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99BPS 12-19-2012 05:54 PM

Azodin Kaos Pump 2
This is my first pump that I've owned, but I've used plenty. I've used Phantom's and sniper style markers that my friends own, and always kinda of aspired to a phantom. When I saw the KP I realized it suited my type of play better.

First Impressions:
Well i got my KP2 on Ebay for 80$, in the box with all stock parts.
The first thing I did was threat the hitman mod onto the pump arm.
I find holding the foregrip with a single finger on the hit man rod to be
the easiest way to minimize marker movement during pump stroke. I clicked
the pump arm back and was very surprised.

1. The Pump arm is very smooth. We're not quite talking CCM style butter out of the box, but honestly I imagine it could attain the same feel with some tuning. Easily nicer Pump stroke then any cocker with an aftermarket pump kit, or WGP sniper markers (factor pumps) (not the ccm version though :D).

2. Using the hitman rod makes pumping a very snappy motion. To be honest I'm not a fan of auto triggers, I think they make pumps bad semis (the pump becomes a trigger, but its hard to aim and pump quickly from a pump arm). I think the hitman rod gives pumpers just enough added speed. Further it allows one to keep firing at a target (if given the chance) without pumping throwing off the targeting. It may be smoother to use the arm itself, but its faster, more accurate and prevents the farting sound to use the modrod.

3. Looks like a Spyder's body, Does not feel like one. I remember pulling my first marker out of the (Crap) box it came in. A spyder pilot. It felt like it was going to fall apart in my hand. Not the KP. The trigger frame is in tight. The screws fit in well and snug with no movement. Everything is standard. Stock macro line. A vent on the stock asa. All the things spyder never did for their basic markers. Even a regulator on mine, (and all newer KP2s.) This is not another spyder clone, its a spyder body with a sniper style pump marker inside.

4. Woah its light. With a small (50rd) Hopper and co2 tank it weights less then any other paintball set up I have ever used. The marker is about the same weight as my ion, and everything going on it is smaller. Great profile, never getting a marker hit really.

5. Easy to take apart/put back together. I'm not the handiest. When I used a matrix I had teammates tech it most of the time. I broke this marker down in 5mins, and put it back together without uttering a single curse. It's quick, its easy, its basic, you cant mess up. Bolt comes out SUPER EASY. Can be field stripped FOR SURE (by a blind monkey). Lift the cocking rod out. bolt slides out. Delrin so no lube on bolt.

Issues out of the Box:

Spring: I don't like the stock spring. Azodin does not yet make a spring kit, so your going to have to mod spyder springs. You could use something a bit stiffer as its going to have a hard time besting 300fps w/ stock spring. It's easy to modify spyder spring kits into the KP though, and there are plenty of more handy people to help (then me).

Barrel: It's nice, but HUGE. As a Pump player your going to want to be able to hit what you shoot at. The stock barrel is massive and most paint will not be flying to0 well out of it (at least thanks to a clever detant it won't roll out). If you live somewhere with bigger paint, it might actually be PERFECT. But I'd recommend buying something in a .683 (or even 81) to deal with small paint. Stock is about 89.

ASA: It's solid. It vents well and the threads are solid (and don't strip like kingman's do) but still on/offs SHOULD honestly be standard. We ALL buy them because it makes the sport safer and easier to play. So markers should start coming with them even if it adds 10$ to the final price. But Azodin has been doing that on some of its markers already (in a price range you wouldn't expect to see it) so we can wait and see).

Feedneck: Actually the twisting feedneck works perfectly for all of my hoppers, but the older version people have issues with. I love the feedneck on the KP2.

Recommended Upgrades:
Spring Kit (Modified Spyder)
.683, .681 Barrel
On/off ASA

Final thoughts:

Honestly, I think this is one of the best open class Pump markers. Certainly in its price, but I think it's such an open design with so much room for personalization that a lot of people won't feel the need to "upgrade" to another pump marker. The KP pump is a well made marker, and with a few upgrades I would take it over almost any thing else for an open class game.

Ideal Personal KP2 Setup:

Regulator: AKA 2-Liter w/ HP Spring.
ASA: Azodin On/Off
Techt Bolt or Zero (personal preference, don't go near the Hush)
Deadly Winds CF Barrel Kit (with focus on underbore)
50 Round Hopper
13ci HPA Tank

Kermit 12-20-2012 06:00 PM

The old AKP was a great platform for starting. I had two, and I LOVED both of them to death. Amazing little guns that are very underrated. A regulator and underbored barrel really takes care of any issues they had, if any issues at all.

I ran mine with a lurker eigenbarrel and a CP reg. Ball on ball every time. For a sub $200 gun, its hard to beat that. With the single trigger frame, hitman mod, midblock design, all aluminum, clamping centerfeed, A/C threaded, standard setup with an HPR and on/off ASA, it's VERY hard to beat the AKP.

Good write up, nice read.

99BPS 12-21-2012 01:53 PM

Thanks man! Yea, honestly I meant to sell it at a profit when I picked it up. But when my friends matched it up to their non CCM snipers and it fared favorably (even in their eyes) I kept it. I've played a bunch with it now and really friggen like playing with it.

The KP2 comes with a stock read steady regulator from Azodin, which honestly works much better with Co2 and about the same with HPA as my CP reg does. The AKA 2liter running HighP is the only reg i've seen really make a noticeable difference. Its pricey, but if one wanted to stay with a KP2 for the longterm its an investment i'd say is well worth it.

I'm not dissin on CP just their reg does not love the pressures that KP prefers (itll run em just fine, but no better then the stock reg and worse then the 2liter). I run a CP on my Pimp and LOVE it. Way better then stock evil detonator. Just don't know its worth swapping the Rock Steady Reg for a CP less u have one layin around.

The underbore barrel is key though, thats a MUST. I wish Azodin would replace the stock with something like.... .681ish.

I have the double trigger frame and see no reason to spend money to change that. Im not an auto trigger fan but that's the only thing I would change frame for. if the single trigger had AT when the DT did not (and it does not lol).

The clamping feedneck on the KP2 is way improved as well. Works great, but i'd still grab a used clamping ion feedneck off ebay for a few bucks :).

ASA def needs replacing tho. Agree 100% there lol.

I don't think any marker even twice it's price is an unfair match up against a well set up KP2. It's a great pump and for anyone trying to get into pump and thinking about staying open class, this is the way to go.

99BPS 12-27-2012 07:28 PM

So I got to shoot around my house with a better KP set up today, and have a few thoughts.

1. Shoot Fresh Xball blaze the stock barrel was GARBAGE. Its way overbore for the blaze, but honestly next to the Bob Long Assassins barrel I have in the same size, it was still terrible. Both were the wrong bore, but the BL shot great, the stock shot poorly. Further roll outs were a bigger problem on the stock barrel, despite the "triad" retent system. The funny thing was I was getting roll outs on my automag as well, so the paint was pretty small for my barrels.

2. The accuracy with the BL amazed me. Shot way more accurate then my automag today, with mostly the same set up. The major difference is my automag lacks a regulator, but I was shooting with HPA anyway, so I was surprised to see how major the difference was. The stock KP regulator is pretty bomb honestly. I swapped it out for my CP shorty and saw no noticeable difference in velocity consistency between the two.

3. Amazing Chrono. +/- 7 was my chrono in 4degrees Celsius, shooting paint way to small for my barrel.

4. For my ultimate test of Azodins system outside a game, I filled my 50 round hopper all the day up and ripped. Pumped using the hitman mod as fast as I could, and walked the double trigger (different finger for each pump, 1-2, 1-2, ect). I was expecting some issues as I ramped up the speed, but I didn't have any. Each pump loaded a paintball, each trigger pull sent it flying. The spread was amazing considering the movement of the marker with the quicker pump strokes. Truly impressive, better then any of the semis we were messing around with.

5. Somehow my girlfriend had some issues. She has never played, or used a marker before (aside from a rental once with family). Out of about 100 shots she took, 3 times her pump stoke, which seemed complete failed to load a ball. This never happened to me, nor my brother and we took far more shots. Even when I was speeding through paint, I didn't have an issue.

6. No paint broke at all, it was good quality so I'm not too surprised. But the bore match was as bad as it gets, in my automag which had the same bore barrel, it triple loaded (and fired) once, and double fired several times. Nothing broke in the marker or barrel of the KP even when my gf or brother shot it.

7. Impressed.

99BPS 01-15-2013 06:17 PM


First I finally got a full barrel kit for my Azodin Kaos Pump.

Still shooting some very good quality Xball blaze, but now I fit the Xball to a
.863 Barrel back from an Evil PIPE kit, 14inch in total.

I had to retune the marker to get the velocity back under 300, as changing to a barrel that fit the paint from the overbore BL I was using shot the velocity from 290 up to 320.

The marker was shooting freakin darts tho. I was honestly shocked.

First of all the consistency went from +/-10 to +/-5. Amazing consistency.

The accuracy is impossible to measure because I don't have a good range to shoot on, or anything to clip it into and take out the human factor. But the accuracy boast from the paint to barrel match was VERY noticeable. Even my friend who thinks I am an idiot for buying an Azodin marker was shocked how accurate it was shooting. By the end of the day he was saying that pump markers must be more accurate because he had never shot single balls with some much confidence at such a high distance. I just think its a smooth shooting marker with an easy sight point.

At the end of the session the regulator started leaking. I need to replace the main regulator oring (small black one inside reg mainframe). It didn't come with a replacement so I pmed the Azodin rep on PBnation, i'll update what he tells me (if I have to buy it or get it for free). This reg has seen less then a full case, so I'm kinda disappointed. I'll update when I get it running again. It holds air and fires but is venting constantly.

madasax 02-08-2013 02:30 AM

I had a few phantoms and loved them for phantoms.....That being said I had (sold) on of the original AKP and LOVED IT! i had a Dye Hyper 2 reg and had a .685 (i think) lotus barrel on it - OMG with Marbs i was one shotting people all day long...Hands down one of the most fun days of paintball I have had....People were impressed to the point of getting mad at the accuracy.....Miss that marker.
Reg/good bored barrel and the AKP = A great Go-To marker. and toss a 13/3000 tank and you have a very light setup as well.

My KP Chrono Testing KP Chrono on Vimeo

Panda 02-10-2013 10:06 PM

I have the ANS limited edition of the AKP and have nothing but good things to say about it. It does bump the price up to 200 but it fixes almost everything you could have a complaint with. Only thing lacking is a Lurker barrel. The single frame is stellar. I'll write up a review after my game on Sunday, mind if I quote some of your info?

99BPS 02-15-2013 10:17 PM

Feel free

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