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Lots of mag parts/project parts !!! Pic heavy !

OK, so, in all of my years of paintball (15) i have always been a cocker shooter, so i figured i would try my hand at mags. Well, i bought all these parts and started out with a pnuemag, then i decided to make and egomag, then a spydermag ... and low and behold i didnt finish any, lol. I had the pnuemag set-up and operating, as well as the go mag set-up, i just never got it al, fine tuned because i know nothing of mags. So here is what i have.

1) X-valve with level 10. I have aired this valve and cycled it, i dont know if its "tuned" or not, but i know it cycles and dosent leak. good condition with a few small nicks.

2) Vert Feed ULE Body, good condition

3) AGD Intelliframe all grinded up with set screws and trigger set screw, also has 2 way valve and pnuematic ram with dye stickies. My first pnuemag frame, so it isnt perfect, but it works.Has some scratches and what not from modifying, but nothing to to bad.

4) 3000 PSI AGD Flatline Tank Reg with cradle and Small Drop.

5) 05 ego frame. has holes drilled to fit automag, comes with board, hybrid grips and electro-pnuematic solenoid. The connector attachment wasnt the best, but i have tested it and it makes the marker fire. I have some brand new connectors and wire connectors i will send withh it if you wanna re-do it. The frame still needs to be smoothed out, but it will work.

6) AM/MM Rail. Rail was previously sandblast finished, i painted it black, paint is holding up well on it

7) NDZ on-off asa, dust black, good condition

8) Palmer's LPR, good condition

9) Spyder frame, has some paint chipping off, havent modified it in any way. Also has Dye Sticky Grips

10) Gloss black Gas-thru grip

11) Raw poished vert ASA

12) Automag Sear and Pin .. no trigger pin

13) Powerfeed classic Body with a raw blasted finish.. the blast was smooth, no deep pitting really

14) Benchmark Style Frame with metal grip panels, Also blasted.

15) 16" All american Barrel, also blasted




1) X-Valve-190 Shipped
2) ULE body-SOLD !
3) AGD Intelliframe with pnuemag set-up and Stickies - SOLD
4) 3000 PSI Flatline reg with cradle and Drop -45 Shipped
5) O5 EGO frame with stock board and Electropnuematic Solenoid -SOLD
6) AM/MM Rail -SOLD
7) NDZ on-off 25 Shipped
8) Chrome Palmer's LPR- 25 Shipped
9) SPyder E-frame with Stickies - 35 shipped
10) Gloss Black Gas-Thru Grip -15 Shipped
11) Raw Polished Vert ASA 15 Shipped
12) Automag sear and Pin - SOLD
13) Classic powerfeed body - 35 shipped
14)Benchmark style frame with metal grip panels- GRIPS ARE SOLD ! Frame is still available .. 20 shipped !!
15) 16" All American AM barrel- 20 shipped


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PM sent

Edit: payment sent for the metal grips panels

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PM sent on the Intelliframe pneu-setup.
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Pnuemag frame sold to that guy ^^^^^
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Sear, Metal Panels and ULE BODY are SOLD !!
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PMing on flatline
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EGO Frame, board and Solenoid , as well and the AM/MM Rail are SOLD !
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