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MAG AGD NEW PURPLE WARP, Barrels, Bodies, Crossfire TANK, Vavles, Massive parts Sale


I have consolidated a thread or three to make life simpler.
1. You pay I ship simple. PM me and tell me what you want and I will PM you back my paypal address.
2. Go ahead insult me with a low price. Free ups are appreciated. POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING ME PLEASE.
3. Trades are ok but cash is prefered.
4. If it is not listed it is most likely not for sale.
5. All prices include paypal and shipping to the lower 48. Buy multiple items and I will give you a discount.

Feedback HERE

I am looking for:

Hopper Left classic feed body.
2000 Vert feed style Micromag body.
Slug body for a classic style gun (yeah like those exist anymore or ever?).
Classic Valve On Off Pin
Autococker threaded J&J ceramic Barrel Kit
Lightweight black drop

Ok for sale I have:

Practically new stubby barrel 10$ Sold Dye Boomstick One piece 12" L/R twist lock 40$ and I will throw in the stubby for free.

Drop is sold

PUMP MILLED polished (could use a little buffing) hopper Right Minimag Body. I have a plug that I can include if you need it just ask. Don't see these with the pump milling very often so I am asking 40$

Girly barrel cover, Another stubby barrel and a chrome (looks to have flaked some) foregrip wrapped in electrical tape 4$ with any other item.

Unused warp feed (it is more purple than blue like in the pics) Comes with the revy drilled for the feed tube. This is an older revy and it has a bit of the lid chipped off (only uses one battery). All parts for the warp are there (as far as I know only feed tube is the one through the revy) and this thing is pretty minty. Also included is the warp feed plug. 75$ Offers?

Clear Revy with a clear (scratched inside but does not affect use) clamping elbow. Works Great. Runs on two batts. 35$ SOLD

L/R Taso Pro Series 10" Barrel 15$ Sold

Super Thick stock barrel? R (can be left too but groove is currently not cut to the end)12" free with another barrel purchase
L/R Smart Parts 12" Old school Teardrop Barrel Smallish bore 22$ SOLD

Minimag 4 Star Valve with ANS II venturi Bolt Works great 50$ SOLD
68 Automag 3 Star Valve with ANS II venturi Bolt Works great 50$

Barrels and Valves

Classic Rail with Sear (tarnished but still solid), twist lock and bushing 30$ SEAR is pending Rail without sear 22$ SOLD AND SOLD

Minimag Hopper Right body. Decent condition some tarnish where ASA bolt sits underneath the body but this is covered by rail. Otherwise minimall signs of use. 35$

Knock off micromag body complete with asa. Me no like shiny. Needs screws. I am told can be shot without a detent just fine. Have not assembled it to find out. 45$

Sight Rail Body you see on the hopper left body. Dinged ( a bit more than in pic now) and scratched 12$

Gas through Gloss black Foregrip some dings and light scratching from use 12$

Level 10 Kit. Missing only the power tube tip. 45$ SOLD

Vertical ASA adapters these both have the top hole tapped all the way through so you will need to seal the bolt you put them on with unless you are just using them as a foregrip. No wings on these they are just flat tops. 4$ with any other purchase 6$ each by themselves. ONE LEFT

Shocktech drop. doesn't seem to fit any of my asa's 4$ with anything else

Small lot of crap that is bugging me two bolts one foamiless one venturi (bolts pending), video, adjustable foregrip . . . 20$ BOLTS SOLD

Finally I have two NEW pod packs 32 Deg 6+1 19$ and a spyder 4+1 14$ add pods for a buck each.

Crap that is bugging me

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Also available:

A Like New Crossfire 70 ci - 4500 psi HPA Nitro Tank with a DYE Rhino Tank Cover.

This tank is also refered to as a "Peanut or Stubby Tank" - These tanks are very expensive and hard to come by.

This is a Fiber Wrapped Tank. This is one of the strongest tanks on the paintball market. The tank was made in March of 2004 and its next hydro tested won't be until March. 2009. There isn't a single scratch on this tank. Always kept in Nxe cover. Tank comes with cover and snap on nipple cover. 175$ shipped.

ACI Bulldog tanks 68 3000 tanks both out of hydro. You can see them with covers in the pics. They come with covers, silver metal thread protectors, and snap on nipple covers. As you can see in the pics these are in pristine shape. 105$ each
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Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
you'll do anything for *****.....
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Up for today some items updated and sold
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and upity updated
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Some prices more negotiable come and get what's left
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Still have the warp anyone?
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