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No Mercy Ever 08-08-2012 04:11 PM

Stuff, masks, pod packs, stuff
In no particular order, and price does not including shipping. I will combine shipping if I can, see bottom for more details.

BT Bulletproof men's chest protector SOLD

JT Safecase
Pretty good shape, probably around a 8.5-9/10. Comes with three long, and one short, velcro straps for securing the marker. Not that it needs them. I have held a few different markers in it with no problems. Personally, I would not even use the straps. Outside is a harder rubber like material, giving protection like a hard case, but with some give. Inside is nice and cushiony material on both sides, one having the loop material over it for the velcro staps. Other side has some stickers on it, you can remove them if you like, or leave them on.
$25 plus shipping

DYE C7 pants SOLD locally

NXe 3+2+2 Joy Division leopard print. SOLD

Unique 3 pod pack
Black, and works great. Maybe not the prettiest, but everything about it is old school tournament play at it's finest. Sturdy nylon for the body, can hold 100 round and 140 round pods with no problems (Dye Locklids may be a bit tight). It is the older style with the pods sitting lower on the belt, and it has a small pocket on the right side (Left side in the picture) that can hold ID, plug, barrel bag (Maybe) and has the Unique logo on it. One size fits most.
$25 each, plus shipping

Redz 4 pod pack
It's a bit dirty looking, but the pack is fine. No problems with the velcro. This is one of the older styles when they offered a belt, and they chose the pod pack to go with it. It has a space on top, if you had one of the horizontal single podholders, so you could have a 5 pod pack. One size fits most.
$25 plus shipping

Unique Pro Gear 4+1
This is cool, as the other 4+1 pod packs out there are a bit cheesy to me. It includes suspenders as well, just in case you have a nice and large (Read heavy) air tank for the tank pouch. But what really sets if off for me is that there are two clips, one on either side, for hanging stuff from them, like your mask after you are off the field, and a pocket for ID, barrel plug, maybe even a barrel bag. Pod holders work best with 100 round pods, but can hold 140's okay as well. One size fits most.
$35 plus shipping

Splat Gear 4 pod horizontal pack
Older, probably a bit of a cheap pack, holds two pods on one side, two on the other, and has a buckle closure with two clips, one on either side, that can hold your keys or even a mask (If you add a large ring to it). Best suited to 100 round pods. I think that it can hold the 140's, but the flap won't close. One size fits most.
$15 plus shipping

GameFace Skul mask SOLD

Red and Black Dye I3 mask with extras SOLD

2 Black and Red JT Flex8 masks SOLD

Black JT Elite mask
Single pane lens, strap is slightly stretched. Comes with the visor. Would make a great loaner mask, especially if you replace the lens.
$15 plus shipping

Orange Works Autococker grip frame SOLD

2 SpecOps Woodsball Revolution DVD's
Both are brand new in the package, never watched. They were made in 2005, and are still pretty cool now.
$10 each, plus shipping

I accept PayPal and some money orders. I ship USPS Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation ($2.55). Depending upon size, items can fit in either a small box (Probably only the DVDs) for $7.90, a medium box (For most items here) for $13.90, or a large box (Like the masks) for $18.00. So keep that in mind if you make me an offer. If you offer me an amount that means that after shipping and PayPal fees, I am walking away with a couple of bucks, I am not interested.

For trades, currently, I would not mind a Dye I4 mask in either Dyecam, Sheridan KP2 or some kind of Lever marker, Brass Eagle LB Nightmare or Ninja Nightmare, or maybe even something from RTP.

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mrmag11 08-12-2012 02:14 PM

Are the I3's with the soft or hard ears?

No Mercy Ever 08-12-2012 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by mrmag11 (Post 2441680)
Are the I3's with the soft or hard ears?


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