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Vox AC-30 CCX2

Now how does a guitar amp fall into something paintball oriented...
i'll tell you how. This is what I do as a hobby besides paintball.

I am going to try to make this short and easy

[FYI: CC refers to Custom Classic and X refers to the amp comes standard with Celestion Blues (like the older Vox AC-30's)]

I will give a brief explanation on this guitar amp for those not in the know. The venerable Vox AC-30 has been around since the early 60's in some way shape or form. They are a Class-A tube amp (High voltage - Low wattage) and are known for their chime-y sound when driven hard.
This amp has 2 channels (that are not foot-switchable), spring reverb, FX loop, tremolo and a master volume. The normal channel has one knob (gain) and a switch (normal/brilliant). Doesn't really sound like much but you can get some really nice sounds out of it. The next channel is the Top Boost. It has 3 knobs (gain, treble & bass) and a switch (custom/classic). The two tone knobs are interactive (they change your mid-range level) when in the classic setting and have a very large band that they cover. In the custom setting it takes out the interactivity but does make the sweep for the knobs larger. Another cool thing that can be done with the amp is you can run both of the channels together
It is nice to have a real spring reverb then a digital reverb like some of the amps i have used and it is controlled by the footswitch supplied with the amp. It has 2 knobs (mix & tone) and a switch (low/high drive). The knobs adjust the sound of the echo created by the reverb and the switch adjust the amount of delay created by the reverb.
The tremolo has the normal knobs that you would see on the same FX pedal (speed & depth). It goes from sounding like a slight warble a very staccato sound.
The master volume section of the amp has 2 knobs: volume and tone. The tone knob works backward compared to what i was used to and took a while to figure out.

For an amplifier rated at 33 watts RMS (root means square), it is loud. I have put it against Peavy Bandits, Marshall Valvestates, and other midrange amps that put out 50w - 80w RMS and it feels louder then all of them.
This amps also has alot of "tone" to it. With the lack of knobs it is easy to find the sound that works with what you are playing.
If you want some good tube grunt, for what you are playing turn up the gain on the channel and you are greeted with power-amp overdrive.
If you do run pedals with this amp run your distortion/overdrive pedals in front of the amp (before the input jack) so that you get a better sound out of them. I found that running them in the FX loop didn't do them justice.

The one problem that Class A amps have is that they run the tubes hard and that does lessen the overall life of the tubes. You can get about 6-12 months out of a set. It does get expensive to have to replace a set but I am willing to put uyp with that quirk for the sound.

I have been playing music since I was 14 (i am 31 now) and when i picked up guitar, this was one of those amps that I really wanted to acquire. Am I happy with it. Damn Skippy!!! I usually play something more like old school punk rock (bad religion, black flag, descendents, misfits, etc) and this amp fits the bill perfectly!
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before i lost faith in the music industry i had a vox
best amp ever, sold my marshall jcm 2000 cuz it cldnt compare

i was bummed i couldnt take it with me when i auditioned for berklee cuz it sounded soo good
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i am in the same boat as you with playing time. started on a small cheap crate (crap), then talked to a guy about marshall preamp and mesa boogy tube amp for the power ran through a marshall 2x12 cab. sounded pretty good but i didnt have the gibson to complete the sound. i grew up on guns and roses and slash just had that sound that i wanted. sold all that and ended up with a line 6 AX2x12 with the extra marshall cabinet. it's nice to have all those effects in one setup. hell i even built a couple of guitars from parts at warmoth. got a mean flying V with 1 of the biggest seymor duncan humbuckers i could find just wanted a simple mean sounding guitar. then i built a paul reed lookalike with quilted maple top on mahogany body. even wired the humbuckers up so that i could switch them to single pickup style and get some fender sounds. turned out pretty cool. i have thought about those vox amps cause i heard they rocked. good find.
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