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Stock class SPAM
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Apoc4lypse paintball CCI Gen 4 Dual Pheed system

Okay so I finally got to try this out this past weekend in very nice Hawaiian conditions using the loaner phantom I built. Here are the specs of the Phantom:

DualPheed Gen4, DYE 13.5 Boomstick, ICD Lever Changer, CCM 86 frame, RTR Boomerang, CCI stock internals

To be honest, I have been very wary of spring feeds for stock class up until now because I felt they are very slow for changing. I believe in economy of motion and changing 12 grams and tubes quickly is important when playing the guys I frequent with. This version that had the speed loader in back really interested me.

I took it for a spin in a 3 on 3 game this past Saturday up in the woods with a mix of old and returning to the game players. Everyone was stock class of course. Started this marker out with a game of king of the hill, allowing me to test out the feeding portion of the spring feed. The marker shot with no problem no breaks or chops with perfection. I was shooting G.I. Sports 4 Star paint at around 280 fps. Let me first say, the stock "iron sights", included on the spring feed, are totally spot on! I got a total of 4 eliminations in the two games we played. At one point I had to go prone when getting shot at by all three players because I over extended. This is where the feed was golden! I was able to shoot sideways, around a tree, uphill, with little problem. I would have never gotten a shot off in that position had it been standard stock class. Then it came time to feed more paint in that prone position and I was stuck. The feed is long and even tipping my phantom the minimum amount didn't help it get past the middle gate that splits the front and the back. This problem may be solved with more play time, but it forced me to bail on my spot since I couldn't return fire.

I used it on the upside section of the hill with much more success. The single change that I made using the shove to move the paint from the back to the spring feed worked perfectly. You do have to give it a hard shake to really get them in there. The feed was easy to see my paint and when I needed to change. The clear back feed also helped with checking if I had extra to shove in.

In conclusion, I really like the feed and am very impressed with it. Very durable, easy to use and solid feeding for uphill play. Some of the more difficult parts are using it prone and putting it all together at first. The set screws were a little hard to get into place at times so cleaning isn't as fast.

I really want this on a lever action palmer's pursuit marker in the future as I think it would complement it really well. For the average player, it is a fun addition, although some people will winge about it not being "true stock class". Who cares?

Great customer service, with exceptional personal care!
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paintball designs
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Great write up!

I agree that loading it prone can be tricky. You might want to try this:

1) Lock back the plunger.

2) Take a tube and load the back - you should be able to get 9 or 10 in there, though they might not pass the feed hinge.

3) Take a second tube and stick it in the back, leaving it stuck in there (so the total is around 19-20 balls between the rear reserve and the added 10rd tube)

4) Hold the marker sideways and manually hold back the feed hinge while tilting it downward a few degrees.

Since the breech creates a divot that slows down the balls when loading upright, holding the marker sideways bypasses the divot and allows you to load at a less severe angle, maybe as little as 5-10 degrees.

As for cleaning, I don't remove the front cap usually while at the field. I'd lock back the plunger, pull the feed tube out of the mount itself (as they are only friction fit), then swab the inside. Depending on your barrel, you may even be able to do this in game if you get a break inside the feed. Once off the field, if need be, you can remove the plunger/spring next and run it under water.

If you do need to remove the front cap, use the crosshairs on the @ logo to line up the holes more easily. The hole is in line with the "south" pointing crosshair mark.
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Old gear!
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Well crap, now I want one.
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