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Deathwish_DW 01-26-2013 07:08 PM

CLEARANCE SALE: Pt. 2 | Ion | Autococker | Reg Frame Valve ASA Lucky Element + Moar!!
Please POST or PM Me!
Prices include shipping!

Prices are OBO "OR BEST OFFER"!

I am going back to school on the 20th.. I would like to reduce the amount of product I have to bring back with me to my dorm..

I still have a ton of left. My dorm is full of awesomeness. Please buy something. lol :p

Make me an offer. Seriously. $$ Talks.

** This thread is still in progress.

Like New GOG Enemy $130 shipped via Priority Mail

Empire 68/45 $110

Element V2 Frame w/ V ASA + DM Pad SOLD
Epiphany Frame w/ scratches/sandpaper/whatever the hell was done to it

Stock Trigger Frame w/ Stock Trigger: Sold.
Stock Trigger Frames w/ Up'd Triggers: $35ea

"Custom" Stock Frame $40
-Good gauge and new style Power button
-Critical Trigger
-Milled trigger guard
-milled for DM pad (included)

Stock Ion Eyes, Ion Eye Wires, 5/32 Large Ion Banjos: $5ea.
Red Virtue Eyes: $12
DM Pads: $10ea
VP Scythe Trigger: $30
Triggers: $8ea
Clippard QEV: Sold.
Virtue Power Buttons: $8ea
Blue Snatch Grip $8
Lucky and Virtue Membrane Pad Adapters: $10ea

Stock Ion Boards: $40ea
Blackheart Ion Board: $55
Tadao Board: $60

Deadlywind HP Ion Bolt: $35
Tech T L6 Bolt: $35
Lucky Stage 1 Sprung Bolts: $30
Raw NDZ Skeleton Bolt: $15
Tech T L7 Bolt: $35
Redz Fire Bolt?: $15
Shocktech? Bolt: $15

Bolt Stops, Stock Firing Cans, Stock Breeches: $10ea
Autococker Threaded Silver Breech + Clamping Feedneck: $35
Silver Firing Can: $15

NDZ Diamond Body Kit w/ Reg Cover: $25
QLock Feedneck: $12
Lucky Low Pro Feednecks: $8ea

Lucky DM Pads and Lucky Ion board DM Pad Adapter Harness: $15ea

Lucky Barrel Graffiti $20
Membrane adapter for lucky ion boards $10ea
membrane adapter for virtue boards $10
new epiphany high(er) pressure solenoid $30

Legris 5/32OD - 10-32 UNF Push To Connect Fittings
(many available)
$5ea or 10 for $20.

*Are Brand New
*Less expensive then ANY OTHER seller ANYWHERE.
*May require modification for use in some markers
*Are known to work with Intimidators, AKA Vikings and Excalibers, Shockers, Egos + More!
*Great for custom projects

Solenoid Info:
4 -way
mac solenoid 43A-AAA-RFEJ-0BL
5volts 4.7watts
120psi max
m3 tapped
6in tinned leads

(many available)

-$10 shipped for NIB Mac 43 w/ 3x 1/16 ID* M3 Barbs
-$5 shipped for NEW Mac 43 with cut leads (1-2in instead of 6in)

New Colored Ion Eyes $12ea
Blue, Red, White, Yellow, or Orange - Your choice.
Each comes with an extra large eye wire.
(many available)

Tippmann Cyclone Barb Fitting $6ea
1/16id - 10-32 - 1/16id

Old Style DM Detents/Lucky Ion Body Detents $5 for 4

5/32 and 1/16 ID Barbed Fittings $6ea
-Socket Head (Forgot size and do not have sockets in my dorm..)
-Low Profile

Clippard Brass "X" Coupling 10-32 Thread $10ea
Clippard Brasse 10-32 Screw Plug $5ea
(Cheaper if you want more..)

Lucky Mac 33 Solenoids $40ea

Eclipse E-Blade v 1.06 $100
-Solenoid Works.
-Board Works.
-Screen, etc 100% functional.

Ego Reg: $30
WGP Reg: $20
ANS Reg: $35
Empire Reg: $30
Shocktech Gas Through: $15
Ion Reg (silver?): $GONE
Detonator Reg: $30
Smart Parts Max Flo 3000psi w/ rail: $35

MacDev Sonic: $30
ANS JackHammerII: $30
Sto 3Way: $10
Oracle 3way: $sold
Planet Eclipse Nexus Ram W/ QEV's:$90
Stock WGP Ram: $15.
Palmer's Rock (Nickel finish is coming off) : $20
Smart Parts Max Flo LPR: $20
Lightning LPR: $10
Lightning Ram: $10
Lightning 3way: $10

Eblade Solenoids: $20ea
Come with Manifold and screws

Beaver Tail: $8
Banjo Bolts/LP Bolt: $8ea.
(Flat face bolt sold)

XSF Advantage Tadao V4.0 in a Scenario Dreams Board: $55
Madman Rocket Valve: $35
Planet Eclipse Valve: $35
Belsales Valve: $35
Eclipse/Belsales QEV: $25
Clippard/Free Flow Silver/Nickel Plated QEVs: $20/ea
ANS/Pneumadyne QEV: SOLD
ANS/Pneumadyne QEV w/o Barb: $12
1/8OD-5/32-1/8OD Tee: $5
Sear: $5
10-32 - 1/16ID Swivel Fittings: $8ea
1/8 ID - 10-32 Banjo: $6
90* M3-1/16ID Banjos: $6ea
M3 - 1/16ID Barbs: $3ea
E Blade Eye Covers: $10/ea

Front Block w/ VASA (worn.) $15
Front Blocks: $12ea
Feednecks: $12ea

Eclipse/WGP Solenoid Covers
Black is clean: $15 Chrome is flaking: $10
Race Front Block: $20
Xonic Front Block w/ Pneumatics: $35

stock wgp:$10
belsales evolution: $35
evil: $20
Bolt Pins: $5 ea

Ego 6 Frame: $70
-Modified for E Cocker Use..
Lightening? Frame: $30

Freeflow Lotus? $40
-Modifications and wear per pictures
-No internals.

WGP Hinge: $25

ASA's on the Left: $6ea
Dovetails w/ macro fitting: $10ea
Worn Red SP On/Off: $10
Black Lucky Push On/Off: $15
Silver On/Off: $15

KAPP Drops: $15ea
CP Rail: $12
All Others: $10ea.
(Black kapp, BIG silver, and red one sold)

WDP Angel Air Regs w/ KREEM Lady Drop $80
-Not tested. Unknown Working Condition
(I have seen busted ones go for $50+ on ebay. I think $80 shipped for two AND the drop is a fair deal. Nonetheless, my prices ARE OBO..)

Ninja Magna Fill Nipple Covers: $12ea
Shocktech Halo HotRod Upgrade Kit: $20
Virtue V Max Speed Fee: $18
CCM Patch: $10
White Halo Laser Eyes: $10
Hybrid Grips: $12

Falcone 01-26-2013 07:14 PM

Ill take the lotus body. Pming.

Kayleekat 01-27-2013 07:41 AM

pm sent

Deathwish_DW 01-27-2013 02:12 PM


Deathwish_DW 01-27-2013 02:52 PM

PM'd everyone/Updated Thread.

Jaccen 01-27-2013 08:47 PM

Are the black and white in the center-top of the above pic drop kicks? Similar to these?


Deathwish_DW 01-27-2013 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by Jaccen (Post 2606166)

Are the black and white in the center-top of the above pic drop kicks? Similar to these?


The red one is more like that.

The KAPP ones have three holes.. O.o Maybe for angel air?

nick5263 02-12-2013 11:06 PM

Pmd for parts

timmy789bass 02-14-2013 03:42 PM

Did u get the pm I sent you about the blackheart board and the techt 7l bolt? Let me know.

Rick 02-14-2013 04:14 PM

pming on the Freeflow Lotus

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