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Boxgun vs Duckslide (pics galore)

Hey all,

After a suggestion was made I decided to go and make a side by side comparison of my two pump hand cannons.


Shown with extended barrel:

I acquired this as my first purchase here shortly after joining early 2011. I hesitated at first but then dove in seeing as the other member recognized my desire to own a pistol type stock class marker. Thus it became the second stock class marker in my collection. [the first being my pgp2, more on that another day]

  • Feed tube / Top Rail
  • Feed gate
  • Extended barrel
  • Raincover barrel
  • Carter internals
  • Slammer valve body
  • BBA valve body
  • Carter bucket changer
  • Snub [and seat?]
  • Trigger frame and slammer gate
  • Pump handle
  • Return spring
  • Four colored inserts [I forget what sizes]

This marker I find very easy to do maintenance with. The screws are few and the hex drivers can be found in a standard kit.

Notable Items:

I can't say for sure as I'm new to Carters, but the internals would seem to be like any other SC setup. Most notably however is the tapping on either side of the bolt for the pump / pump arms on Carter guns to screw into.

The tpc is also different considering I need a spear from Carter to adjust the velocity (which I still do not possess)

Extra stuff

Inserts for sizing paint

Whoosh barrel

Raincover off

Raincover on

Concerning the raincover, I find it very attractive on top of the fact it changes the sound signature slightly. I can't say that it silences it but it is a notable change in overall sound. It's nice to have and controls the ball for a longer period of time before leaving the barrel. Inside is a small sponge for "rain" absorption.

Final Thoughts

This is still my favorite stock class pistol. I get about 35 - 37 usable shots per 12 gram chrony'd @ 287 +/- [4]. I have been impressed since I received this marker and am pleased to be a carter owner. That said, there are still carters that I would like to get my hands on. It came with a problem however, the slammer valve body leaks from both the pierce assy and the body somewhere inside. I haven't remedied the issue as I'm quite comfortable with the BBA function. The frame is wide to accommodate the slammer and I'm cool with that, the grips are houge swells and it makes the marker quite comfy. It's a bit on the heavy side but I like the stability that brings during gameplay. As the bottom of the frame has a gate and no asa holes there is no possibility for accessories or attachments down there. That can be remedied in the future by getting another frame built I'm sure.

I'm happy with the boxgun and will continue to have this as my main firearm for stock class play.

Duckslide with RTR Frame 88

This entered my armory due to member ironchef97 having a little sale going on. His impulse buy then sell became my next impulse buy. So here we are, now it's mine, let's review it.

Duckslide with barrel selection:
6" freak bore cci barrel
8" freak bore barrel with screw on Suppressor

  • Duckslide with one piece feed
  • CCI internals / fluted hammer
  • Drop out changer
  • Lower rail / grip
  • Pump guide rod and return spring
  • Pump rod
  • CCI phantom body with detent
  • 6" barrel freak bored
  • 8" barrel freak bored and threaded for suppressor
  • Suppressor
  • RTR trigger group 88
  • RTR grip frame
  • Pachmayr grips [?]

Personally I find hand cannon type shooters my forte. I like the compact play it allows. This is no different and is lighter in the hands than my current boxgun. Tear down and assembly seems a little more involved on this marker. One key area I hate is putting the pump rod back in then having to balance that to get the trigger group back on the body to lock the pump rod in place. It seems finicky but will get easier over time.

CCI internals

Standard tpc

Detail of the fluted hammer

I have to admit the red mainspring is a heavy even when aired up, but it does its job. I'm trying to juggle ideas in my head about efficiency on this thing. I haven't chrony'd but get 30 shots before it drops of like a wet noodle. I know I can get more per 12g, especially since there's a wealth of knowledge here on MCB. I already have some ideas I'll get back to you with once I put them into play.

Detent mod in the body

Detail of the pump innards to lock into place

With the 6" barrel

With the 8" barrel and suppressor

There isn't much slop in the pump play as the RTR trigger group is wide enough to accommodate the space of the duckslide. The RTR grip is super comfy and has asa holes for accessories. I may try CA in the future but time will tell. I like the drop out changer but it's something I'm not quite used to. I'll have to use this in game and get back to you on my thoughts. Last couple of tests I had done caused my 12ie to hiss for a couple of seconds on piercing, which as you know cost me a few shots.

The suppressor is a neat feature and is a bit different from the boxgun's raincover barrel. The suppressor has a sealed body but the ID is a bit larger so it isn't exactly guiding the ball on the way out. The air is able to travel a good bit around the ball and be absorbed into the ports and filling within the suppressor, while allowing the ball to adjust to the air pressure around it during travel. Overall it definitely changes the sound signature in a way that I will refer to as quieter. I can still hear a bit of the signature "pop" stock class markers make and the sound of the action inside, however like I said it is significantly less noticeable.

Final Thoughts

While still being less than a year new to stock class I am enjoying myself with varied types of markers. This is no different in the fact that it offers a specific style of stock class play. I had been wanting to get my hands on a redux for some time and this provides a very similar experience I would assume. Of course the redux isn't fed direct horizontal like the boxgun or the duckslide, but the slide still gives that aesthetic that I like. Being a CCI at heart this makes parts easy to find and service. The customization on this body is simple enough that accessories can be tinkered with to the users liking. There are rails on the top of the feed tube but none on the slide itself. The front sight is a bit redundant seeing as there is no way to use it to line up a shot. The feed tube is also removable. The pump action is a bit heavy due to the red mainspring and the return spring serves its purpose. The RTR parts provide a nice feel between marker and end user in the simple ergonomic of the slight hump in the frame and the thin trigger. The trigger pull is also quite satisfying but rather sudden. I'll look into tuning that later as well.


I enjoy both of these for what they are but the Boxgun still has it's place in my heart. Not only is it easier to maintain, but the usable sights on the top provide a very natural point and shoot feel in times of "holy sh*t" while letting you line up a shot quite naturally. The Duckslide with rtr frame wins compatibility as most carters are built by hand and can have subtle tolerances that wont allow interchanging of parts. They are both of high built quality and I look forward to plenty of play time with both. Hope you enjoyed the comparison. See ya around.

-Donut SD

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Very Nice write up! Great pics too!
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I will lock this damned thread up if anyone posts that disgusting picture I saw once.
It like the CCM version of Two Girls One Cup.
I will ban folks.... I swear.
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Great looking boxgun bro! I love the Woosh!
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good comparison.
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Updated. Added the pic with the body detent to prevent rollouts and double feed. No pinches yay!
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Very nice!
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Very nice, that was a fun read you lucky hand cannoneer!

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Thank you. These are fun shooters.
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