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DM3/DM4/DM5/Matrix Parts, Other Misc Stuff

open to trades, i'll make package deals, we'll work out shipping costs.

-dye angel grips, clear and dark clear, these will fit a dm3/matrix frame-SOLD
-dm3/matrix image v2 black bolt kit, looks new in packaging still-45
-stock matrix/dm3 barrel, 12 inches, black, made by cp i think-SOLD
-dm4 vertical air adapters-15 apiece ONE BLACK ONE SOLD
-gloss black dye hyper 2, in good shape, 1 or 2 scratches but not horrible-SOLD
-pbc lpr for dm3/matrix, black-20
-4 different volumizers/spikes for dm3, aardvark silver, aardvark black, and random black-10 for all 3. hollow point bullet red/black-SOLD
-ul frame grips including humpweiser, in good shape-7.50 apiece
-dm3/dm4/dm5/dmc/pm5/pm6/matrix hybrid grips in black/gray-7.50
-pm5/pm6 stock board-5
-pm5/pm6 lucky board, takes dm4/5/c chips, comes with stock chip-15
-blue cp rail, blue smart parts S-rail, dye black mini drop-7.50 apiece
-dm4 complete bolt kit-35
-pm5/pm6 complete bolt kit with orange rear cap-35
-dm3/matrix dye backplate in silver-10
-lever lock matrix threaded clamping feedneck, top black clamping ring is a slightly different black color than the bottom, don't buy this if you're a perfectionist-10
-impulse/ion/etc threaded gloss black UL back-7.50, unmarked from factor so 688 i think, but labeled by someone as 684, i believe it to be .688
-cobalt dm3/matrix eye ready breech-20
-black/silver ccm clamping feedneck for matrix threads-10
-blue dm3/matrix eye ready breech-20
-chrome dm3/matrix cp trigger-10
-tadao V4.0 dm3/matrix board-50
-chrome drop and asa shown on black dm3 frame-SOLD
-cp matrix/dm3 snatch grip in black (also have blue liquid snatches)-7.50 apiece
-dm4/5/c membrane pads, i have a bunch, stock, TAG, hybrid grenade-2 apiece
-"Box O' LPR!" tons of dm3/matrix lpr parts, innards, springs, seals, screws, bodies, front knobs, instructions(!), etc. i'll dump it out and take a pic if you want to see what's all in there-35 (this box is what helped me repair all those matrixes over the years, someone take over for me!)

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t grip is comfy, ez is comfy, ezt is comfy, standard is comfy.. long as it's a pump I'm good 2 go...
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gotcha back, thanks
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Can I get a pic on just the lucky board? Intrested
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Will pm u both back shortly, thanks
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Pm'd about a couple parts:
dm4 vertical air adapters-15 apiece ONE BLACK ONE SOLD
I will take the last two if you still got em.
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