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Brass and Wood Fan
Originally Posted by freedummy View Post
I'm grappling with the temptation to chop it down, somehow :S
Have you considered installing a small drop forward to take up the excess length?
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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
Have you considered installing a small drop forward to take up the excess length?
Can't put a drop on a eurogrip. Didn't want to switch to a lone star, but it's an idea.
Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
We don't do easy here! Here we do different and not done before!
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Originally Posted by Mr Idiot Box View Post
Message ICD they will send you a fix. I messaged them on Facebook they responded in like 15min and they are sending out a new piercing pin and housing tomorrow morning. Im going to leave a 12g in the changer over night see if its just the piercing pin seal. I had to do that on one of my other 12g setups to get it to seal right.

There is #15 Oring on outside of the piercing pin housing. It seals the threaded part that holds the sprung piercing pin. Mine was missing causing the same leak you described. After speaking with ICD we figured it out. Working flawlessly now. I would check to insure yours is not missing as well.
Yep, ICD sent new O Rings and a care package that will keep me going for decades. Took me a few days to remember to give them props here, but they do support what they sell, and quickly, too.
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Originally Posted by CFCrew View Post
Can one of you guys pull the pierce pin and snap off a few pictures of the face? Compared to a used 12 gram would be ideal.

Thank you very much!
I found the stock length OK as it matches my CO2 tanks with butt stock. Adding an AG1 Gen2 regulator did push it past the comfortable zone. The point is easy to see so I took a picture without taking it apart. Had issues with 2 cartridges that would not puncture no matter how many times I loaded them. I also had one dud which is not the fault of the piercer. I suspect cartridge quality issues here. Still have to run it past ICD.
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On a phantom with trracer back bottle.
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I am thinking of one to put on the back bottle on my trracer. Glad to see everyone is liking there's, makes me want one that much more.
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Put mine threw the paces last weekend. Really liking the mechanics of the lever changer. Picked up a wrist style 12g holder and it makes for a real fast 12g change outs. Just orderd some gauntlet style wrist rigs I want to try with this setup. Overall real happy with the ICD lever changer.
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Brass and Wood Fan
I got one. It's built well.

No idea what I will use it on though. Lol
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Long term reviews?

These have been in the wild now for about nine months. Anybody using one on a regular basis? If so, how about a "long term" review?

These are starting to show up on the secondary markets now. Some folks may want a little piece of mind for buying used.

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I know this is old news, but I have a couple of questions:
1) can the orientation of the opening for the 12 gram be rotated? is there a set screw?
2) how does the stock portion fasten to the changer portion? I am contemplating buying just the changer section and fashioning a wood stock to attach to it.
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