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Donut SD 05-15-2013 04:14 PM

Black Mechanical Karnivor
I can give you a story but who reads those :p

Black Mechanical Karnivor #0850 for sale. Asking $OLD!!!

  • Dust Works hinge frame
  • Original EVO ram and QEVs
  • drop
  • original asa
  • stock reg
  • Palmers Quickswitch (thing's a b***h to tune)
  • Original tickler lpr (unknown status I never attached it...)
  • Extra Slick bolt
  • Original eblade 3-way
  • E2 and Original karnivor gripframe
  • .687 Kaner barrel and short front
  • I found another back fitting to attach to the eblade asa, I'll throw that in

Full Disclosure:
  • Eye (or beam sensor, whatever you wanna call it today) works on occasion. Sometimes it'll read, sometimes it won't. If using a force fed loader you wont have a problem.
  • I shot out the detent that's currently on there. My bad. Included is the stock one that could be rebuilt as well.
  • The three screws to attach the right grip cover grew legs and ran away.
  • Lastly, in mech form the Quickswitch is a pain to tune. I fires now but I can't guarantee it'll be perfectly timed when you get it. That's your margin for adjustment, paper thin.
  • No asa for the mech frame, what you see is what it's coming with.

D3adpool 05-15-2013 04:15 PM

How many Karnis do you have (top shotter)? :-p

Donut SD 05-15-2013 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by D3adpool (Post 2709668)
How many Karnis do you have (top shotter)? :-p

too many...

paintballsmrf 05-15-2013 07:24 PM

how much without the electronics and do you take trades?

Donut SD 05-15-2013 10:21 PM


Originally Posted by paintballsmrf (Post 2709817)
how much without the electronics and do you take trades?

no trades currently, I'd prefer not to separate this package so that everything stays together. I really don't want to part it out :p

offer up :)

Broch 05-15-2013 10:23 PM

Very schmexy!!!

Modded-Like-Hell 05-15-2013 10:50 PM

i like the works frame

i-bunker-u 05-15-2013 11:12 PM

any chance of you parting an evo ram?

Donut SD 05-16-2013 10:42 AM

Pm's replied to...

Also possible pending sale pending return pm..:p

Donut SD 05-18-2013 10:02 AM

First offer fell through, on the table with a second offer pending response.

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