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Grafs GTFO sale (pic heavy)

OK, So Im redusing my paintball equipment to a Blazer, an S5 and a double barrel pgp..... pretty much everything else is for sale or sold allready ....

First up is a Canadian Paintball branded high output CrossFire 45/45 born 03/09 comes with a fill nipple cover has worn a empire tank cover its whole life not a scratch on her.... i will throw in the tank cover if asking price is met 95.00 OBO.. TANK IS PENDING shipping to be discussed

Next is a Ninja 68/45 tank born 04/09 comes with black star butt cover aluminum bonnet reg rebuild kit and some extra red o rings.. oh and a thread saver tank bag and Manuel
120.00 shipping to be discussed

**** NOTE on the tanks.... I plan on selling one and keeping the other****

In this pic we have...

exalt speedfeed for a rotor 5.00obo

a crown speedfeed that fit on my halo 8.00obo

CCI bucket....just the bucket 5.00obo

old muzzle break ...fits sheridens 5.00 SOLD

TASO microline kit ... no idea 15.00? SOLD

PTP direct feed adaptor...dust black 10.00?

random asa the shipping

crome skull snatch grip....i think it was ment for an impulse.... 30.00.obo?

Python Kit with cocker back, cocker to A5 back, Phantom to A5 back and a phantom back with milled pump handle
30.00 obo SOLD

I'd say around 80ish Velcro reballs in Dye locklid pod
10.00 obo

Out of hydro 20oz tank with palmers anti syphon and SP on off
pay the shipping....

unknown single spiral port cocker threaded barrel.... J&J maybe?
30.00 OBO

Some trigger shoes and what I believe are nelson springs?
make an offer.... SOLD

APP 50 round hopper
5.00 OBO

Non Airthrough NoxxStock
45.00 obo SOLD

Ninja Remote Coil with slidecheck

Goblin Micro Launcher with 1 shell and fill adaptor 48.00 obo

NIB Goblin Micro Launcher... had planned on making a dueling kit but.... never happend
55.00 obo SOLD

Q-loader setup 2pods 2 mounting brackets 1loader stuff hardware and and tubing
30.00 SOLD

X-valve parts kit NIB
20.00 SOLD

Palmers Stab LNIB 40.00 obo SOLD

First strike rounds ... free tube with 50.00 purchase 1 GONE

look for my soft goods sales thread coming SOON

thanks for looking... prices are best offer....
lets make a deal

"If life gives you lemons you say F@#k the lemons and bail"

IF you have every done buisness with me could i bug you for a little feedback?... I allways forget to ask

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Fan of EMR
Pming now

I want the Python kit
Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Someone ban that painthappy dude
Stock class =

Master Jar Jar

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ooo, may have to pick up the new goblin here soon if its still around.
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pm'ing about python kit.
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PM'd about stabilizer and nelson springs.
cake or death?

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if the python kit is available I have PP waiting to buy it?

Let me know please

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Sweet deal on the Python
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damn it, see this is what happens when you go to class, you miss out on sweet deals. PM inbound anyways...
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Feedback - MCB / SOC / PBn / IOG / CC / eBay

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I,ll take the X-valve kit
PMing you
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