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Thoughts/Experience with the Macdev GT

I just wanted to share my experience with the Clone GT with the hope that it will help current new owners and soon to be owners when they receive theirs.

I have had a few droids and RXs come through these greedy hands the past 2 years. I have also been using a droid as my main with the RX as a backup or occasional “fun”.

After reading initial reviews I reluctantly put my droid on the chopping block to entertain the possibility of getting a GT. With the help of a fellow PBn member and a collection of Pokemon (yes, I said Pokemon:evilgrin: ) cards, I was able to get a GT. I had high hopes/expectations for the GT from the reviews and upgrade from the droid (which I held in high regard) and eagerly waited for mine to arrive.

Soon after it was delivered, I quickly went to a quiet spot to do an unboxing video which I regularly do when dealing with markers.

Case: I found the case to be comparable to the Eclipse case in many areas and superior in some. Although the MD case is not as sturdy as the PE case, I prefer the material that MD has been using. Yes, I know it’s just a case and some people don’t care too much about them, but I can be quite particular in keeping everything in tiptop shape (uhhh : Pokemon cards, hello!) I don’t have to worry about scratches on the case like on the PE case when it comes to sell the package or just the case. Less worries about broken hinges or tabs because it’s a simple zipper. The compartment for the marker, tool, barrel, and grease are as one would expect with exception for the allen keys. They are not as secure and will fall out during transport or opening/closing. I like the flap that holds the orings and manual as it also serves as protection for the marker from being scratched. Once, I shipped a mint Ego07 to Canada and new owner mentioned one of the barrels coming loose and gently rubbed the body of the ego. I purposely placed the manual and sock in between but it wasn’t enough during transit. Fortunately he was very understanding.

Manual: Nice, colorful marker which explains the basics of how to operate the marker. Experienced paintballers usually skip this part but it is beneficial for the occasional “new” player on how to set the loader/tank up. What are the chances that a total newb to purchase such a marker, but it happens. Gotta cover your bases. It is great to have the oring sizes listed in the same picture as the exploded diagram. Having to flip back and forth between the exploded diagram and oring list in the back of the manual can be quite annoying. The MD manual however did not pay too much attention on the disassembly of the drivetrain and HPR. It assumes that the GT owner is most likely a droid/clone owner who is familiar with the drivetrain – not that it is rocket science. It can be quite puzzling/daunting for someone coming from a Geo though. The manual also did not spend too much time with programming the parameters. Yes, it is self-explanatory but would have been greatly appreciated by new owners of high-end markers.

Anno/milling: The GT that I purchased is the red camo and it looks amazing in person. The deep red and black is a nice contrast. This is my first all gloss marker so I don’t know what to expect and try to avoid scratches as best I can.
The milling is great but I would say PE is a bit better. At certain angles, the light will show some circular marks in small corners/crevices. It is most noticeable on the ASA knob in my case. According to memory, the lines, nooks, and crannies on the Geo2 were smooth and perfect. Please note that these don’t do anything for performance and is a minor comparison. It just feels like I’m back in high school writing a term paper and scrounging to hit the 2000 word limit.

Board: The board is as one would expect from Tadao and MD’s history with RX and previous Clones. It is a great board, easy to program and learn. Having a replaceable screen is great feature that PE has finally adopted. Who wouldn’t be happy to spend $30 for a screen instead of +$100 for a new board just because the screen gave out? The type B screen is a bit more durable than the previous generation but users should still be careful in handling and installing it on the board (if that need ever arises). The user can tweak all the usual firing modes, numerous timing settings, profiles, and screen brightness. It powers on quickly and can be upgraded by the user for future firmware as opposed to being present in a national paintball event or sending it in to the company. The ability to program the board or switch profiles takes a bit longer to access than on the PE boards. The user has to first turn off the board, hold the trigger down and then power on to access the programming menu.

It has also been voiced by some owners that the wire harness has come off of the board while disconnecting the eyes and solenoid. This is similar to what I’ve experienced with DP boards. It’s quite an easy fix as you just need to put the harness back on to the board – just make sure of the polarity.

ASA: Users either loved or hated the previous MD ASAs. It was great that the fitting was midline which added to the sleek design. Some critics however were not fond of how it would engage the pin. If the user wasn’t quick enough with twisting the knob, a loud gush of air was the signature airing up of a Macdev marker. Disengaging was a bit easier. The new ASA on the GT is a definite improvement as it engages the pin quicker and is comparable to how the POPS ASA engages. A very slight escape of air is heard. The smaller knob, however, may make it harder to turn at certain angles. My GT has only been through 1 outing since this review but it has slowly disengaged two times while playing. Once during the middle of the game, I aimed and attempted to shoot with no response from the GT. After checking the board of the GT, paintballs in the hopper, and hopper being on, I found that the knob somehow turned counterclockwise disengaging the tank. This happened over the course of 2-3 hours (6-8 games) and happened twice during the day. For the rest of the day, I would occasionally check to see if the knob did not turn.

Trigger: It’s definitely a significant improvement when compared to previous stock triggers in terms of the side-side play. There is little to no side-side play with the stock trigger which is a great plus in many players’ eyes. Many owners will find the stock trigger sufficient for their needs. This is opposite to the previous markers as many felt forced to upgrade the trigger primarily because of the side-side play. As far as settings, the stock trigger has a 3-way adjustment (tension, activation, and post travel). The GT comes with spring tension which gives ample of tension. It seems to favor users who prefer moderate tension as I already had the screw out as much as the trigger would let me and found it still to be too much tension. I was considering either cutting the spring, replacing the spring that has more give, or performing a “magnet mod”. Fortunately, I had an extra Violent trigger from my previous Droid which I kept to try out with the GT. Thank you James for designing the GT to accommodate the older triggers!!! The install of the VP trigger is very easy (no need to separate the body and frame) but the user must use the other hole in the frame which is beneath the grips. This leaves the stock hole exposed and particular users may feel the need to cover it up either by tape or buying another trigger pin to prevent debris from entering the frame that way. There is no hole in the frame to accommodate the other magnet from the aftermarket trigger but hot glue will easily secure the magnet to the frame. The stock trigger does not have the forward travel adjustment leaving the user the ability only to adjust the trigger closer to the grip. I prefer the trigger to rest a bit more forward which is one of the reasons for the VP trigger. Overall, the stock trigger is indeed a very nice trigger. Many users will like how it feels and will keep it stock. The only reason I can see for using an aftermarket trigger is for the forward travel otherwise I’d be using the stock trigger.

Regulator: The macroless design worried me at first because I’ve always had a macro marker. Reading up on posts regarding troubleshooting leaks with macroless markers seemed to be an unnecessary headache. Nevertheless, I decided to get it to try it out for myself – if it was such a horrible experience, why do many people shoot other macroless markers? As far as the untraditional shape of the regulator, it is a great design. Its shape makes it very comfortable to hold the marker and easily conforms to the hand. The space between the trigger guard and regulator is ample and does not become a distraction when switching hands. The area where the top of the regulator and body meet is also nicely designed as the thumb rests comfortably when gripping the regulator. Some people have voiced concerns on the sharp edges of the trigger frame but I haven’t found this to be a negative. Maintenance is easily accomplished by using an allen key to unscrew from the bottom. No more problems with taking the HPR in half because it is stuck.

Maintenance: Coming from a droid, it is a lot easier. Tool-less access is a very welcomed addition. The components of the drivetrain are not a daunting task as many perceive. New and diligent users may need to use the manual for the first 2-3 times but it is quite easy to remember. A minor gripe I’ve found is the separating of the body from the frame. I have to be slow and extra careful not to scratch the back of the HPR and trigger frame when I am tightening/unscrewing the screws that are between the HPR and trigger guard. Not a big problem but just adds an extra 1-2 minutes during maintenance.

Grips: James, thank you again for using the same dimensions as the RX/Clones! I personally like these new grips because of its thickness and texture. I am not a fan of the thick, grippy, squishy grips. The stock grips feel sleek and durable and should last significantly longer grips on previous clones.

My first experience with the GT was both awe and confusion. I was extremely pleased with the design of the marker. The feel and balance of the marker is very comfortable and closely resembles the luxe (but not as wide). My plan after getting the GT was shooting about a case at home with the factory lube prior to even taking it out. I’m not a fan of dry firing markers but several owners have done just that without any ill effects. I did not blow through the case in one sitting because of where I live and wanted to test for bolt stick and drop off. For the most part, I would shoot about 5-20 then wait any time between 1-15 minutes before firing again.

At first, it would not fire initially. Thinking it was just the excessive lube from the factory, I would wait for it to degas itself before taking out the drivetrain. Manually moved the bolt back and forth and put it back in the GT. I was then very concerned when someone in the forums say that a non-existent or barely audible clicking from the solenoid is directly related to the “bad batch” of solenoids. At first I thought my noid was not clicking as I had it on Semi with the eyes off. I just couldn’t hear the noid clicks over the clicking of the microswitch. Someone suggested to put it in full auto and now I was able to hear the faint clicks of the noid (ear between 2-5 inches from the GT). One thing that worked for me in terms of getting my GT to fire during the first stages was to leave it aired up and loaded. I turned the eyes off and repeatedly pressed the trigger. The first 2-5 trigger presses did not do anything but would soon cycle after that. After doing that for the first 3-4 pods (remember over the course of 4 days) my GT would never have that problem as it would fire every time I aired it up. For the last ~800 paintballs, I put the GT on ramp and full auto. The day before the first outing, I wiped off the factory applied lube and used militia lube on the HPR and drivetrain. Had no problems with bolt stick, drop off, or shoot down the whole day of rec play. Consistency was very good for the most part with the occasional strange ±10. I’m expecting it to be more consistent as I use the GT more.

Thank you for taking the time to read this exhaustive review/experience. I just wanted to:

1. share my joy with the GT

2. reassure current owners that the “bad batch” of noids may not be as wide spread as some may make it seem

3. comfort prospective buyers to feel comfortable to try out how a Macdev marker performs.

Macdev GT - 1st outing - YouTube&fs=1" width="644" height="390">Macdev GT - 1st outing - YouTube&fs=1" />Macdev GT - 1st outing - YouTube"> GT - 1st outing - YouTube
Video of first outing with the GT

Feedback: PBnation, IOG, MCB
Macdev Militia Support forum

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It's nice to see somebody finally giving feedback on this marker. The clone GT has been out for a while if I'm correct, and I haven't seen much feedback on it. Thank you sir!
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Awesome, I like the deadpool grips.
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Thanks! Sorry it took a while. I posted the review in other forums about a month ago but not here as i didn't realize MCB had a review thread. The youtube link isn't working though.

Feedback: PBnation, IOG, MCB
Macdev Militia Support forum
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