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matteekay 11-17-2013 01:15 AM

Cheap as Free Parts and Spares Selloff! Buy one, get one free!
Hey folks,

NEW!! Buy one item, get a second of equal or lesser value for free!

I’m needing to clear out my place so all the spares and odds and ends I’ve accumulated are going up for sale… cheap as free! (in some cases... your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, see stores for details, consult a physician if symptoms persist more than 4 hours)

Dah Deets:
- Minimum order $10, PayPal only
- Domestic shipping is + $3 dollars, no matter how much you buy!
- International will be actual cost. I have a scale so things will be reasonable.
- Feel free to make offers when buying multiple items
- See the bottom section for the free stuff!

**A note on packaging: I’ll be pulling most new items out of their bulky packaging unless you ask me not to. It’s no problem if you want it, just let me know in advance!**

CO2 Tank Lot - $22 (GONE)
9oz Extreme Rage (good to 2016), 4oz Extreme Rage (good to 10/2015), and one old-school 4oz Brass Eagle (no date, TC-stamped). All will include the pictured thread savers.

Tactical Laser - $22

From a Chinese retailer on eBay, looks good and works great. Includes a barrel mount and a picatinny mount.

PBmafia Wrist Harnesses - $20 for both (GONE)
Condor Tactical Molle Pouch - $6

The wrist harnesses have some splatter but are in great physical shape (only used twice) and the pouch could pass as new.

Equation Barrel Mini-Kit - $22 (GONE)
Cocker threaded, includes one back, one middle, two tips, a .685 insert and a .689 insert.

Cocker Parts Lot - $24 (GONE)
Includes a (new) ANS valve, valve set screw, chamber plug, hammer, IVG, dust black angled VASA, dust black back block, dust black bolt pin, detent, chrome/flame threaded feedneck, and most of a Madman spring kit.

Angel Parts Lot - $10
Includes a new set of grips and a new detent.

Spyder Parts Lot - $10
One volumizer and five Spyder-to-Imperial hose adapters.

Phantom Parts Lot - $20 (GONE)
Includes a bottomline ASA with fitting, a red trigger shoe, a few thumbscrews, a feed cap (no gate inside), and a pump return spring (all new).

Bucket Changer Lot - $22 for all (GONE)
Two silver changers (used) and one dust black RAP4 changer (new). All seal up without any issue and all are of the old-school Brass Eagle thread-type (not the newer CCI quick-change style).

One-Point Bungee Sling - $12 (GONE)
This is from one of the big brands but I can’t remember which. Nice shape, and you can swap the end to use either a strap or a hook.

NW Quick Disconnect Rail - $15
Remote Slide Check - $5

The slide check is new and the chrome QD rail is in great shape (aside from the pin, which of course shows some wear).

Smart Parts On/Off - $12 (GONE)
Very good shape and works great.

WGP “Silver Bullet” ASA - $6
Nice shape, installed once.

RAS Drop Forward - $6 each (GONE)
These are brand new. I have black, silver, and orange (one of each).

Pi and Shocktech Drop Forwards - $3 each (One Pi and the Shocktech are GONE)
All are used but in good shape.

System X Grips - $5 each (GONE)
Only black remains. Lightly used but good shape.

Dye Stickies - $8 (GONE)
These are the full wrap-around kind. Red, good shape.

Sight Pin Set - $12 (GONE)
Got this from Bacci for one of my Sheridans. The rear sight goes on a dovetail and the pin fits over the barrel and locks in with a set screw.

Flip-Up Sights - $12
Sling Adapter - $5
Sight Ring Set - $5

AKA the “picatinny pile”. The flip-up sights show significant wear, the sling adapter is in good shape, and the rings are in very good shape (I believe they’re 1”).

With blurry picture action! Pick one free item for every $10 spent.

Going approximately clockwise from the top-left:
- 12 gram molle pouch with the flap cut off (GONE)
- Buttstock shell/12ie/10-round tube holder (GONE)
- Random wrench bags 1 and 2 (GONE)

- Molle horizontal small magazine pouch (GONE)
- Finger groove 45 grips (TPI, I believe)
- Tub o’Cocker grease (GONE)

- Lower tube front plug for a back bottle Sheridan
- ACI Tourney Lock (green anno)
- PMI Piranha bolt (I believe for use with the e-grip)
- BlackCell barrel tip
- Taso Stone Cold barrel tip
- ACI “pin depressor” disc... thing
- Rex Type R on/off/regulator thingy
- Some kind of pressure tester. The fitting is brass? (GONE)
- Modified Cocker feedneck for use on PsychoBallistics Lightnings. Might need some more sanding to be a perfect fit on yours but worked great on mine

FlyingDonkey 11-17-2013 01:57 AM

PM'd about barrel kit

matteekay 11-17-2013 04:55 AM

Got your PM. I'll try to get you those pics tomorrow :thumbup:

Runt 11-17-2013 07:27 AM

PMed you

nameless1 11-17-2013 09:15 AM

Pm sent

Mad Anthony P8ntball 11-17-2013 10:45 AM

Pm sent

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kjcent 11-18-2013 01:19 AM

Money sent. Thanks.

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