, then it isn't worth the drive. I hope things change for the positive.
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Just a heads up:

thanks for responding D&D owner. This is whypeople have reviews. Better to hear and know whats going on and address it than not.

Please guys keep it nice and civil. You want to call someone out, do it on another forum and check your facts.

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The field should not have been opened or operated on this day if you were that short of staff. Better to close for the day than have someone get hurt.
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D&D Paintball
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By next Tuesday night everyone will see updated photos of all areas that were photographed, minus the area that is under construction. Thank you all for the suggestions and concerns. D&D has a lot of changes to come over the next few weeks and all for the better.90% of these complaints have already been addressed. Thank you
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Space Alien
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I need to defend this place for a second, because I really enjoy the field and the people there.

First off to address some points:

you can go up to any one of the 'rats' as I like to call them to have your tank filled, the person who filled it themselves did clearly not know that. Most days there will be some kids messing around in the shop with their guns, they go about 6 days a week and even though only some of them work there, they are all glad to help you out. I thought a kid worked there and had him fill my tank all day, but when I had a conversation with him it turns out he was just hanging around. He knew what he was doing and helped someone out of his own volition. nice people.

Secondly, who gives a crap about a dirty bathroom? It's a paintball field not a country club. We all know how hard it is to keep a paintball place afloat, much less worry about keeping the bathroom sparkling. The toilet flushes, the sink works. Deal with the rest!

I was scolded on several occasions for not putting my barrel condom on. you must have gone on a day when many irresponsible players were around.

The chrono station is goopy, and you have to use a handheld chrono, but it works.

For a field that has NO ENTRY FEE, $10 air pass and only charges $45 a case for DXS bronze, you cannot go wrong. I had a great time and met some really cool people, and played a TON of paintball. The field is fun to play front to back and also really fun if you start in opposite corners.It's all airball and is a nice, really fast paced set up. Great field, you and everyone else should give this place a second chance. I am going to start going every couple weeks with my friends, we can't wait to go back.

And to Dennis- when are you opening the new location? I'm going to be playing on Sunday, I'm assuming that I'll go in the entrance I went in when I played a month ago

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Who gives a crap about a dirty bathroom? A business owner should. I sure did when I owned a business with a restroom my customers used. Health department isn't real fond of dirty bathrooms either.


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Originally Posted by coyote View Post
Who gives a crap about a dirty bathroom? A business owner should. I sure did when I owned a business with a restroom my customers used. Health department isn't real fond of dirty bathrooms either.
Oh please. Did you run an INDOOR paintball field where people tracked paint and shells into your bathroom one after another? It's not like someone smeared poop on the walls. I don't even see why this is an issue- I've been to Xtreme paintball, the place the OP is a tech at, and they have a port-o-potty 20 yards from the field in the parking lot as a bathroom. that's it. Which is better?
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