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F/S/T Automag Bitz and Parts

Post then PM for a response
All prices are Or Best Offer, Don't be afraid to offer all i can say is no
Paypal only
Add 5$-10$ for shipping(negotiable)
no-rise blue clamping Angel feedneck
RT style rail with sear and pin
Dye Rotor Black or Camo preferred
Offer up may take others
Good luck, and thanks for looking

-Warrior paintball Proto SLG Trigger(New) 10$
-PCS double trigger(NEW) 15$
-Sure shot red dot site 10$
-dye sticky 45 grips has small cut on one side 15$
-smart parts 45 grips 20$
-ans 45 grips 5$
-am/mm body no feed neck 10$
-grip frames 10$
-expansion chambers 10$
-lvl 7 bolts 5$
-rental reg back 5$
-halo eyes 5$
-inline on/off switch 15$
-taso drop forward 3$
-am/mm barrel stop 7$
-6000 psi guage 7$
-stock barrels 7$
-PT enforcer spring feed 10$
-valve field strip screw 10$

-v-max valken 45$
-tacamo dual gravity feed(similar to proto primo) 7$
-regular viewloader 200 round gravity feed hopper 5$

-Custom factory made Minimag valve(has 8 hole back reg, with matching serial numbers) 50$

-48ci 3000psi steele, with grip tape on the bottom, hydro good til 2017 30$
-68ci 4500 psi carbon fiber warped, has adjustable regulator on it that goes from 300-1200 psi w/ custom drop forward, got it used has no large scratches and was kept in a cover, used it for about 3-4 months with rt automag.(no gauges/sold as is) 35$
-9 oz co2 tank

-Sly profit mask,digi camo color, comes with mask bag and was hand washed after every use. 50$
-JT elite raptor mask W/ yellow color lenses. 15$
-Pod pack includes 2x100 and 2x140 round tubes 15$

Twist-lock(from the top)
-21in insert for stone cold II barrel
-17in insert for stone cold II barrel
-stone cold II barrel 3 piece barrel w/11in insert 15$ (includes all inserts)
-PMI Splash barrel 12in 10$
-Lapco Bigshot 14in 15$
-Dye boomstick 14in 30$
Cocker Thread(bottom 2)
-Planet eclipse 1-piece shaft 14in 15$
-Dangerous Powers stock barrel milled to fit freak inserts(make an offer)

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pmed again about red dot and smart parts grips
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Pmd about Armageddon reg and am/mm body
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Nice rule set but you should read the B/S/T rules for MCB beforehand. Good luck with sale.

2.1) Paypal Fees and Gifting
You can not ask for fees to be paid by the buyer. Fees are a cost of doing business. To get exactly $50, search for paypal fee calculator in a search engine, and ask for the amount that would give you $50 after fees. Buyers will not pay for fees.

Gifting is also not allowed. If at any point a seller asks the buyer to send money as a gift, they will be banned. Never, NEVER, never send money as a gift. Gifting means you gave the money freely, so if no product is sent, there is no recourse from the buyers point of view. If paypal finds out you lied about the gift, it's the buyer that gets banned, not the seller. In gifting the buyer takes all responsibility, and therefore the buyer should NEVER gift.
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no problem will change the rules now, thanks for the heads up
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WVU paintball #19
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Do you have bigger pics? I'm interested in the splash barrel.
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