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TechT RSX L7 bolt review

Review for the TechT L7 bolt upgrade for the Shocker RSX.

Quick details for those who don't care to read through the whole thing:

- Was able to drop my pressure 15 psi
- Increased my fps by 20 just by installing it
- Minor decrease in recoil and sound signature after installation
- Started to give me problems during test, would get stuck in the forward position and vent air at lower pressures. Problems arose around 150psi (270fps) zone, marking this as an unreliable upgrade as of this point. TechT is known to update their parts to remedy problems experienced by the user and this is a Gen 1 bolt.

Full review

Items used for the review are as follows:
- HK Army RSX (firmware V1.32, semi auto, battery at 60% - 70% power, dwell at 18)
- Full Freak kit (used 0.687 Stainless Steel insert, wont roll but blows out easy)
- Bag of marbalizers I had left over from an event
- Virtue Clock (gen 1)
- Shocker RSX pressure tester (purchased from go buy his stuff!)
- RAP4 13/3000 HPA tank (less weight to feel change in recoil, less air volume to lose in the case of leaks and failures)
- TechT RSX L7 bolt upgrade

Details from TechT's website:

Stock bolt = 13.3 grams ( ~0.469 oz or ~0.029 lbs )
RSX L7 bolt = 10.1 grams ( ~0.356 oz or ~0.022 lbs )

Recommended Dwell = 12 - 14
Increases velocity 15-20 fps
Less kick

Quoting from the webpage:
"We chronograph the stock bolt to 290FPS, and then installed the L7 Bolt System.

At same pressure the L7 Bolt shot an impressive 305-315 FPS!!"

Now my details!

My local fields chrono to 280fps max and I prefer my markers to sit at 275fps so that was my starting chrono before any changes.

Starting pressure with the stock bolt averaged at 275 fps was 165psi.

Installed the L7 bolt, it was super easy and tool-less. take out the stock bolt and doughnut, install the greased L7 bolt and doughnut, unscrew the back cap and slide in the back plug with some grease on it and screw the back cap back on.

With the reg and dwell unaltered my fps jumped to an average of 294 fps! So it does increase your fps just by installing the bolt.

After that I adjusted the velocity back down to my favored velocity of 275 and dropping my pressure to about 150psi.

After dropping the pressure to my normal velocity, the kick was slightly lighter and the sound signature was also lower. This was probably due to using 15psi less than I was originally running on the stock bolt.

Here is where my problems started up. It was shooting great at the 294 fps range and I was quite happy with it at that point. I even dropped the dwell down and got it shooting nicely in the 13-14 range. Once I dropped the pressure to bring my velocity down to 275, the bolt started to get stuck in the forward position and vent air without resetting. It would happen with half the shots I took. It was like the bolt just couldn't handle the lower pressure.

I tried resetting the dwell, under lubing, over lubing, taking the o-rings off the stock bolt and putting them on the L7, wiping off all the grease on the entire bolt system and re lubing everything, nothing. The only thing that fixed the issue was dropping the stock bolt back in. Every time I started getting consistent problems with the L7 bolt, dropping in the stock bolt fixed the issue 100% of the time.

The $60 shipped price tag for a bolt that is 3 grams lighter, drops your marker's operating pressure by 15psi and a minor decrease in recoil and sound signature isn't worth it in my books. Mostly one that had me troubleshooting it for over an hour (got really good at stripping this thing down lol).

The L7 bolt for the original Ion is leaps and bounds above the stock bolt, this one just doesn't seem worth it. The stock Ion bolt weighed in at over 30 grams and the L7 bolt for the Ion weighs in at just over 7 grams. That is a significant difference of over 20 grams in weight! The RSX L7 bolt is only 3.2 grams lighter, I just don't feel like it is much of an upgrade over what I think is a well designed stock bolt.

I love TechT's upgrades, but this is a no go by me. I will probably give this another go at the end of the month during my scenario event.

Additional review by Radray (thank you for your extra information):

Originally Posted by radray on PBN
During the install, I lubed everything, but forgot to lube the plug. As a result, I had air going out the back and my marker did not cycle. When I took out the bolt to inspect, I noticed that the plug was dislodged. I put grease in the o-ring and pushed it in place with an allen key and that solved the air going out the back and my cycling problems.

I did get an increase in velocity by just changing the bolt and did notice the change in sound signature. My marker originally had a dwell of 15 due to hand fitted o-rings and it was working awesome with the stock bolt. With the TechT L7 bolt I dropped down the dwell to 14 and slighty dropped the pressure to meet the 280 fps rule of the field. It worked for me. Considering the bolt is brand new and has not been fully broken in yet, I would have to agree with TechT's claims. I think if the o-rings were hand fitted or broken in, I can get the dwell down and pressure lower.

I dumped a loader full and 5 pods full of paint and did a rapid fire to test the bolt and it worked for me and did not experience the problem you experienced. I will play with it more and keep you posted with my results my friend.

As for whether it is worth it or not, I leave you with this. If you like to tinker with your marker and push it to the max this will work for you, but if you don't stay with the stock bolt. The RSX is already a sweet shooting marker stock. As for myself, I like to tinker with my stuff and try to push my marker to its fullest potential. I have done this to all my markers and I know the risk and the monetary cost. Is it needed? No, but I feel good knowing my marker is at it's best. Now I just need to spend time getting in shape more and training so I can play to my full potential. As of now all my markers are in better shape than me. Hahahahahaha.

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Thanks for the info.
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Sounds like the same upgrade as an Ion
Try resetting the dwell to a different point to eliminate the stick
How's the fps consistency?With Ions it fluctuates +/- 5 or more when tuned
Thanks for the well detailed info
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Dwell was reset to 18 and I still had the bolt get stuck in the forward position at lower pressure.

I can see +\- 5 fps if broken in, but with the new o-rings I was getting up to +\- 8

Gonna give it another go later and see if I can find a solution.
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Awesome review.

Try running lowet dwell and higher pressure next time maybe?

Worth noting that if it has to be shooting closer to 300fps to work properly, this is a non issue for players using this in a tournament gun where that is exactly what you want.

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Originally Posted by uglyduckling View Post

Try running lowest dwell and higher pressure next time maybe?
My thoughts exactly, I know I will have some time to goof with it before my next scenario game. I will try another run through then.
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