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Deathwish_DW's stupid amount of Ion Parts sale - Frame Boards Regs ASAs Eyes + Wires


Prices are shipped and Paypal'd in the USA.
Shipping is via USPS First Class Mail...
Please do NOT gift any payments.. causes issues for me when doing taxes..

Please POST or PM Me!


Blue w/ Black Accents Punisher PB Frame $80
-Excellent Condition.. I have never seen one with accents nor in this condition.

Trinity Sick Ion Frame w/ APE Rampage Board.. $150
-Great condition.. stickers are easy to remove and clean up..
-Frame has been milled per pictures for APE Membrane Pad
- Sold as a package deal.. includes banjos..

Ion XE BOB Body - $50
-no bolt stop

Trinity BOB Body w/ can $65
-Autococker threaded..

Ion Frame w/ Black Trigger + gauge - $30
-Powder Coating is faded and starting to peel @ trigger pin

Ion Frame w/ Red Trigger + gauge - $40

Ion Frame w/ blue trigger, virtue button, and no gauge - $40

Ion Frame w/ Custom Milling and DM Pad, No power Button - $30

Ion Frame w/ New style button and black trigger and gauge - $40

Tech T L7 Bolts: $35ea
Tech T L6 Bolt: $40
RAW NDZ Skeleton Bolt: $15
NDZ? Bolt: $15
Lucky Stage 1 V3 Sprung Bolts: $25ea
Assorted Red Bolts (Redz, SP, ?): $15ea

Stock Ion Boards - $45ea

Virtue Ion Boards - $60ea

Stock and Blackheart Ion Eye Board: $5ea
Red, Blue, or Green Virtue Eyes: $12ea
Eye Wires: $5ea
5/32 (Large, Front and Rear) Banjos: $5ea
DM Pads: $8ea
Virtue Buttons: $8ea
360 QEVs : $18ea
Triggers: $10ea
Virtue and Lucky membrane pad adapters: $8ea

NDZ? Silver Ion Thread Breech - $15
NDZ? Silver Ion Can - $10
Ion Breech - $10ea
Ion Breech w/ spring detents (tape is so I dont lose them) - $12
Ion Cans -$10ea
Stock Bolt - $6
Bolt Stops - $10ea

Dynasty Body: $15
NDZ Body and Reg Cover: $20
QLock Clamping Feedneck: $15
Lucky low pro feednecks: $8ea

Chrome/Silver Freak Back, Ion Thread - $20
Dust Black Freak Back, Ion Thread - $20
10in Blue Freak Tip - $15
14in Black Freak Tip - $sold
.693 Freak Inserts - $8ea

SP On/Off Rail Mount ASAs: $15ea
Ion Duck Bills w/ macro fitting: $10ea
Lucky Push On/Off: $15
CP On/Off ASAs: $25ea
Silver Collar On/Off ASA: $15
Other Duckbills: $6ea

SP 3K Maxflow Regulator w/ Rail : $35
CP Reg: $35 (has tool marks..)
Dye Reg: $35
Ion Reg: $20
WGP Reg: $15
Detonator: $25

CP Drops: $12ea.
Blue Drop w/ ASA: $15
All others: $10ea

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I'll take the 14in Black Freak Tip - $15

PM me your PP info and I'll send the payment tonight.
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I'll take silver collar asa, does it have mounting screws? good operating condition?..
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I want the White drop PM me
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Brass and Wood Fan
PMing you.
I'm interested in:
Trinity BOB Body w/ can $65
-Autococker threaded..
Tech T L7 Bolt: $35ea
The Red blade Triggers: $10ea
the small black CP Drop: $12ea.
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Originally Posted by Tyler_vanvoorthuijse View Post
I gave into the rainbow side long ago...
I laughed beer out of my nose upon realizing you are a gay boy with a gun with that comment. Thanks, you owe me some beer.

Selling these:
PACS Works Cocker
Russian Legion Shocker frame/snatch/asa, SFT internals, Air tank, Freak tip
Brass Abomination
Mag Parts!
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Need the dust freak back and hyper2 for a project
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See my PBN feedback
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Posting for feedback
See me on PBN:
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Your message box is full. Do you still have the NDZ Skeleton and L6 bolts available?

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Dust Black Freak Back, Ion Thread - $20 - pm'd
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Still got the trinity body?
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