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matteekay 12-15-2013 09:26 PM

The Amazing Pile of Parts Pile! Cheaper by the day!
I have amassed a strange collection of odds and ends. Rather than selling everything off bit-by-bit, I've decided to lump them all together in the Amazing Pile of Parts Pile!

Here's how this works:
- Shipping will be $10 US, $20 to Canada
- Selling as a lot only
- I'm starting the listing at a set price. Every day the price will come down $1 until the lot sells
- You can offer me a lower price before the lot hits it but no guaranties that I'll take it :P

Trades/Partial Trades of Interest:
- Lapco fake suppressor
- Older A5 clamshells
- RVA for an A5
- Extended feedplug for PPS guns

The goods!

- Picatinny scope rings (1")
- Picatinny sling mount
- Taso Stone Cold barrel tip
- BlackCell barrel tip
- AA Vigilante regulator (works but leaks from the middle)
- Tactical Laser with rail and barrel mount
- Picatinny flip-up iron sights (pretty worn)

- Condor molle utility pouch
- Cocker feedneck blank, sanded down to work in Psychoballistics (rough shape but worked great)
- Rex Type R ASA-On/Off-Regulator-Thingy
- Piranha bolt (for the electronic grip, IIRC)
- ACI burst fitting of some sort
- 45 wrap grip panels
- KAPP tourney lock

- (5) Spyder-to-standard fittings
- New slide check
- NW Quick Disconnect rail (chrome, very good shape)
- Nearly-new WGP "silver bullet" ASA
- Pi drop forward

- New Angel grips
- New Angel detente (Eclipse)
- Spyder volumizer
- New PPS feedplug for Sheridans
- Sheridan lower tube front plug for C/A guns

matteekay 12-16-2013 11:59 PM

Another day and slightly more cheap,
Take a look at my stuff - to the top of the heap!

matteekay 12-17-2013 11:10 PM

Another 24 hours,
And costing even less.
So please pick this up,
Seriously - my shelves are a mess!

matteekay 12-18-2013 11:34 PM

Been another day,
And this is still here,
Shoot me an offer,
I could be drunk off beer!

matteekay 12-20-2013 01:20 AM

Still sitting pretty on this pile.
Pick it up, won't you?
It'd make me smile.

matteekay 12-21-2013 12:33 AM

The pile is still in hand /
Ready to be shipped /
Across the land!

matteekay 12-22-2013 01:34 AM

Quite the assortment of goods,
And from a fine gent,
So make the investment,
While he tries to recall where his money went!

matteekay 12-22-2013 10:02 PM

Slide me a Paypal,
And I'll slide you a box.
Full of the stuff above,
Randomly approved by Zaphod Beeblebrox!

matteekay 12-24-2013 01:09 AM

My commerce skills are weak,
I have no horn to toot,
So I'm reducing the price,
Trades updated to boot!

matteekay 12-25-2013 12:41 AM

To the top of the pile!
To the tip of the peak!
Dash away little listing,
Hoping willpower is weak!

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