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PB Mafia's Joy Ride Pack.

I recieved a black on black PB Mafia Joy Ride pack three months ago and have used it nearly every week since then. I am not a huge fan of reloading with 10 round tubes and rarely do so. I like a 140 tube and would much rather carry one or two of those than carry a million little test tubes on the field. However, my team, Pumpenstien, has been training for the last six months for the NSA National's and X-Pug's in California and thier rules require a 10 round tube.

Tank's Katy Paintball and Archon have been our sponsor from the very beginning and they picked up six of these packs for the team to use and handed them out to us. We put them through the ringer on and off the field and generally treated them like something we got for free.

First Impressions:

The stiching and make of this peice is very good. Stiching was firm and straight and the double and triple stitching in wear areas was well thought out. We took out our ten round tubes, loaded them, and started to load the pack. This took about 1 hour and a lot of cursing. The pack, when it first get's to you, is made to TIGHTLY hold the tubes at the top. When you first load the pack it is a bear to get the danged little tubes in. I do not find this to be a design flaw, but a good thing because I think it leads to longevity of the product holding the tubes fast. I receommend sanding the top of your tubes to get rid of any little lips that might be left over from manufacturing (that slow down loading) and to put the tubes in the pack the night before you play (empty) to stretch the pack out a bit. After playing with the pack once and leaving it full for a night - we have not had this problem since.

The only part that I thought looked and felt a little shoddy was the 12 gram holder.

Shown here:

The packs we recieved came with this 12 gram holder that did not look this good. It looked like an after thought. Although I am sure it works fine, it just looked a little jank next to the nice pack that we were playing with.

I liked the fact that the pack came with a logo silk screened on the pack but was placed on the inside of the pack. I hate having huge logo's all over my gear, especially when I paid them to wear it. If PBMafia want's to sponsor my team they can put it on the outside.

Fit and Feel:

The pack is a little short for my tastes. This comes in a length of 45 inches however, when you order yours you can make it any length you want for no extra charge according to the web site. I would measure you favorite and most comfortable pack and have them make yours to those dimensions. I am a fairly big dude and I suspect the Joy Ride would fit nicely for most players.

Once on the body it is light, comfy, hold the tubes perfectly and frankly does not feel like it is there. The pack holds 15 tubes and can be used capless or, as I prefer, can be used with speed caps to hold the tubes upside down.

Reloading is easy and fast and the tubes come right out without moving during play. One thing that needs to be remembered for any player that plays in a prone position for any extended period is that to reload with a capless harness takes an act of contortionism. Simply load some or all of your tubes upside down with speedcaps and this is no problem.

Overall Take:

I would give this pack 8 of 10. The 12 gram holder is a little jank and the belt could have been a little longer - however - I think it is THE best pack made from stock classer's today.

Here are the pics of my pack:

These pics show a little dirt on the pack from play.

Pumpenstein - NSA National Champions

TF's MCB Trust.

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Does it only hold 4 powerlets for 150 balls?
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Im a the only one who, upon seeing this, thought "terrorist costume"?
Just goes to show what the media can do to your brain.

...Maybe its just me.
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It wasnt just you, I thought about that scene from Tommy Boy witht he road flares.

Do you think this would fit a guy with a 30" waist?
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Thank's for the review, I've been thinking about one of thsese.

1. hurricane
An temporary alliance formed between the ocean and the sky with the goal of killing people. The ocean's ability to attack the land is limited, so it lends the sky some of its water and energy so it can assault people farther inland then it normally could.
Hurricanes are far more powerful then the storms the sky creates on its own. They are just another reason the ocean must be destroyed.
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It could hold 8 powerlets (it is double sided) - and I am sure it would fit a 30" waist.

Pumpenstein - NSA National Champions

TF's MCB Trust.
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