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FLASC Barrel Review - Phantom kit

First, a link to the barrel kit on Flasc's site: Flasc Phantom barrel kit.

I was gonna post in the previous Flasc review thread, but it's about 3 yrs old now. So here's a new one, specifically for the Phantom barrel kit they offer. The kit includes two 9" barrels in .679 & .681 bores, 1 barrel tip of your choice (i chose Blaster), and a soft case.

Picked up a new phantom earlier this year, and started out using the detent rings + stock barrel. Noticed occasional breaks from the ring usage, or what i could narrow down to the rings. Plus, there's no bore-matching advantage.

At the time i considered barrels, the first thought was freak-boring the stock barrel, which is both cost-effective AND i can keep the color scheme intact. But stanch was overloaded at the time, and i don't know who else does it. It's still on the agenda, but I got the kit, anyway, since i plan on owning more phantoms.

Flasc is in Canada, and there didn't seem to be any US dealers, so i put off ordering mainly due to shipping fees. The kit price Kept an eye on ebay, but never did come across a deal. Then one day, Flasc's OWN site had a sale - $49.99 CAD for the barrel kit, down from the regular price of $64.99! It offset the shipping cost & exchange rate perfectly.

Ordered 4/11/13. Shipped 4/16/13. Arrived 4/22/13. Coming out of Canada, that is pretty good.

Receiving the package, i was nervous, because it came in one of those plastic postal bag/envelope things, and the postal worker had crammed it into the small apartment mailbox. But after unpacking it, I noticed Flasc took great care to keep the contents safe. Each piece was individually wrapped and placed inside the soft case.

Soft case is lightly padded, dual-zippered & opens like a book, carry handle along the spine, and a variety of elastic loops lining both inner sides, with a padded divider keeping the sides from ever touching. As the mailman demonstrated, the case can be rolled up (or at least folded) to fit in nearly any gearbag space. Being that my kit is so minimal, the soft case size is overkill, so i've taken to storing other barrels in it - right now, it holds one of the Flasc barrels, and a Freak kit w/ 2 inserts (i only own 2). The other Flasc barrel is forever on the Phantom so the stock pump handle doesn't move.

Barrels came with o-rings, but one of them was broken. No need to make a fuss over 1 generic o-ring, i just took the one off my stock barrel.

As a delightful bonus, the kit came with a Flasc barrel cover, even though the site mentions nothing about that being included. So that was nice of them.

Now for quality inspection & performance!

When i got it, i checked the inner bores, making sure everything looked dandy. It didn't appear mirror smooth, even after a swabbing, so i was a little concerned about that. But, I finally got to shoot paint through it yesterday, and my concerns were alleviated.

Let's get some Phantom specs out of the way (not entirely important, but may be relevant later on:
- fairly new Phantom w/ dropout valve
- mostly stock internals, polished straight with Flitz (no sandpaper)
- heavy cocker valve spring
- blue phantom main spring
- leland 12g's
- shooting about 275-280 fps

Shooting what i can only remember to be months-old (note, plural) field/rec grade Draxxus (purple/black checker shell, orange fill), and using the .681 bore, i was surprised the stuff shot as well as it did. Shots went straighter than my own aim (still getting used to stock class, using ghost sight & L-stock). Not a single barrrel break, but paint broke on everyone it hit. Weather was moderate humidity, mid-70s F, played in the shade all day. I have to contribute some of this accuracy success to the Flasc.

The highlight of this (for me), was how QUIET the shots were. Over the chrono, i was confused at first, because i didn't think anything was coming out. But i'd see the balls come out, and see the chrono readings. Now most of this is probably with the spring combination, but there was hardly any sound from the barrel, either. The last time i ever (or never) heard a marker this quiet was my Gen E Matrix, where refs standing near me couldn't hear the shots. Impressive.

Well, that's it. Can't say much more. So here's a photo with the Flasc on my Phantom. I'll take pics of the kit itself, and what's included, plus shots of the inside of the case, for those interested (soft case is available for purchase separately).

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nice review!
Dye DM12, CCM T2, Tippmann TPX.

my feedback
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Great review Nerdcore. I have to know, what color is that Phantom? That's the best I have seen. Did you get it from CCI annoed like that?
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Originally Posted by Rover Lead View Post
Great review Nerdcore. I have to know, what color is that Phantom? That's the best I have seen. Did you get it from CCI annoed like that?
Dust olive, got it from pbgateway but they do come from the factory that way. Here's the link to exactly what i got, a VSC Phantom:
CCI Phantom Pump Paintball Gun - Stock Class Vertical Air - Dust Olive

I later ordered the matching drop-out changer & L-stock straight from Mike. Recently received and installed yet another matching part, a CCI u/c kit, but from pbgateway. Basically, if pbgateway doesn't have the part in the color i want, then i'll call Mike. Only reason is they take paypal but Mike doesn't. But he's a super cool guy to deal with.

Apologies for no barrel & case photos yet. Hoping to take some this weekend, and possibly in-game videos if i get the gumption to break out the contourRoam.

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Thanks man, beautiful Phantom. Did you see any accuracy increase with the FLASC or just sound reduction?
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Flasc is an improvement over stock barrel w/ detent ring. I've got no other comparison to make, haven't tried any other barrels.
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