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Automag R/T with Z-grip

Oh harro!

I need a nice pump marker, or markers, so I have to sell my more recent purchase to cover the cost.

My rules:
Canada to Canada price: 438 shipping included, via Canada Post, one step up from the slowest option
Canada to USA price: 415 + Buyers Choice of shipping method's cost (If this is against the rules, let me know nicely)
Prices are firm.
Trades would have to be in my favor, cash is preferred. Any trades would have to be pumps. Double Barrel markers I would add.
Buyer pays first, I can fire off phone numbers of people who have bought from me via Kijiji from out of province. Also am a part of Project Mayhem Paintball in Canada, if that helps my cred
Also user Jebus can vouch for me.

Details and ramblings below the picture!

I got this when I was on my speedball kick.
Found out two things:
These aren't legal for tournaments up here
I'm a n00b and don't have the patience for the fine tuning required on the bolt.

What I know about the marker:
It works, needs tuning as it leaks if not dialed in nicely. Doesn't leak when it's tinkered with.
I had it working one night, coincidentally my air tank started leaking out the side of one of the burst discs, so I thought it was the marker. Dinked around with it and undid any tuning that was done. Rookie mistake.
I can take it into the proshop here, and he will probably fix it with his Jedi Mind tricks for about 20 dollars, so add that to the price if you want assurance of it's condition upon arrival.

Comes with a baggie full of goodies, including an unused AGD Sticker. I would keep it, but I'd feel like a poser with that sticker on anything of mine, and not having one of these beasts in my arsenal.
Baggie includes:
-Original Manual
-A few extra springs (3)
-Regular Grip (Single trigger)
-Extra bolt (Not sure of level)
-Bottom piece to the drop down is in the bag, includes both screws
-Pull Through Squeegee
-Feedneck Blocker (Warp Feed Adapter)
-Looks like a very little parts piece baggie including what look like little brass seals with o-rings on them, has a price tag of 15 dollars still on it, and it looks like it's unused as it's quite full (Inception style, a baggie within a baggie, can find another big baggie to make it truly monumental if that would be a deal sealer )
-25% full bottle of Lube that looks to be about 10 years old, haha
-Smart Parts Shocker Lube?
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I fail at MCB. QQ

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Would you part the Z-grip? Pm me either way.
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I'm going to take it in this weekend to have it tuned up. Will include that in already posted price unless it's over $50.
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