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Nelspot: Phantom hammer sears Rev B, Stainless triggers

So, I laser-cut a small batch of sears that are Phantom hammer and Nelspot trigger compatible. With one of these, your Nelspot 007 or similar can take a full set of Phantom guts - hammer, bolt, TPC, power tube, springs. Edit: I switched to 304 stainless and a different pierce tech so I could burn the hole. Pretty sweet. Pics farther down.

I just switched both my Nelsons (007s, originally) over to full Phantom internals, with the Rev B sears. It's awesome. They should work with any breech-drop pump that uses Nelson-spec frames. I'm currently using a Line SI frame with them, so everything from a Ghost to a Skirmish should work fine.

$15 for one, $10 for each additional.

These pics are Rev B; I found that by squaring off the front like a Phantom sear, it engages more smoothly, like... well, a Phantom sear.

I got triggers figured out, too. Drilling them was near impossible, but with a different pierce cycle the laser did just fine. I just need to clean/ deburr and polish the finger area, cuz that edge is SHARP! then they'll be ready to go. They're actually just wide enough to not really need a shoe if you don't want one.

Triggers are $20 each, or $15 for a second one. Three left right now!


The goo on them is from the PVC coating (which helps keep the laser from reflecting), and wipes right off when I deburr them before packing.

I also have a handful of socket head Nelspot frame screws (316 SS flat head in front, low socket in back) and Line SI- style thumb screws, specifically for the body /valve interface, and the front of the trigger frame. 8-32 with black nylon knobs. Given time to get parts, I can do other lengths (how long is the PITA block screw?) and threads (like the 10-32 on the back of the frame).

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Thatís awesome and if I had a 007 Iíd get one

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would it be possible for you to make a safety for a nelspot 007? I have one that is missing the safety.

and I am so into 2 or 3 of the sears.

and possibly triggers. is there any room for improvement over the stock trigger? Some way to take the slop or catch out of it?<--which is mostly related to the multiple widths in the slot in the frame for the trigger.
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I'm down for two.
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Trigger options would include cosmetic skeletizing, like a lot of 1911s have, and I'm considering designing a trigger that would work with an unmodified phantom hammer- Not sure if it's possible (nope, not possible). The material cuts with a square, smooth edge, though - much better than the rough stamp on stock triggers. I'll probably use stainless, too. Flat material plus a drilled pivot hole plus shim washers should do a good job of improving the feel.

Safeties are tougher to make. I don't have lathe access; have to see what I could do without.

PM me for sears. I have 14 currently.

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I’m interested in the skeletonized trigger idea!
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I would like 2 sears please .

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Its always better with a pump, and camo
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Triggers added.
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Sears revised for more awesome. I made a larger batch this time, too - 13 left, currently.
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Pm sent.
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