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Paintball Hoarder Sale

Paintball Hoarder Sale

I am swamped in gear, totes wall to wall in my storage and shop so its time to clear some space. I have a problem….step 1 complete....

Prices Plus shipping unless noted otherwise
**Spend $65 or more and shipping will be included**
I am located in Brantford Ontario Canada
Shipping from Canada as such expect slightly longer ship times
Shipping is by Canada Post small packet tracked
Paypal payments only please
Prices in US dollars
Local meet up is an option

Autococker bodies

blue 2k3 not drilled includes front and back block empty $55
trilogy body beat up includes bolt and internals ram is snapped off in body needs to be drilled out $40
SOLD black right feed body empty no blocks $25 SOLD
blue 2k2 drilled empty $40

SOLD ANS GENX autococker costmetically in very good condition, front pneus look like new, needs a 3 way oring $135 SOLD

Autococker Frames

ALL SOLD any black hinge frame $20 ALL SOLD
blue fade hinge $45

Mint condition benchmark with shocktech trigger plate and shocktech shoe and ptp panel grips amazing condition for its age $140

Bob Long Signature Series Autococker frame in very good shape anno rub on finger groove come with trigger shoe and panel grips $190

Autococker parts

beavertails $7 2 BLACK SOLD
SOLD shroud $35 SOLD
SOLD cocking rod $8 SOLD
pull pin $6 Chrome SOLD
blue ans 3 way with shaft $ 12
blue cp rail mount asa $25
chrome 15 degree vasa $20
chrome mini 15 degree front block $25
stock autococker bolt $5
blue autococker bolt $15
new old stock purple ans bolt $25
chrome shocktech back block $25
SOLD ccm back block dust black never used $30 SOLD
SOLD chrome black magic reg with guage $40 SOLD
chrome ergo regulator $30
Blue AIM? torpedo style reg $25
Feednecks $5 each

Cocker Parts
Cut chrome beavertail $5
SOLD Black gloss hinge frame $20 SOLD
Black pull pin $7
Front block and banjo bolt $10
Front block banjo and lpr $20
SOLD Ans ram $15 SOLD
Ans ram and cocking rod $24
Chrome ANS 3 way and shaft $12
Gloss red ANS 3 way and shaft $16
Gloss red ANS LPR $32
Rough LPR $5
Red painted LPR $4
Silver raw? LPR $10
Black LPR $15
Chrome Ram $15
Chrome Palmers LPR
Gloss Red ANS LPR $32
Chrome psycho ballistic ram $12
Brass ram with black paint $8
Pitted chrome ram and cocking rod $18 SOLD

Wgp Parts

SOLD Tech T trilogy lpr adapter low pressure nut new old stock $13 SOLD

Tech T trilogy shaft kit new old stock $18
Ans cocking rod $5
Gen 1 ANS LPR chrome $30
SOLD Gen 1 ANS LPR black for parts $10 SOLD
Gen 2 ANS LPR green light anno rub $20 SOLD
Blue system x lpr $10
Stock Trilogy LPR $10
Pitted chrome LPR $20
Green STO style 3 way $25 SOLD
SOLD Silver System X 3 way with shaft $35 SOLD
Green 2K plus front block $8
SOLD Kapp cocking rod gloss green $10 SOLD
Palmers? ram looks black from a far but upclose a real dark green $40
Chrome Lightning Ram $10
Green PTP 45 grips $15 SOLD
green 32 degrees asa missing pieces $5

DYE Parts
DM3 Dye rocket LPR new old stock $40
Dye DM4 frame with trigger and excellent set of sticky grips $35
Hater DYE Ultralite Frame Board new old stock $45
Hater DM laser eyes red new old stock $15 each 2 SOLD lots left
Hater Symbrio board $8 each
Tech T optimus guage port adapter with dye reg adapter new $20
PMR trigger $1
SOLD PM5? frame with buttons and eye cover $16 SOLD
New Designs PMR detents with spring new $8

Angel Parts

Dye Ultralite back LED LCD angel thread new old stock $25
SOLD KandK ring trigger new but missing the tiny set screw from package $5 SOLD
chrome feedneck $2
Warped high rise feedneck $4
Clamping feedneck grey $5
SOLD Hybrid feedneck new old stock $15 SOLD
Check it feedneck new old stock $15
Shocktech bolt new $15 each
Evil bolt new $10
Shocktech breach knob new $5 each blue sold 1 GREEN SOLD
SOLD Kapp volumizer new $8 SOLD
SOLD Adrenaline style? Volumizer new $5 each ALL SOLD
Led Feedneck new $5 each
Led Bolt metal not Delrin $5 each
ALL SOLD Evil Angel Value new $5 each ALL SOLD

Smart Parts Parts

SOLD Evil the Part New old stock $20 each BLACK SOLD ALL SOLD
Shocktech Impulse Hammer new old stock $20
SOLD Board eye cover manual eye all untested $25 SOLD
Nerve bodies with internals as seen $25 each or $40 for both
Trinity SP1 Car stock new old stock $30
Enemy reg bottom was removed from new stock for repair $15
Gog G1 long body new $25
New Designz Ion Donut red and blue new $10 each
Smart parts rechargeable battery new $10
SOLD New Designz ION bolt new $15 SOLD
Kila Ion magnetic detent new 10 each
Orange Ion detent new $9 each
New Designz Ion detent new $8 each

Love... Live...

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Location: Brantford Ontario Canada

BOB LONG Intimidator Parts

Big booty eye covers new $30
Hybrid terminator eye cover new $20
Gloss red feedneck collar off a marq $10
bob long 2 c? eyes untested unsure $10
SOLD Nickel twist clamp feedneck $8 SOLD
Chrome CP son a huge bitch feedneck $5
Blue Shocktech timmy bolt Used $10
Shocktech timmy Bolt new old stock $20
Evil timmy bolt $10
Red shocktech rammer and adjustable cap new $18 each
CP ram cap chrome $10 each
Warped Sports function iron cross ram cap silver dust $15
Check it GZ timmy snatch grip black new $10
Evil the punch rammer $ 10 each
Bob Long Volumizer $10 each
Blue gloss AIM front block LPR and matching blue ram cap $30

Spyder Piranha etc parts
FBM Delrin piranha trigger new $10
Shocktech Piranha bolt new $10
Diamond Labs Joker? bolt new $10
Diablo Mongoose parts kits new $10 each
Pee on spyder stick OLD SCHOOL $6 each
spyder dye stickies spyder ESP electro frames 3 hole new $10 each (1 SOLD)
Spyder MR3 detent cover new $5
Spyder EM1 valve stem new $5
SOLD Dye Spyder Sight rail gloss black new old stock SOLD
Cp spyder asa adapter to standard paintball offset $8
Spyder rear velocity adjuster $5
SOLD spyder springs $5 SOLD
bag o spyder CLONE? $10

Empire Invert Parts

SOLD Mini Board new Optimus new 1.9 $18 SOLD
Mini Air Transfer Tube New $6
Rythum Innovations Mini Trigger new $18
Tm7? or 15 solenoid and housing $15
Kila Detents Mini Used $8

Random Gun Parts
Eclipse Bushmaster blade trigger new $10
SOLD Acid Customs Carbon fiber trigger used Infinity Legend $38 SOLD
Acid Customs Carbon Fiber trigger used ZODIAC ZR1 $38
Ego 7 Pile includes trigger eyes untested orings detents and a new new designz triggers $18

Evil Omen Parts

Omen Feednecks chrome or black $8 each 2 for$10
New Omen 1.5 board $35

Tippmann Parts

Tippmann X7 m16 Curved Mag new $10
Ops gear elite rear site $10
Rythum Innovations A5 single trigger guard metal constructions $5 each
Rythum Innovations A5 Metal double trigger new $18 each
Dead On Tippmann 98 double trigger and guard plastic new $5 each
SOLD PTP Hyper Star Model 98 bolt new $10 SOLD
Psycho Ballistics 98 double trigger new $5 each 1 SOLD

Random Parts
SOLD Pro Team Products 98 car stock with metal insert not plastic used $20 (came of a 98 custom with the gills/fins) SOLD
M16 handle new but missing one rail mount $5
M16 plastic shroud $5
SOLD Lonestar grip?VM? $5 SOLD
TacOne grip multi position metal construction used $5
Magpul grip new $15
Magpul grip new missing piece from package $10

SOLD Cut diamond 45’s Hogue? $10 SOLD
Rando panels $5
SOLDBlue Dye stickies $30 SOLD
SOLDDye clearish stickies $20 SOLD

Wraparound diamond 45 Hogues? $20
Wgp? Plastic panels $10
Mirror 45 grips $10
SOLD Excellent condition uncut dye sticky 3 $40 SOLD
SOLD Tippmann spilt grip 45 $5 SOLD

Tippmann split grip 45 $5 1 SOLD
Fat Boy 45 wrap arounds $25
SOLD New old stock extreme rage clear stickies with screws $15 SOLD

New Extreme rage timer grips $20
New PMI blue grips with jewels $12
Gforce plastic 45 grip screws yellowed $3 per set
Green PMI Grips used but great shape $8
WGP grips used jewel is letting go a bit $10
WGP stock grips $5
SOLD Hybrid wrap around grips camo $20 SOLD
Hybrid panel grips blue a bit rough $10
Extreme rage clear sticky stained $6
Extreme rage clear stick used with the front cut out of it $5
SOLD Extreme rage clear sticky $10 each SOLD

HPA Air and CO2 parts
SOLD New old stock automag or impulse smart grip with threaded post or screw $35 SOLD
SOLD Used for parts only blue maxflo guage is bent $10 SOLD
New smart valve co2 on off $20
SOLD Diamond labs expansion chamber with micro line fitting $12 SOLD
Goblin deuce fill valve $10
sold Kapp? Gas thru with fitting $10 SOLD
SOLD New old Stock Air America apocalypse repair kit $10 SOLD
Quick shot rough shape $5
New old stock G force remote docking station $15
SOLD Shocktech micro gas thru new $15 SOLD
Menace product adjustable tank location rail New$ 25
Used menace products adjustable tank location rail Used $15
SOLD Viewloader adjustable rail used $15 SOLD
Cp flame drop $10
Dye Chrome cradle drop $8
New Gforce offset rail mount $10
Great shape gloss blue CP rail $12
Chrome rail extension $5
New camo remote line cover $5

Lime green swivel 90s with a section of blue macro $20
Blue macro $1
SOLD Braided line with fittings $4 SOLD
Any duckbill $5 3 straight duck bills sold
on off missing parts $4

SOLD CP shorty reg with idiot marks $25 SOLD
Shocker reg $25

Love... Live...

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Location: Brantford Ontario Canada

50 cal first strike sample $1
Smart grip used $22
10 round adapter missing read plastic fitting $15
SOLD Random unknown hammer $4 SOLD

Autococker Barrels
SOLD PMI Perfect 14 inch predator autococker $25 SOLD
SOLD Dye OG 10 inch one piece $50 SOLD
SOLD Bob long Assassins Urban Camo autocker barrel from a Shocktech Timmy $45 SOLD
Lucky Autococker .691 bore $20
Python snub nose autocker barrel it’s a novelty $8 each new old stock (1 SOLD)

SOLD .685 CP dust black one piece autococker $20 SOLD
.679 CP dust black back $20
Evil Driver Autococker $15
WGP one piece gloss black front chrome back $15
WGP trilogy camo autococker barrel $10
Random gloss black cocker barrel $3 SOLD
SOLD Grey autococker thread shorty $3 SOLD
Cut autococker stock barrel shorty $3
SOLD Taso grey sponge splash autococker barrel and foregrip $45 SOLD

Shoebox and Shocker SFT barrels
.684 dye ultralite back shocker thread new old stock $30
Lapco adapter Shocker barrel to cocker gun $15
Shocker boomstick new old stock $30

ION NXT threaded barrels
SP1 tactical barrel $4
Progressive $5
Evil Pipe back $3
SOLD Stiffi $20 SOLD

Spyder Barrels
Silver Smart Parts Linear spyder $5
Black Progressive spyder $5
Green Progressive spyder $5
New old stock red dust dye ultralite spyder back $15

SOLDNew old stock 7S pro gear mag barrel $25 SOLD

Sly Barrel LOT
You get one carbon front and 3 back sets
New old stock

Sly Ion Pro merc 3 piece new old stock $25

Wack Load of New Old Stock Python adapters and kits
SOLDTake it all $150 SOLD

Angel Barrels
New old stock dye ultralite gloss black led lcd $20
Apex ready tip for Angel A1 and Ark angel $30
Joy Tip for Angel A1 kit $45
Blue Tip for Angel A1 $18
Angel A1 back $5

Angel LCD LED evil pipe kit new old stock $45
New old stock all American lcd led $35 each
Excellent condition tight boar spyder thread all American $35

98 flat line $25
A5 flatline $20 SOLD

SOLD Mint condition gloss blue all a freak tip $35 SOLD
New old stock a5 dye ultralite $18
SOLD Freak back not able to identify thread??? SOLD
Stick Squeegee $4 each
Barrel plug and pull through squeegee combo $2 each

Swabs squeegee etc
Swabs $2 each
Pull throughs $2 each Orange Yellow and 1 steel SOLD
Stick Squeegee $4 each $7 with lanyard

$ 5 each Red Evil Black Evil SOLD

Barrel cover
Digi camo barrel cover $3 each
SOLD Hopper Cover mesh camo $5 SOLD

Paintball Barrel Cases
Angel case $20
SOLD CCM case $20 SOLD
SOLD Battleboy Case $20 SOLD

Sly Paintball barrel cases $12 each (2Green and black SOLD) only black siver left

Barrel Sleeves
Barrel plug $1 each
Barrel Sleeve $3 each Triumph Ion 1xTippmann SOLD 2 other Tippmann sold

Tank Covers
SOLD Eclipse $10 SOLD
Exalt never used $10
Anything else shown $5 each JT SOLD

Gun Case
SOLD Redz neoprene case excellent condition $25 SOLD
SOLD 32 degrees case well used $15 SOLD

SOLD JT neck guard like new $3 SOLD

Goggle Parts
Dye timers $10 each
Eclipse goggle wrap and stickers for event eflex $10
Dye Goggle Stand $35
Vents strap and lense clip $4
Fog Tech lot take it all $30

Scott mask with combat vision and original neoprene trimmings in bag $15
SOLDScott badass frame and lens $5SOLD
Vents lens $5
SOLD Ghille Mask cover new $6 SOLD

2020 masks
Red with the flex bottoms which you see very few of in great shape foam and frame and mask itself could use a new lens which I have for sale below $45
Green just put back together with a frame with soft foam $30

2020 field single frame and field foam new $12
2020 thermal lens new clear $12 each
2020 thermal lens new yellow $12 each

Any visor $3 each JT in bottom right sold
JT frames in rough shape $5 for both

SOLD New KM Tech PB straps $8 each ALL SOLD
Vforce strap and clips lot $8
SOLD New Yellow Trinity JT ears $8 SOLD
KM Bukakee strap $20
TandA strap $35
Smith Strap $3
Vents strap with clips $10

SOLDFactory Havoc 12 ounce with terry and tag great shape good placement $120 SOLD

New GI sports hat $10
Old School Vents bandanna $15
SOLD Old School Diablo flag $10 SOLD

SOLD Evil Hat $4 SOLD
SOLD Warped sportz hat $4 SOLD

SOLD Evil headwrap $4 SOLD
Flagswipe Tank cover $5 each

New RPS banner $10
Used Belts $5 for both
Tippmman Camo Hat used $6
Virtue Trucker Hat used $6
SOLD Hybrid contract killer hat new $15 SOLD

KM headband $20
Evil headband $5
Debo white skull new $20
Debo Red snake new $20
Debo green skull new $20
Debo white snake new $20
Vents armband $15
Syc paintball mesh bandanna $5

Grandmas couch headband $3
Argh pirate headband $3
SOLD Evil Headband pre production $5 SOLD
Vents Arm band $15 each
JT racing arm band $30
Old camo wrap $3

Empire knee pads $20
SOLD Camo bucket hat with terry insert and mesh back awesome reffing hat $45 SOLD
Love... Live...

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SOLD Empire Knee and Elbow pad set $45 SOLD
Large Knee and XL elbow

Packs $10 each
Vintage camo fanny pack was great for 10 round tube and chix dig it $5
Unique football $20
Blackstar dually tank wrap pod holder $15

Unique Pack? $40

sOLD Fatboy 100 round pods and a VL flip lid pod $10 SOLD

SOLD 10 round tube LOT $12 SOLD

Rare JT laptop Bag works great for gun storage $40

SOLD Patches memorabilia SOLD

Magazines ask and I can go digging for you mags from 1991 to 2010 ish

Old School Loader Lot $75 (VL90, A5 standard, A5 apache smoke SOLD, app with lid, indian creek with broken lid all SOLD)

Green Box Mag with halo board $55
SOLD Black Box Mag with sound activated board $45 SOLD
SOLD Halo 2 works great shell is great button cover is peeling $30 SOLD
Smoke Magna cracked shell by battery door $30

New Evil Igniter chip for velocity $5 each
New Viewloader select force chip for velocity $5
Shocktech halo cone aluminum $10
Warrior halo cone plastic black or white $5 each
Virtue speedfeed insert soft $ 5 each
New Designz Halo rip star aluminum $5 each

Halo Egg vL parts I probably have them if you need them….

Richochet Lotof 2 $35 (smoke Apache bottom hopper sold)

|SOLdValken VSL with speedfeed $65 SOLD
SOLDHybrid Halo with upgrades $35 SOLD

Torque $15
Empire Hopper case $15

Tippmann Vinyl Factory Banner

\\\\XBALL//// Nations Cup Team Canada Jersey and Pants Pants are small Jersey is 2XL condition is very good pants look new jersey might have been worn not sure.

Rando jersey Adrenaline Army with Darryl Willis on the back $10

Never worn Canadian Carnage Shirt $5

SOLD Tippmann Jersey $35 SOLD

JT Canada Jersey Like new $45

SOLD Empire Pants Red Black $ 45 SOLD

SOLD Empire Pants $40 SOLD

PCS Digi Camo Pants $30

Empire Pants rip in crotch material rest of pants are in excellent shape you would want to sew in something new in that area $25

SOLD Evil Pants in a rough way $10 SOLD

Tiger shark pump with an extra stingray frame $25

Ironmen Dye Poster LOT $30

Edmonton Impact Eclipse Poster LOT $20

SOLD Smart Parts Poster LOT $45 SOLD

Love... Live...

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Contract Killer Headwrap your head needs Todd Martinez head on it excellent shape $25
Dye plaid good condition $ 20
Docs Raiders headband signed, black marks are from hockey tape $25

Barrel sleeve $4 for eclipse $3 for any other
Derder barrel wrap $2
Empire panel lady grips great condition $20
Green macro line $1 each
White wristband $1

Dye pant size small very good condition no rips tears $45

SOLD Empire size small slide shorts very good condition $25 SOLD

SOLD Dye I4 Limited Edition White Gold very good condition no stains, foam is great lens is very good includes dye goggle bag $55 SOLD

Freak tip gloss black $24
.692 gloss black Dye Ultralite Angel LED LCD $22
unmarked (.689?) gloss black Dye Ultralite Angel LCD LED $25
unmarked (.689?) gloss blue Dye Ultralite Angel LCD LED marks on dye logo $22
Dye UL Tip blue $35
Invert Nightstick ION Impulse Shocker NXT thread mint shape with original packaging $30

Pinokio with virtue soft crown no cracks nothing split works as it should $65
SOLD Egg2 no cracks no splits battery door and lid intact board speed section buttion is off board but hopper still works $25 SOLD
Velocity painted cracked tray, battery retention screw side of shell is busted speedfeed is busted hopper works though $15

Pulse hopper parts lot shells cracked or feedneck broken lot of 2 $28
Love... Live...

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more again
Love... Live...

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I will take the splash unireg cover. Sent you a message.
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Originally Posted by bacci paintball View Post
I will take the splash unireg cover. Sent you a message.
Love... Live...

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Taso Barrel and Grip SOLD
Patch Collection SOLD
VM Lonestar? Foregrip SOLD
Love... Live...

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I'll Take the following:

Redz neoprene case excellent condition $25
32 degrees case well used $15

PM sent
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