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JB's Misc Sale:misc sheridan, mag, cocker, lonestar updated 11/11/16

Trying to get rid of unused gear. Prices do not include shipping unlessotherwise stated. Please post and then pm.

Trades I am looking for:
Parts: left feed sterling body, newer style spyder freak back

1. WGP 2000 RF body: Everything is stock(pneus, lower tube, bolt, etc) and working fine except that the 4 way piston has a slight bend in it causing it to leak. Otherwise this was a great shooting gun for me. Kapp cocking rod is functional but a bit chewed up. Would be an easy fix to get back up and running or your could just pump it. $40 shipped
2. Chrome AIM frame: Good condition. Trigger pull is about half the distance btwn the trigger and the frame behind. Snappy pull. It does appear to have a sear tension adjustment screw but I think it's loctited in place. Also it has a set screw running into the trigger but I can't figure out what it is supposed to do. $20 shipped
3. Chad Ruhl beaver tail (so I was told, pls correct me if I'm wrong. Not sure on price $20 shipped sold
4. KAPP cocking rod. Blue in very good condition with neoprene rubber bumper $8 shipped sold
5. Pre-99 lpc: $8 shipped. Works fine like it should
6. Sp gloss black drop: has some wear but good shape overall. $8 shipped
7. Giant chrome drop with mounting for dovetail asa and chrome on/off(dual ports): On/off works fine, rail has some pitting $18 shipped
8. black wrap around grips: $5 with AIM frame
9. CCM econo pump kit for 2k cockers. Has return spring, orings, and econo anti-twist guide $40 shipped Sold
10. ANS Regs $35 shipped for A,B and C
A. Chrome/stainless ANS X2 reg. I replaced some seals but it has a small leak out the bottom. I assume the red seal in the brass piston is bad b/c changing the piston oring did nothing. Gauge has a cracked face, but it works fine. Not pristine but not in bad shape for its age.
B. Blue/stainless ANS X2 reg: Non-swiveling macro fitting. Reg works fine with no leaks. Has some scratches.
C. some orings and seals for ANS regs: the piston is an old one that I tried the oring fix for, but it didn't work for me. Set screw is blue loctited so it should be easy to undo with a little heat.
11. Shark gill shroud: dust/matt finish that matching the cocker body. Good shape and the neoprene is not cut in the front. $18 shipped
12. Mini cocker vasa: stainless in good condition: $5 with anything else. $8 shipped otherwise. sold

SOLD Lonestar grip (working trap door) and bottomline adapter (NIB): adapter has the old school spacing mounting screw and bottomline screws. $18 shipped SOLD

SOLD Warp cocker body: $80 shipped SOLD
Got this a couple years ago, but have decided not to pursue this project. I got it on CC and was told it is 2k specs. Items to note, the warp hole is not threaded and it does not have a detente hole drilled. So you could do any style detente you want. Also the the bottom tube is not threaded for ivg so need to do that or use a slipfit system. Otherwise all is drilled and tapped. Please look at pictures and ask any questions you may have.

Indiana Springs MaxiLoader, 150ish capacity; $5
BE/GxG hoppers: $3 each
Ammo boxes: $5 each

Rhino Tank Cover: 70cu tank or bigger. $10 shipped
Ninja tank: $55 shipped SOLD
Needs Hydro, has ding on top, gauge is cracked though working fine, has small chip at bottom of the tank in the black coating, doesn't go into the tank itself. I used it as pictured just fine for 2 years.

Stainless remote lines, aprox 3ft, untested but look just fine: $5 each
first picture: has tank adapter with purge hole
SOLD Second picture: has quick disconnect and slide check. Slide check barrel needs new orings SOLD

Air fittings misc:
6 stage exp chamber: needs new orings, otherwise just a little scuffed $10 SOLD

PTP: inline filter and extra filter: $5

Everything else: $10 SOLD
- 2 brass quick disconnect in good shape
- brass slide check (barrel needs new orings)
-black tank adapter with purge
-extender pipe fitting
-palmers 1/8th male to 1/4th female fitting

Sheridan parts: All Sold
1. SOLD Stick feed adapter for sheridans: $15 SOLD
This adapter allows you to use a stick feed at a 45 degree angle but angle over your right should so long feeds don't hit your mask.
includes delrin plug, and broken oldschool speed feed (should be fixable) that fits into adapter. Can use adapter as cram and jam with tubes.
2. Assault line barrel extension for 7/8th barrels (good shape) $10 SOLD
3. Sheridan grips in great shape: $2 each pair SOLD

More misc
1. (2) 7oz butt plates $3 each
2. barrel plugs $1 each (sheridan plug sold)
3. APP grips $1 each
4. Gloves size large $4

Taso Accudot: $10
Not sure if it works, Lens is a bit cloudy, kinda like looking through water, but you can see just fine during the day. No reticle. Includes scope rings and lens cover. I got this off an old mag package several years ago.

More misc 2
1. Spyder parts lot: $5 SOLD
2. Mag bolt: has rubber tip, spring is a little rusty, $3
3.big chrome drop: Has some pitting. Includes screws. Relisted with on/off at top of thread.

PMI Podpack: 2 PMI pods (140), 2 VL pods (100), has attachments for suspenders. $7

Cocker barrels
1. Unknown barrel on left. Clean bore, .693, $10 SOLD
2. SP Progressive. Clean bore, .689?, $15 SOLD
2. Alien Invasion barrel: clean bore, but I started trying to wedgit it, then gave up, b/c I didn't have the right tools at the time. Has 2 slight wedgit noticeables in the bore. $5

Mask parts: Full piece is a flexible plastic, 2 halves are foam: $7shipped

Get all tanks/adapter/hose for $40 shipped
Thermovalve 10oz tank and Assault line CA adapter for PMI 1: $30
(still has gas in it, will empty before shipping), Little bit of rust around the collar of the adapter. Tested and in fine working condition.
10 oz tank: Valve let out a hiss so should be working fine: $15

Get both for $12 shipped
Sp rail $8 shipped
Pre 2k lpc $8 shipped
My MCB feedback:

AM Sentinel and ION MAXD for sale

Misc Sale:

Parts: Left feed sterling body/whole gun spyder threads preferred.

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Originally Posted by tjd10684 View Post
It "feels" nice when you touch it
Originally Posted by Loguzzzzzz View Post
Every hole costs money
Vertebrae autococker
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prices are up now
My MCB feedback:

AM Sentinel and ION MAXD for sale

Misc Sale:

Parts: Left feed sterling body/whole gun spyder threads preferred.
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pmd on warp left autococker body
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Love those APP grips. Might be coming back for those.

WTB: Gen 2 and Gen 3 SFL Autocockers
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Brass and Wood Fan
Pm'ing on remote with disconnect and "everything else" fittings
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Sent you a note
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pms replied. List updated with sold items
My MCB feedback:

AM Sentinel and ION MAXD for sale

Misc Sale:

Parts: Left feed sterling body/whole gun spyder threads preferred.
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Goin for it
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Brass and Wood Fan
I want the plugs!!!

I want the CA adaptor too

PMing now
◇My WTB◇

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My MCB feedback:

AM Sentinel and ION MAXD for sale

Misc Sale:

Parts: Left feed sterling body/whole gun spyder threads preferred.
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