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The story of iiSports & the "new" Kingman Hammer (now with MANY pics!)

Updates begin at the top! For easy reading!

5/26/12 updates - i feel like a dummy. On closer inspection of the venturi thing inside the bolt, thinking the screwdriver slot was so i could remove it, i discovered that's how the bolt/velocity is adjusted. I'm so green with nelson-based pumps! But that's nice, being able to adjust velocity.

Ordered, received and installed a back-bottle valve from iiSports, that they confirmed would fit on the Hammer. And it does! Gassed up and dry-fired a few times. No leaks, pretty good. Next weekend, i'll try to post a shooting vid.

5/9/12 updates -Tried to use this a couple weeks ago, since it works, but came across 2 issues:
#1 - chronos higher than a hippy at woodstock! Break in the spring or maybe swap it out, not a major issue.
#2 - nothing attaches to the feedneck! I've got a 1" elbow (fits on a PMI Trracer, fits on a JT ER2). A little too large. Then i figured, i can always old-school cram-n-jam. Nope, neck is too large for 10rd tubes! Who made this thing?? I'm making a cpvc stick feed to accomodate, but dang, i wanted a quick solution on the day of play.

Ordered a Freak for it, came with a .679 insert. Yay for no roll-outs. Boo that i had to order a spyder-threaded Freak. Ugh.

4/15/12 updates - Gassed up today (like just now). Using a crosman 12g that's been sitting around for a year, there's a very slight leak around the puncture area, hardly noticed it at first. May need to lube the seal (or not use crosmans). But it gases up and shoots. Pump stroke ain't too shabby but the trigger pull is tough. At least it works.

3/31/12 updates - Received a PMI Trracer valve from stanchy, and tried it on the Hammer to back-bottle it. Was a no-go, the Hammer frame is too long for the frame screw to enter the valve screw hole. Making a new hole means punching it through the back of the grip itself. Plus the frame length prevents a tank from being screwed on. Hammer body itself appears to be longer than the Trracer body, too. Shmeh. Limited to the 12g changer, which ain't too bad. Just gotta make a stock class feed tube and it's done.

3/16/12 Updates - Found out why the rear screw doesn't go deep enough in the valve housing to secure the frame. The threading is helicoil'd, and the end of it is blocking the screw. I pushed it further against the side with some needle-nose pliers, but didn't help. I slid a metal washer on the rear frame screw, and now the frame sits flush against the valve housing. Hopefully now the trigger can adequately trip the sear. Can't gas up yet, it's too late for noisy noise.

Internals look ok, except the sear looks like cheesy crap. Hopefully that isn't the issue with it not firing. The venturi thing inside the bolt actually has a slot for a flathead screwdriver, but when trying to unscrew it, i totally stripped the slot. That thing is in there good, probably red loctite (my arch-nemesis). Gonna try heating the bolt later cuz now the venturi part really has to come out cuz i jacked it all up.

I've got one spyder-threaded barrel (aside from the one the Hammer came with), an Equation Bizerk. Threads on just fine, just the outer lip doesn't sit flush with the body's edge. I'm ok with that, since the pump handle covers it anyway.

There's no insert in the pump handle, it simply has a 1" ID. The handle is chunky compared to my PMI Trracer's handle, which is ok to me, better suited for gorilla hands.

Original story begins below.

Not too long ago, I sold a few things. Earned a modest chunk that sat in paypal for a month. Having the money burning a hole in my e-pocket, I hit the web and ended up on ebay.

iiSports has a clearance store on ebay. Couple items listed are "brand new" Kingman Hammers. There's the option to bid, but pay shipping, or purchase straight up and get free shipping. Having the cash and hating auctions, I ordered one straight up, $99 shipped. Brand new, right? Why not?

eBay link: the link (scroll down to see the listing)

I ordered on Saturday, 3/10/12. Monday, I expected it to ship out. I received no notification. Tuesday, I received a message saying they were out of stock. So I replied, requesting a refund. Wednesday, I get a reply saying they found one, and it shipped on Tuesday. Ok, even better. Whatever.

Today, the Hammer arrived. Or I guess you could say a Hammer arrived.

First issue - the packaging. Box is fine, USPS handled it well. But I could hear rattling inside.

Open it up, and newspaper. No bubblewrap, not even a lot of newspaper, just a few pages.

Underneath, the gun, 12g twist changer, and barrel separate and loose.

Second issue - i have doubts that this is a genuine Kingman Hammer. Just says "New Hammer" on one side, which i'm unfamiliar with but i've seen other photos of this same frame. Also missing a piece. In the ebay listing, there's a "sharkgill" sight on top, and is mentioned in the description. Was not included. Not that it's entirely useful, but it at least aids in the illusion that this had the potential to be a Kingman product.

Third issue - poor quality. Kingman isn't high end, but my past experiences with Kingman products revealed better quality than whatever this is.

Back threads are scuffed and screwing the 12g housing on makes a terrible squeaking (not to mention the long threads means it takes forever); random scratches, scuffs & tiny dings along the entire gun (except for the barrel, magically); frame doesn't sit flush along the rear, as the rear frame screw stops abrubtly; grip frame is hollow, so no hope for a bottomline, with mock grip panels, the frame is just one solid molded piece, trigger & safety feel incredibly cheap.

Final issue - while it gases up and cocks fine, the pump stroke is very stiff. But worse yet, it doesn't fire. I have yet to disassemble the horrid thing to find out why, but so far i am not amused. Keep in mind the price i paid, and you can imagine how pissed i am.

Interesting things - not sure whether the following is bad or not, just some things i noticed.

Bolt appears to be brass, which doesn't seem to be the best material for it.
EDIT: thanks to Festa, i learned that's common with the original Hammers. Not so strange now.

Also looks like the classic "venturi" bolt Kingman was so fond of. Hopefully it unscrews right out like all the old spyder bolts i've ever used.

Barrel looks like it has a long brass insert.
EDIT: thanks again to Festa for clearing up the fact that Hammers commonly had brass in there.

The brass insert stops at a ridge 2-3" from the front tip.

Barrel is dirty inside but doesn't look too bad. The bore seems smaller than a .689, but couldn't tell you how much. I've got leftover Draxxus rec grade that won't roll through a .679 but barely rolls through this barrel.

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Is it a Brute? Some of the I&I pictures I saw showed a brute. The worst pile of crap ever made.
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I almost bit on one of these a couple of time, glad I didn't. What kept me away was the simple fact they were charging an arm and a leg for the New Kingman Hammer, the one's with a composite frame. I luckily found a Hammer Plus on here for far less. Sorry to hear about your transaction
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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Wow, I almost bit on one of them. Glad I didn't.
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kill - not a brute, but so far no better.

p8nt/Jaccen - yeah, continue to play it smart. Do NOT get one of these things.
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I think its a very cool little setup... if you paid $40 bucks or so. The valvebody/dropout is cool as hell.
It really looks like a hammer to me, except the pump handle and valvebody. But I must say, I'd find it amusing if this was a cheap chinese copy of a cheap chinese copy

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FYI Some over seas firm cloned the Hammer while back and were selling them under a different name.

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So this is probably that clone? Irks me iiSports is advertising it as the Kingman Hammer then. Although i remember that being iisports' forté... remembered too late.

Chappy - the drop-out doesn't drop out well. I've only got some crosmans laying around, but they don't fit through the slot. I'm gonna file down the burrs along the edges of the drop-out, and it'll probably be better.

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Glad I read this thread, was thinking about getting one of these.
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Updated with some interesting aspects, like odd the use of brass.

Disassembly to follow, since i need to see why the pump doesn't shoot.
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