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Justus 09-28-2012 11:34 PM

AGD parts: Tac One, bike grip, miscellaneous
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Trades of interest: cash, 7rd TPX mags, Whiskey Two Four TPX Universal Mag pouch (triple, Multicam)

On the fence? Make me an offer!



Tac One body, vertical center feed. Some anodizing wear on the hard edges here and there, but not bad. Comes with an AGD stock detent and the aftermarket feedneck shown, which is a screw-down clamping style. Wide enough to fit a Rotor perfectly, but also comes with a plastic insert for hoppers with smaller feednecks.
$135 shipped - Traded


Tac One Longbow ready RT-Pro length rail. Has the dovetail rail milled in the front, and is set up for the 2-hole vertical ASA. This is the exact rail you’d get if you got the “Longbow-ready rail upgrade” on a brand new Tac One marker. Comes with RT Pro sear and sear pin, unless you don’t want them. I won’t sell the sear and pin separately until after the rail sells.
$100 shipped with sear & pin; -$20 without sear; -$5 without pin


AGD bike grip and vertical ASA. Both look great. Black rubber on the bike grip. Includes top screws.
$25 shipped for the bike grip; $15 shipped for the vASA; $35 shipped for the combo


Benchmark double-trigger frame, with working safety and wings. Shows some minor wear where the frame screw and the field strip screw go. Bottom ASA holes have been bored out by previous owner to fit the bolt pictured beside the frame. They will need to be filled and/or new 10-32 screw holes will need to be drilled and tapped to attach a bottom-line ASA.
$25 shipped


Stainless Steel sightrail / foregrip bracket combo. Comes with screws. Excellent!
$25 shipped


Vertical ASA for AM/MM rail with “wings”. Tool marks on fitting side.
$10 shipped


ASA to 1/8” NPT port adapter. Includes straight macro fitting shown.
$7 shipped


Justus 09-28-2012 11:35 PM


Chrome and black ASA foregrip with barrel plug bottom. I don’t know much about this one. The black middle portion has the air-through fitting, and can be adjusted by loosening a screw from the top. It has a few small tool marks which are the only marks on this thing. I put new o-rings on the barrel plug; they are just 015 buna-N tank o-rings. Pretty cool piece.
$30 shipped


Luke’s warp bracket, with screws. Left is a sold, and the right seems to be a super ULE version of the warp rear bracket (it’s all black, no cut marks) These are $25 + shipping new from Luke, so how about…
$15 shipped


Shut-off needle valve with 1/8” NPT fittings.
$5 shipped

Large 1500 psi Ashcroft gauge, with female 1/8” NPT T-fitting.
$7 shipped

PTP Warpfeed adapter. Metal with parabolic powerfeed plug.

AM/MM sear.

Redz Grenade ASA with macro fitting and screws. Black.


J&J Automag left- or right-feed barrel. Clear aluminum back, black aluminum front. Bought brand new and used 1 game. Comes with barrel o-rings and wire detent. 14" long. Quiet barrel, and "like new" condition!
$25 shipped


Drop-in 12v mod for warpfeed. Works fine.
$15 shipped


Brand new V-Tac Universal Holster. Still has the hang tag. I got this at D-Day 2012 and ended up going with a different setup. My loss is your gain. These things sell for $25+shipping from the Valken store.
$20 shipped

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Justus 10-12-2012 12:27 PM

To the weekend, and beyond!

metalmover 10-14-2012 08:23 AM

I'll take the stainless steel sight and foregrip...send me paypal

I'm new to mags (been years)...will the bike grip/Asa attach directly to this front rail...if do...I'll take it too...let me know

Justus 10-15-2012 09:11 PM

Pm'd you. Up again!

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