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Apex vs Apex2

Since the day the backspin barrel was invented, we as paint ballers have dreamed of a longer more accurate shot. When the Flatline came on the scene I could not wait to order one. Armed with such a weapon I envisioned my foe falling before me in great numbers. While the Flatline did what it said it would, it did not do what I wanted and as it turned out the Flatline is as finicky as any society cat, demanding to be clean, dry and will only be fed the best paint.

Several years ago when the Apex came on the PB scene I indulged the boy in me and purchased one and quickly realized it had potential, but the stock barrel much like an A-5 stock barrel is only good if it is flattened and folded as a paperweight. I purchased a Lapco bigshot with Apex tip and the python compression kit. My Etek and I have been very happy ever since.

I recently shot a deadly wind Fibur barrel and was very impressed with it so I added one to my collection and bought and Apex2 adaptor to go with it.

The Apex2 is tool less, by simply pushing the slid button forward while pressing down the inner working simply slides out of the metal outer tube. Once it is removed there are three large O-rings holding the two half’s together. Removing the O-rings exposes the rubber flange and the area for the barrel adaptor. The APEX2 will fit the Lapco bigshot or any other Apex tipped barrel. You will need to remove the O-rings on the barrel however. There is no need to buy a new barrel or adaptor for the Apex2. Incidentally the Deadly wind barrel adapter for the APEX2 works very well with the Fibur barrel.

Ok on to the shooting. First I compared the Apex and the Apex 2 on my Lapco 8” barrel. I also used my python compression kit.

I don’t use the apex for trick shots. I have never shot any around a corner or dive bombed any one over top of a bunker. But I have had a great deal of success at hitting players at 130-160 feet. I have also provided cover fire for from the safety of 200 feet while teammates move up. Since I am not as young as I used to be and the old knees don’t respond well to running, it gives me a way to play and be helpful.

I have a human cutout target 120 feet from my back door, using position 2-3-4 on the apex gives me a really flat trajectory at the distance, the ball arrives with enough energy to break on target. Usually in 3-7 shots I can hit the torso of the target a few times.

I was shooting free hand from a sitting position using graffiti paint on a warm fall day.
After 1/2 case of paint and several distances I could find no difference in the flat trajectory performance of the Apex vs the Apex2 at position 1-4 using the Lapco bigshot barrel. NONE! It was not any more or less accurate than the original apex. As far as I can tell the differences between the two are cosmetic at those settings ease of use.

I did however notice about a 10-20% (1-2 balls out of ten) increase in accuracy with the DW fibur barrel. (note it uses the freak compression system)
Also I noticed at the extreme positions of 7-8-9 on the slide the trajectory is different. The Apex2 has more settings. The Apex ball makes a sharp J type dip right out of the barrel and then a constant rise as it gains in distance. The Apex 2 ball is more of an upside down bell curve and rises much faster. This makes the curve shot more sharp and the dive bomb shot a steeper angle of decent. Both could be useful if practiced. However at the larger number settings it makes the extreme long flat shot much harder because the ball continues to rise.
It would appear the the curve shot and dive bomb shot might be better at these settings.

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Great review man!

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Originally Posted by russc View Post

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interesting. I was under the impression that it was almost identical in trajectory to the orig apex. Nice to know its not. =)
Good review dude.
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The Apex 2, from what I've seen, exaggerates the spin a bit more and gets a quicker change in ball behavior. I still have the Apex one on my guns but after heading about the barrels still working I'll probably look into a newer one in the future. The tool-less feature sounds great!
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Thanks happy to do it
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Good to know you can still cover my butt from a distance. -son of Palerider
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The Apex 2 has more adjustment levels. At it's extreme adjustment the ramp interacts more with the ball. So the first levels of adjustment are similar to the original Apex (not exactly the same though) and then you can push it further.

I designed it that way so that you could still get the same functionality even with the smaller paint now, but also so you could fine tune it in a little more when adjusting how much back spin you would get.

When we were working on it, we were getting very different results with different sizes and types of paint. Hence the greater interaction and range of adjustment. With some larger and more fragile paint you won't be able to adjust it to full interaction without risking ball breakage issues, but at that point you would be interacting the ramp more with the ball than the original Apex 1.

I designed it to be tool less, because that is the way of the future. If I can work on something (on or off the field) without tools, then that's always a plus for me.

For me one of the most entertaining shots is the "bunker buster" when you put it to full spin and turn it upside down. When I used the first ever prototype of the Apex 1 for the first time ever at the Skirmish ION event it was almost unfair how I could shoot people before they even left the boats, or as soon as they made it into the first bunkers... I also had people lining up behind me to watch me float out a cloud of paint at people that previously were untouchable. Boy did I giggle a lot that day.
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I tried out my Apex barrel on my Autococker the other day. Holy crap that was fun
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@ manlike, your explanation helps make sense out of what was happing at the longer settings.

Like I said I have never been one for the trick shot, but I think I may try a few at the invasion of grenada next week end.
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Ok I need to amend my review:

Trick Shots, I have never used them. But this last weekend at Urgent Fury we had the emeny on our flank. They were only 4-5 guys but they were dug in and slowing our progress. we were pounding away at them and waiting for some back up. It was at that moment I remember I should try the dive bomb shot, so I pushed the button all the way forward and then twisted the apex 180 degress so the button was on the bottom. I fired a few test shots to see where the balls would hit, made a trajectory adjustment and ripped off 8-10 shots and two players yelled "out" and got up to leave, So I scattered 10-15 more into the same bunker and 2 more guys left.

It's more versitle and a bit longer and way better to clean, All in all the apex 2 is better than the apex. I am happy I bought it.

Edit: the apex2 adaptor on the deadly wind barrel cover 3.75" of the barrel. I purchased the 10 inch, The 12 would have been better.

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