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Classic Mag, Stock WGP, A-5, 98C, MR1, Mini-Cocker For Sale

I've got a few markers up for sale. All work and hold air unless otherwise stated. Prices are OBO, shipped and PP'd.
Trades: 12g changer (ideally lever), an old mech semi or electro, 50 ball pods

Classic Mag

This was an ebay find. Turns out the barrel is rusted or otherwise stuck to the body. It holds air, but won't shoot much over 220. Its got a quick disconnect line and a volumizer.


Centerfeed WGP

Shoots great. Its got a scratch near the serial number. Comes with the pump kit and the stock pneumatics. It is missing the timing rod, but its otherwise complete.



Early model A-5. Has some wear and tear, but shoots well. Has a Super Response Trigger (1/8th inch tubing), Techt Vortex Mod, and clicky pen trigger spring mod. Recently replaced the ball detent and the main spring. The stock hopper was painted with some green splotches by a previous owner. Comes with a 14" J&J, Flatline, stock hopper, tac cap, a remote line (no slide check) and an OpsGear G-36 stock. This was originally an A-5 Stealth, so no stock barrel.


98 Custom
Great shape. All stock internals. Includes an early model Smart Parts Progressive barrel, stock barrel, Opsgear G-36 stock, parts kit. Can toss in a grav feed hopper, barrel cover, or other starter kit stuff if need be. The stock is not currently installed to make shipping easier.


It has plenty of scratches from years as my only gun and as a loaner, but it works great. The grips are a bit beat up as well, but they're still grippy, so I guess they still do the job. I replaced the ball detent fairly recently, and it will come with a spring kit, and whatever spare spyder parts I can find. I cut the stock for sighting down the barrel. I have a plastic elbow, but if you can supply your own that would be solid, because I need it for my mini-cocker. The 14" 32 degrees Terminator barrel in the pic can be included for a bit extra. It does come with the stock barrel. This would be a solid marker to make into a spump if you've got the tools and the inclination.


Mini Cocker

I've got most of the parts for a mini cocker here. The body is in ok shape, the ram leaks, but I think the rest is good. As you can see the trigger guard got chopped off by someone. It works, but its ugly.


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on the mag. the buyer will want to swap that field strip screw out for the newer style with the allen key hole on the head. these were a smidge long and prone to shearing off in the valve.
I buy Automags and Parts: if you need cash shoot me a pm

My shop page: Bearded Works

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Price on mini cocker?
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Superman: Good tip

Ben06: $80 shippped and PP'd

Post edited to include trades and include the mini cocker price
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PM incoming.
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Still a broke college student
The odder the better
My pb colllection is worth more than my car but you know life choices
Feed back
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Responded to all PMs. The mag and the centerfeed are pending.
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I love the creativity with the Mag's VASA!
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