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Fox Knee/shin pads, Several CO2 tanks

This is more of an interest check, as I don't know what interest there is for these, but would gladly get rid of them

I'd be looking to get 1 3.5 ounce tank and 1 48-68 ci Al 3k tank, so trades are a possibility. ALL PRICES ARE OBO

I have two sets of Fox racing knee/shin pads. One's a pair of adult large/extra large Launch 911 pads. Retailed about $70 new. I stopped downhill biking due to injuries, these are brand new in the package. I don't know what kinds of pads paintballers wear, as I don't wear shin guards, but these are made for motocross. Not sure what flexibility is like compared to other pads, since I haven't used other pads or these, just my other MX pads... Anyways I am rambling, they look like these: Universal Cycles - Fox Racing Launch Knee Shin Guards

I also have a set of sizeless Fox Kids knee/shin guards. Bought for my sister when we started dirtbiking, but they're too small for here.

MX Insider Online - Fox Racing Inc - Kids Standard Knee/Shin Guard

Pricing: $17 shipped for the kids (shipping is about $10 from other sites too), and $55 shipped for the adults. I think this is fair since they're brand new inthe packaging, but make an offer.

I have several tanks to offload, I can personally vouch that each was taken very good care of. Most have about 3-5 very very small nicks, just from general wear. Nothing more than very small cosmetic problems. Any work done was done so by an airsmith. As in not some guy at the field, but the one guy at the shop who is certified to work on various companies markers.

I have:
1x 20 ounce CO2 tank, with anti siphon installed. Stamped 08 02, so DOT says to have it rehydroed in about September of this year. The top flat part of the pin valve has a small ding in the round side. I filed it down so it's flush with the rest of the top, doesn't seem to have any adverse effects at all, but I like to be honest about the listings

1x 20 ounce CO2 tank with an anti siphoned smart parts on/off valve. I don't like SP, but my friend got a promaster, realized CO2 was pretty much forbidden on electros these days, and sold it to me before he even removed the threadsaver Stamp is 06 03, so the DOT wants it rehydroed by July of next year.

2x 12 ounce CO2 tanks. Nothing special. One's stamped 05 02, so it should technically be on its way to being rehydroed already, but I can guarantee it would pass (and will guarantee it, if it fails, show me and I will refund you ), the other is stamped 08 04, so it should be rehydroed in September of 2009

1x 9 ounce tank. Nothing Special. Rounded bottom style. Never needs to be rehydroed. Bad pin valve, sold as is. Can't be filled without either replacing the valve, or figuring out what's wrong with the valve. I've gotten new valves for $2 each before, from shops that install on/off valves and toss the standard ones into the bucket. I got another 9 ounce instead since I had to go with what I could find on my way to the field, and this one has never left the backseat of my car since.

Since I have to post prices, 45 + actual shipping for the lot, otherwise $20 + shipping for the smart parts on/off a/s, 15 + actual shipping for the 20 ounce a/s, and $7 each + shipping for the 12 ouncers or 9 ouncer.

Take them all off my hands, please. I was hoping to get around 45 + actual shipping, but can be persuaded otherwise. It'll be cheaper if you take the whole lot. If you do local pickup, many are at least partially full, so you get some free CO2 as well Otherwise I am going to have to break-in a few of my markers

All shipping prices will be completely fair and accurate.

Pics will be available tomorrow.
Got an Outlaw game in the LA or San Francisco area? Please PM me!

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Got an Outlaw game in the LA or San Francisco area? Please PM me!

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