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Cocker bodies, CCM, Stiffi, ER, and more

CCM Dust Black .86 Degree Frame - NEW:

I took this off a new marker without using it on the field. I just prefer a .45 frame. This also has delrin panels.

65 Shipped.

Cocker Barrels:

12 inch Smart Parts Tear Drop. An Iron Gray - 25 shipped
14 inch J&J Ceramic Barrel - 25 shipped
10 inch Stainless DYE Barrel - 25 shipped.
12 inch Dye Boomstick Glued - 25 shipped.

STIFFI! Carbon Fibre post 2k bolt w/ pin. IN great shape - weighs nearly nothing.

25 shipped.

WWA Economy Pump Kit for Pre 2K Pump:

New - 35 shipped FIRM.

Pre 2K Body and Internals:

This body comes with a Post 2k Bolt, a Pre-2K Valve and springs, a KAPP hammer, Pre 2K Cocking Rod, Pre 2K Bolt Pin, and a Pre 2K non Threaded IVG and a ANS non threaded IVG, a VRA and a stock regulator.

It is in good shape and has been drilled out for hammer adjustment. 50 shipped OBO.

Misc Stuff:

The stock reg offered in the body package above.

Spyder ASA adapter - this allows a standard 2 hole ASA to be mounted to older Spyders who had oddball holes. 10 shipped.

Blue STO 3-way. One small knick. 10 shipped.

Benchmark Beaver tail off a Benchmark frame that took these. 10 shipped.

Door Gunner Marker Mounts (2):

Check out this review:

Pumpenstein The Door Gunner - A Review.

I have a few extra after mounting my own. 10 shipped.

DYE Single Trigger .45 Frame for Angel LCD:

Comes with single trigger but no trigger pin. Good shape - some cosmetic wear. 35 shipped.

Pumps and Pump Handles:

LNIB WWA Deluxe Kit with Long Handle - SOLD

LNIB WWA Economy Kit with Long Handle SOLD

Both come with Black Pump Rods seen at top.

CCM Carbon Fibre - SOLD

CCM Shorty Pump Handles. Both new - 20 shipped each.

LNIB Hooptie Trilogy Pump. SOLD!

Misc Drop Forward in perfect shape 15 shipped.

WGP Two Finger Frames:

Top Left - Decent Shape with Flame Trigger - 20 shipped.
Top Right - Rough Shape - 10 shipped.
Bottom Left - Black - Decent Shape - missing sear pin - 10 shipped.
Bottom Right - LNIB Shape - 25 shipped.

All of them for 40 shipped.

The majority of a Chameleon Kit:

Not sure if it works - Seems in good shape - It is what you see. 25 shipped.

OTP Bolt - G1 Head:

15 shipped - missing the screw with springed ball that holds the pin in.


Extreme Rage. Old but in good shape. Have not worn them in 2 years. Both 4+3. Velcro and loops are all good and all there - 20 shipped:


All Large!

JT Black and White - good shape: 10 shipped.
2 pair of JT Old schools good shape: 8 shipped.
Redz Dimension - great shape: 15 shipped.

All of them for 25 shipped.

These prices are flexible and I would be more than happy to combine things for a discount.

PLEASE e-mail me at

Pumpenstein - NSA National Champions

TF's MCB Trust.

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I will take the Stiffi bolt. PM me your PayPal info?
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smells good!
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i will take the 86* frame... $65 shipped PM me payment info thanks
Sale: Box of Lapco

WTB: Black 07 Ego Eye Covers

WTB: AGD Z-grip or Y-frame

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what stimpy said
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Stimps is the man! Not only does he smell his own farts, but he enjoys it at the same time.

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Let me know if Stimpy doesn't buy the frame.
Boy, the next words out of your mouth better be some brilliant Mark Twain S**t. Cuz it's definately gettin chisled on your tombstone.

Had it been a blind body and not blue I would of jumped on it like an eithiopian on a steak dinner.

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Looks like the Stiffi bolt and the Frame is sold.

The frame was sold to JoeSpud - sorry to all that PM'd me. He was first in.

Pumpenstein - NSA National Champions

TF's MCB Trust.
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I would like the economy pump kit.

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Economy Kit SOLD and Stiffi Bolt Pending.

Pumpenstein - NSA National Champions

TF's MCB Trust.
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the stiffi fit an S6?

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