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Apocalypse CCI Phantom SpingPheed Review

So. Our very own apoc4lypse was kind enough to send me a generation 2 SpringPheed to field test, and I was able to do that this past Monday.

Here's how it looks and works in game.

If you're are interested in a video review, here it is:

But if you would prefer to read...


High capacity - 15+1 means you don't have to go empty to reload.

Easy reloading - The locking feed gate is great. Easy, secure, works really well.

Feeds well - You can see in both the review and the in-game footage that it feeds smoothly and reliably, which is arguably the most important thing for a springfeed to do.

Options - You can change out the front and rear caps, and these exist in different lengths. So if you like the general idea but don't want sights, and only want 11+1 capacity, go for it.

Secure - Attaches well, doesn't wiggle, can take a hit without damage.


Small screw on pusher - It was hard to get a good grip on the little screw to retract the pusher while wearing gloves.

That's really my only complaint.

Overall impression

Really nice springfeed. Well designed, clearly shows a lot of thought from someone who thinks about the challenges of using a springfeed in game. Highly functional and reliable, which is what you really want out of something like this. If you want one of these, order here, and stay up to date on development with here.

Also, pictures:

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Selling a PPS Pug? I might be buying. PM me.

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diomedes, you should addition as a narrator for nature documentaries.

ahhh... an mcb'er stalks its prey: the brassy-pump-action-paintball gun.
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Good review. Glad you are keeping busy David Schwimmer.
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Originally Posted by Legolas View Post
diomedes, you should addition as a narrator for nature documentaries.

ahhh... an mcb'er stalks its prey: the brassy-pump-action-paintball gun.
Lol. It's funny, because i think he's a bio professor. This must be his teaching voice.
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Awe man! Out of stock
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Acidpaintball - I do believe he makes them as someone orders them. I was reading in one of the mans other post that he makes the tubes at work. So he does so as they are ordered. Easier than having a bunch just laying around waiting to be ordered.
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I love my springpheed. I have no problems playing stock, but I like knowing that a ball well be there when it's supposed to be. I think he did a great job with these, if I ever get another phantom I'll have to get another one.
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I actually make these in my garage at home. I mill the tubes then send them to the powdercoater/anodizer in batches, then assembly is done to order depending on what mounts you are looking for.

I'm not completely out of stock; I have one Lapco length tube (cut for Gen2 or newer) left unclaimed and might be getting another 11" in as well, but the next run of ~40 Pheed tubes will be ready around mid to late June. I am hoping to get those anodized instead of powder coated. The current website prices reflect the cost of anodizing, so you can discount those prices by $10 if you want to jump on the few remaining powdercoated tubes.

However I do not have any DualPheeds available (since I don't have any powdercoated tube stock for the rear tube).

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How is the weight? Total weight is a big plus of the phantom, is it significant?
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