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wharju2's Almost April Misc Sale!

Trades considered, real gun stuff too, feel free to offer

-Evolve X-95 bolt kit for DM5/DMC-75

-pm5 UL frame with black sling trigger, grips and stock board, works and looks great-110 (i'll part out the trigger)
-UL frame stock board that takes wired eyes-25
-eagle anno dm4 body, can come with eye covers, will come with black on/off knob-20
-red to black dm4 project, or i'll part it out (i can also build a complete gun)-offer
-PM5 bodies. All come with lprs, front on/offs, vert adapters and eye covers-25 apiece
-all feednecks shown for sale separately-15 or so apiece
-I can complete the red pm5, just offer
-pm5 frame and trigger-20
-pm5/6 lucky board-35, add a chip for 10-15
-pm/dm yellow accent kit-20
-dm4 main bolt-20
-dm4/5/c/pm5/6/7 etc top hat-15
-DM4/5/c front on/offs-10

-Impulse parts lot (body, frame, blade trigger, VAA, valve, ram assy, screws/etc)-30
-stock ion bolt-5

-DM3/Matrix bodies-15 apiece (don't come with noids/eyes/etc, but can for the right price!)
-toxic trigger frame and trigger-50
-evolve 90* frame, trigger, grips, and on/off buttons-SOLD!
-eye ready breeches (no feednecks included)-35
-matrixes/dm3's (black, cobalt, red and silver, inquire via PM, i'll part stuff out too)

-dm3/matrix frames (LED/LCD/Slideswitch)-10 apiece, 15 with triggers
-DM3/matrix vertical reg adapters. all sorts of styles and colors, stock led, stock lcd, angled, with and without gauge ports, etc. let me know what you're after-10-15 depending on which style, if you want a screw, etc
-dm3/matrix solenoid manifolds, with screws-15
-blind breeches-15
-eye ready stock black breech-30
-eye ready nyx breech, needs detents-20
-feednecks i'll part out-ccm style, twist clamper, ccm style-15 apiece
-back plates and breech rods-10 apiece, couple diff colors
-PBC and aardvark trinity lpr adjustment knobs, made by NDZ, various colors, 10 apiece
-NDZ feednecks, most non clamping, 2 black oring "clampers" various colors and styles-5-10 apiece depending on how many you buy
-DMC feedneck rubber covers, various colors-5 apiece or buy them all for 15
-old school matrix solenoid, first gen Pnumatics perhaps? with matching manifold-someone might want this for old school flair-50 for the noid and matching manifold

-DM3/matrix/DM4/5/c grips 10-15 depending (hybrids, dm3 window grips with clear or black windows)
-also a couple sets of angel grips in there-10 apiece

-complete image black bolt kits-40
-complete gen 1 silver bolt kits-30
-DM3/Matrix bolt pieces, offer on what you need
-purple ccm back block, also have purple macro!-15
-DM4/5/c chips (codex, stock, lucky ace, lucky spitfire, scenario dreams t chip, nyx speedy 2, etc)
-pm6/7/8 (i think dm6/7/8/etc too) solenoid, wiring clip on the noid is a little loose. good for a backup and could be fixed easily-30

-dm3/matrix lprs dye rocket-20 apiece, shocktech-25, pbc-25,hybrid verdikt lpr-30. I also have various aardvark and pbc colored adjuster knobs, see other pics
-aardvark lpr housings, scm adjustment piece-offer
-dm3/matrix snatch grips-10 apiece
-feendecks, mostly for matrix, offer on what you like (shocktech, twist clampers, stock dm4, function, stock dm6, warp feed stubs, etc)-10-20 depending
-DM3/dm4/dm5/dmc/pmr triggers cp, toxic, ndz, stock-10-15 depending
-DAC/LAC plugs-10 a set
-dm3/matrix LED boards-15
-dm3/matrix LCD boards-20
-NYX dm3/matrix board-35, i also have a code activated speedy 2 chip i can add for the right price
-pm5/6 stock board-15
-pm5/6 stock ribbon eyes, working-20
-dm3/matrix slideswitch board-15
-dm4/5/c stock board with stock chip-25, i have lots of upgrade chips, just ask (codex, virtue, scenario dreams t chip, etc)
-predator wmd dm4/5/c board-SOLD!
-trigger/battery harness for dm4/5/C and mem pads-offer
-dm3/matrix battery connectors-15 apiece
-dm3/matrix eye carriers-15 per complete set

-dm3/matrix/dm4/dm5/dmc/quest solenoids, i can wire these for any of these markers-45 apiece with wiring, screws, and gasket
-eyes for DM4/5/C-20
-Rebuilt eyes for LCD DM3/matrix-25
-Rebuilt eyes for TMC/NYX DM3/matrix-25
-Rebuilt noid harnesses-15
-Rebuilt DM4/5/c/stock PM5/6/7 battery and switch harnesses-15 plus your broken one

-planet eclipse ego reg blk/gray-30
-system x black regulator-20
-XSV duckbill, I have two of these-15 apiece
-black cp regulator-SOLD!
-black centerflag reg-30
-smart parts rails-12.50 apiece
-smart parts micro max flow 4500 psi tank reg with or without rail
-offer on anything else you like
-big drops-5 apiece
-rails and duckbills-10 apiece
-non-working hybrid reg-10
-timmy lpr, ironmen jewel, nipple cover, etc-offer

-14 inch dye boomstick, cocker, some wear-40
-14 inch OG blue matrix stock barrel-20 apiece
-14 inch black 1 piece proto barrel-20
-14 inch dust black barrel, not sure on manufacturer-20
-black 12 inch stock matrix barrel (cp)-20
-proto UL back, cocker, good shape-15
-6 inch unported green cocker brl-10
-ICD cp back set, silver, 3 bore sizes-15 for the set
-spyder evil pipe back, never used-5
-angel kapp back-15
-impulse UL back, black-15
-rotor shark fin, rotor lid, ST halo drive cone, halo rip drive wheels-buy it as a lot and i'll sell it cheap!
-Revvy shell kit, with battery cover and lid-20
-WAS turborev board/eyes/impeller-100
-olive shelled halo B, angry board, speedfeed, red iron cross rip wheel, upgraded cone-45
-offer on the rest of the randomness

-JT and planet eclipse hats-10 apiece
-barrel covers, APP 150 rd hopper, wrist bands, etc-offer

-Sly digi camo pack, in great shape, barely used, 4+7-SOLD
-redz 3+2 with medium belt, nxe 3+2 medium belt. velcro on these is beat, the packs themselves are beat-5 plus shipping apiece
-4+tank horizontal woodsball pack, made by redz-10

-Digi camo Sly Profits, ear foam has holes, top has vents, comes with visor and mask bag-70
-Olive Events, in good shape, can add mask bag-SOLD
-Gameface skul maks, in goodshape can add mask bag-40
-olive and black 04 JT flex frames-10 apiece
-olive hard ears-10
-crosshair straps-10 apiece
-Warped Army strap by KM-15
-mask bags, i have a ton of them-10 apiece

-Medium new with tags blk/olive draxxus jesey-20
-medium JT claw jersey, used but in good shape-15
-Ledwig strikers jersey, scorpion! purple/green, I have two of these-15

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Take $20 shipped for the ego reg?
Singleshot's Feedback
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trade flex stuff for profits?
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Maybe, pm me what you have thx!
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Do you know what year the impulse is?
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I do not, sorry
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added an evolve x95 bolt kit!
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