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Autographed patent print of 1st paintball gun

The FIRST paintball game was played in 1981 by Charles Gaines, Bob Gurnsey and Hayes Noel. This was the “birth” of paintball and marks the most important event in paintball history.
The gun used for the “birthgame” of paintball was the Daisy Splotchmarker invented by James C. Hale. The Patent (#3,788,298) was filed on June 19, 1972 and granted on January 29, 1974.
Most refer to this gun as the Nelspot which is the name/brand adopted by paintball enthusiasts and product distributors AFTER the first game and after a few minor modifications.
You can own a piece of this history! My name is Nathan Greenman and I worked for Brass Eagle/Daisy for over a decade, and along the way I acquired several (18 X 24 inch) patent prints signed by James C Hale.
Contact: or 479-366-6720 $100 each. (Limited supply)

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What all do I get for $100 bucks? Any frame?

How will the item be shipped?

Any wiggle room on price? LMK...
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No frame.
Rolled up and shipped in a tube.
No wiggle
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Wow, that's a beautiful diagram!

Originally Posted by Usagi Tetsu
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Are these originals or copies?
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Do you have proof its his signature?
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Odd but seriously interested as I have a Nelspot from 1984.
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those are real signatures. I was working for Brass Eagle when it was still owned by Daisy BB guns.....they made 50 of these that were framed with a fully functional gun....I have one of that version in my dining room....


see the time the 50 cases were made......James Hale signed additional copies of the patent prints for promotional events....this was back in the early days of Brass Eagle
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There are 50 of these prints / guns in cases floating around the industry.....if you know where one is.....check out the signature....guarantee you its the same.....
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So, the obvious elephant in the room... how many is the "limited supply" you have?
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