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Ziggymarley 11-28-2012 03:11 PM

Apex2 and barrel, a-5 threaded, freaked and turned by ssc - $60.00 SHIPPED
***********************SOLD*********************** *

So I had an idea to throw an APEX2 on my TiPX...well, i don't run remote and the 12 gram hits the APEX2. Well, it was worth a shot.

So the great thing is the TPX/TiPX threads are the same as:


the thing I found was the curving is amazing, but works best (as I read in other reviews) on markers with a greater ball capacity than a 7-round magazine. The initial drop, even on the lowest setting, will require some follow-up shots to get your balls to land where you want to.

The inside of the barrel has been polished and honed with a 800LA 68cal barrel hone.

So my trial & error is your gain.

I am just asking $60.00 and I pay shipping via USPS Priority. i bought the barrel from another BST and after the work done, it cost about $100 with shipping (i got nothing to hide :D).

A new APEX2 with this threading is about $45.00. So you save on the FREAK work and shipping. I really just want this lovely piece of work to see some action from a new owner who isn't too busy doing other stuff. HA!

  • Apex2 tip
  • 10" (head to toe) barrel (A-5/X-7/Phenom/TPX/BT-4 threaded)
  • Freak bored by Ryan at Super Stanchy (SSC)
  • Turned down to clear a TPX breach by SSC
  • Chopped & Rethreaded by SSC from a M98 Apex2 Barrel

this BST will include the APEX2 tip, 10" barrel.

it DOES NOT include FREAK inserts.

Here is a pic from SSC with my TPX, there is about an inch of material between the APEX2 and TPX. The CO2 plug clears, but not the 12vie

let me know if interested and if you have any other questions.

Paypal and if local, we'll meet up and save you a few bucks (ZIP CODE: 95136).

tags: tipx, tpx, apex2, ssc, a-5, phenom, tippmann, scrutmonkey, ziggymarley, stormtrooper, m98, x-7, paintball, chicharrones!!!!!!

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