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Automag, Autococker, Sheridan, SFT, Freak, and free rusty stuff that needelbow grea

Got a bunch of stuff up for sale. Thanks for looking. Everything is OBO, so feel free to shoot me a PM with an offer. At the bottom of the page are some free Sheridan parts that are rusted like crazy. It's good stuff, though, if you can clean them up.

Pump Mag body - good condition, minor wear. Feedneck was cut down to a normal height.

-$40 SOLD

Airwalk/stormwalk aluminum grips. These were made by Cerberus, and came with an airwalk I sold years ago.


Never used Angel grips. Work on some custom Mag frames.


Gloss blue 12" classic freak tip
-$15 SOLD

Silver t-stock - $20 SOLD
Slide-check - $15
Brass tank on/off adapter - $15
Dust black gas-through (Benchmark?) - $20 SOLD
Gloss black gas-through - $20

Sheridan wire stock with pipe hangers (will carry up to 9oz CO2, can be replaced with larger at the hardware store). Little bit of rust, but overall good shape. Just needs the screws to attach the grips to the bottom.


Sheridan pump handles - $20ea
Long Sheridan constant air adapter, no retaining nut - $15
Sheridan rear hammer spring block - $10

Nelson stainless bolt/hammer/velocity screw set. Not sure what gun these are from. Very clean.

-$20 SOLD

.45 grips
-$15ea BOTH SOLD

Gloss black 2k front block -$15
Gloss black ram -$10 SOLD
TASO 3-way -$20 SOLD
Standard length pump arm -$10 SOLD
Rock LPR -$30 SOLD

Ram w/ pump arm -$20 SOLD
Ram w/o pump arm -$10 SOLD
Polished autococker detent -$10

Old style Race Gun solenoid cover -$10
Hammers -$10ea
Front block banjo -$10
Shocktech bolt pin -$5 SOLD
Timing rod -$10
Trilogy fixed 3-way rod -$5

Gloss silver SFT Shocker LPR adapter. Extremely rare. Never installed.


Millennium Spyder body. Never used. Comes with used volumizer, valve and stem. No spring, no other internals.


Random ASA stuff - ALL SOLD

FILTHY RUSTY Sheridan stuff. Honestly, just cover shipping and you can have these. I hope somebody here can give these pieces some TLC and get them back in operation again. There's a speed demon bolt, rear velocity adjuster, and a hammer. ALL SOLD!


-Dust red Dye Airport
-2x 1/8" Ion QEVs
-any apparel that is checkerboard.

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PM sent on the two dust black sto rams (likely triology rams).
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Pm coming for finger groove .45 grip block and Sheridan stuff
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Pmed about some pneu parts
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ahoy pmed
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Id like the other 45 grip you have , without finger grooves.
Feedback here on MCB:
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Gloss black ram -$10
Shocktech bolt pin -$5

Pming on above...
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If I received your money by yesterday, then it's in the mail. I work nights, and I'm still awake, so it's been a long day for me. I'll sort out tracking numbers and send them to you guys later today or tonight.
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Those Nelson parts are a phantom hammer and bolt with a Nelspot- type sear, actually looks like one of my sears. Those will drop into most old school Nelsons and make for an improved pump stroke.

Fantastic deal.
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