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WALZ custom work: My review

Let me just start by saying this review is long overdue.

A Few months ago I got it in my head that I wanted a project PGP to tinker with and possibly try my hand at some custom work with. Basically I wanted a PGP again but didn't want to pay $90 for one...

Eventually I found one in kind of rough shape. As seen here:

The pics speak for themselves really, but what you might not be able to see clearly is where a previous owner had tried to homebrew some wedgits into the barrel by hammering something into the sides of it.

Eventually after looking through almost every page of the Custom Sheridan Picture Gallery here I decided that I wanted a side feed put on and wanted that sucker spring fed too. (why not, right?) Knowing full well that I had no welding equiptment or expirence I went looking for help. I found WALZ.

I sent Walz a PM asking if he was taking work and what kind of price I would be looking at. After a few PM's we had struck up a deal. Wally's extremely easy to work with. So off it went, I sent my gun and some trade fodder and waited to hear from him.

After a couple of days I got a PM saying something like “Wow, this thing is in really tough shape.” and then told me he'd really like to put a new barrel on it. I thought that sounded like a great idea and sent him some money.

Then he got to work. His contact was excellent. I got PM's throughout the process telling me what he was up to, which to be honest ended up being a lot more than I expected. I really expected to get a gun back that looked a lot like the one I sent but with a side tube, spring fed set up. What I got back looked more like this:

He added a 9” Stainless steel barrel in .680 and re-ported the transfer tube to .25 I.D. It also got a new delrin bolt for its new barrel. He powdercoated the grip frame and feed tube and added front sight, rear sight rail, ghost ring and flames on the sides. He also wrestled with the valve and ended up putting a palmers valve in it. It paid off because I'm not getting 28-30 shots off of a 12g.

I was shocked when he sent me pics of it finished. It was so much more than I expected and the work itself it absolutly astounding. There is nothing left for me to do in my opinion.( Edit: okay, maybe I'll make it some walnut grips) Wally took a brass paperweight and in less than a month turned it into a work of art. I couldn't be happier with my expirience with him. He'll be my go to guy for brass work as long as he's around here and taking it!

Thanks for reading!

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That is a beauty, now you have me wanting to scrounge up an old pgp to send to WALZ!
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I can second this, you can see the marker he recently did for me in my sig. Had to let it go due to the need for firepower. WALZ is a stand up guy.
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walz= my birthday present in a few months. He appears to be the master of sheridans.
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Originally Posted by paintballasupressor View Post
I can second this, you can see the marker he recently did for me in my sig. Had to let it go due to the need for firepower. WALZ is a stand up guy.
That marker is now in my possession and I will be honest in saying it is absolutely beautiful, from the top notch quality to the soul and love Wally put in it!
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I'm the owner of another WALZ creation - the "Kit Carson" rifle. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so scroll down for words 1001 and beyond...

Ok, so first, the marker itself is actually even better looking in person than it is in pictures. The stock's finish is unlike anything I've ever seen with depth and complexities and a full range of coloration; the powdercoat on the body has deep layers of copper that come out in the sunlight; there's a hidden pump return spring in the lower tube; all of the brass hardware is perfectly formed and fitted; the list just goes on and on and on.

More importantly (to me at least), Wally is an absolute pleasure to work with. We worked out a trade + cash deal and his communication was fast and informative throughout. Then, as if it the absolute masterpiece he delivered wasn't enough, he made me another feed when I made some offhand comment about the angle of the current one. Remember that this was not a scratchbuilt commission or anything - this was simply a marker I thought was cool so I bought it from the BST. Wally didn't owe me anything but he was so concerned that everything was perfect with it that he sent a totally new (and even BETTER looking) feed and never asked anything in return. For the record, I did send him some fundage, but that's just because I believe in supporting the arts; and make no mistake, the man is an artist.

Long story short, do not hesitate to work with Wally on any project you might have. Just do me a favor and wait a little if you plan to - I'm trying to commission my next marker and don't need the competition .
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Add me to the pile of impressed WALZ customers. The craftsmanship I received is second to none and he is very responsive and easy to work with. Don't hesitate to send work his way.
Originally Posted by Nyxd View Post
...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

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I needed at least 5 new pairs of pants after this thread.

I'm curious how much it costs for him to do this kind of work.
I'm broke, but if I ever had spare money and some brass for him to work on, I'd probably want to get something done. That "Kit Carson" rifle is insanely beautiful.
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